Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 3

Dirty bastard 16 year old Mark was looking at his cock, still picturing it buried up his girlfriend’s mother’s 45 year old arsehole and then empting its balls all over her beautiful milf face for the second consecutive day. He felt really good. He was confident that he would soon be fucking his girlfriend and her mature mother together in a filthy threesome. He decided to go down to his nearest town, which is situated near London in the UK, to buy each girl a micro mini, 6 inch stilettos and a low cut t-shirt, which he was going to get them to wear as he banged them both.

He met Laura, his 16 year old girlfriend, at the school gates. She had only a couple of months to go before she left school. She looked totally fuckable in her very short school skirt and white buttoned up blouse. Mark asked her how her mother was as he had not seen her. She told him she was ok. A few more days followed and still he had not heard from the milf, so he went around to Susan’s house with Laura. Susan ignored him completely, which got him mad. The next week went past as his relationship with Laura got worse. He started to see another girl by now, so he didn’t really care if he saw Laura again or not. With nothing to loose he decided to tell Laura that something had happened between him and her mother. She went naturally ballistic at him and stormed off. He text her over the next few days but had no reply. So with one last chance he went around her house when he knew they would both be in. He managed to get in through the back door and confronted both mother and daughter. There was a big argument and he now was the one to storm off in a bad mood.

He decided to forget about Laura and Susan and went to move on. Then out of the blue, two weeks later, he received a text from Laura to say she wanted to see him. The dirty bastard immediately thought the threesome could be back on, so the next day he went around Laura’s house and took the bag of clothes with him.

He sat on the sofa with Laura as she told him that she had forgiven him and wanted to get back together again. Susan was sat opposite listening to her 16 year old daughter. Mark, the dirty sod, said ok but only on the condition he had said.

‘What condition’ Laura shouted out.

Mark looked at Susan. Laura looked at her mum and boyfriend and said to her mother ‘do you know any thing about this’ Her mother nodded her head and said she did.

‘Well what then’

‘You tell her’ Mark told Susan.

She then slowly got out of her chair and knelt down on the floor in front of the two of them. She took her daughter’s hand as Mark egged her on to tell her daughter what he wanted. So very hesitantly she told her young daughter that her boyfriend wants a threesome.

‘With whom?’ the stupid bitch replied.

‘With us, of course’ her mother said.

‘No, no way. That’s degusting. The thought of it with my own mother’

Laura got off the sofa and stormed over to the window screaming at them. Mark could see the workmen working on the building site opposite. After a several minutes had pasted, Laura calmed down and turned to face them both. She said if, and a big if, she agreed would that mean they were back together again. Mark told her no problem, the lying bastard.

‘You know what I like’ he said to Laura

‘Yea, you like a girl to be a whore for you in bed’

‘Exactly’ he said as he reached for his bag and showed them the gear he had brought them to wear.

Mother and daughter studied the clothes as Laura asked her mum if she agreed to this.

‘Mmmm yes darling’ the milf told her daughter while smiling.

Mark told them he wanted them to dress up in the gear and to prove to him that they really were both whores. Laura asked him how. He told them he wanted to see them walk down the street past the building site like hookers and come back to the house and then whore for him in bed. Laura looked at her mum, who said slowly that she would do it. So the two sluts left the room and went upstairs to change. Mark couldn’t wait to fuck both mother and daughter in a filthy threesome. He knew exactly what he was going to do to them. They came back down the stairs and walked into the living room. What a beautiful sight he saw. They both looked fantastic with there skirts barely covering their gorgeous arses, 6 inch stilettos and their low cut tops which really showed off Susan’s big 38DD tits. He got them to show him their bums. They stood next to each other. Laura’s arse looked quite small against her mum’s beautiful full milf’s arse. He told them they were gorgeous together and that he was going to leave first to witness the reaction from the builders as they walked past. He left and took up position. They both looked like hookers as the mini skirted mother and daughter pair walked slowly past the building site. Mark could hear the wolf whistles and all sorts of dirty comments targeted at Susan and Laura. He fucking loved hearing the men shouting out what they thought of them. He then quickly got back to the house as the mother and daughter team went up the back alley to the house. He stripped naked and lie on Susan’s bed with his 9 inch thick cock pointing straight up in the air throbbing away as he knew what was to come.

Just imagine this, a 45 year old mother and her 16 year old daughter walking hand in hand into the mother’s bedroom dressed only in micro minis, 6 inch stilettos and low cut t-shirts to be presented by the daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old 9 inch fully erect thick cock throbbing away in front of them. They both stood before the bed looking at the dick that they knew was going to abuse their holes that afternoon.

‘Recognise this Susan’ Mark asked her while pointing to his erect cock. She smiled embarrassedly.

‘Mum, you’ve seen my boyfriend’s cock before. You told me he just groped you and you kissed’ Laura said shocked.

‘Tell her whore what it was doing when you last saw it’

Susan hesitated at first and then looked at her daughter and told her that the last time she saw that young prick it was spraying her face in hot spunk. Laura mouth fell open and gasped out loud.

‘Mum’ she cried.

‘Now tell her where it had just come from’ Mark said as he laughed.

Susan took a deep breath and told her young 16 year old daughter that it just been buried, a few moments before, up her arsehole (Read in Part 2). Laura couldn’t believe it and was in shock.

‘Yea and now tell her how you unzipped me in your kitchen the day before and wrapped your mature 45 year old lips around my 16 year old hard cock, slut’ (Read in Part 1)

Laura turned to her mother and asked her that that cannot be true.

‘Yes darling it is, I did give your boyfriend a blowjob but it ended up in him face fucking me until I took the first load from his balls all over my face’

Laura was shocked to hear that her mother and boyfriend had had full sex together without her knowing. Mark shouted at her to get inline as she took it in. Laura turned back to face Mark and his throbbing cock. Mark told her to get over it and if she wants them to stay together, she has to share his cock with her mum in a filthy fucking threesome. Laura nodded back ok. Mark was now fucking randy and you can imagine why. He was in his girlfriend’s mum bedroom, lying naked on her bed with his 9 inch thick cock pointing straight up in the air throbbing away while looking at his 16 year old girlfriend and her 45 year old mother standing there in front of this fuck pole clad only in micro mini skirts, stilettos and revealing tops awaiting to be worked on by his cock meat. What wouldn’t any young 16 year old boy love to be in this fucking situation? He grinned at the filthy pair before him and told them he wanted to see a mother and daughter drop to their knees and crawl over to the cock that was going to abuse their dirty cock hungry holes all for its own pleasure. Susan nodded to her daughter and then the both of them got down onto the floor and crawled over to the bed and got up onto it. They now had Mark’s young straining cock before them. The mum was on Mark’s right, Laura to his left. He grabbed the back of Susan’s head and placed her face onto his right hip. She was facing the cock and her mouth was inline with its shaft. Mark repeated this with Laura’s face on the other side. Now mother and daughter were looking at close quarters at a big thick throbbing fuck pole.

Mark looked at both of them lying there, waiting for the next move and smiled.

‘Susan, I want you to tell me who you are’

The dirty milf replied ‘My names Susan and I‘m the mother of your girlfriend, Laura’

‘So what do you have in front of you, Susan’

‘My daughter’s boyfriend’s rock hard fully erect fuck pole’

‘And who is on the other side of it joining you, looking at it as well’

‘My daughter, Laura’ the randy mum told him.

‘And tell us how old is that prick before you both’

’16 years old’

‘And how old are you, slut’

’45 years old’

‘So Susan, I want you to tell Laura that you going to wrap your beautiful 45 year old milf lips around one side of that 16 year old cock shaft and want to be joined by your 16 year old daughter’s lips on the other side and then very, very slowly the both of you are going to slide your lips all the way up that thick throbbing piece of fuck meat until you and her come to the end and wrap both your cock hungry lips all over it’s bell end and share a knob together, you fucking beautiful piece of mum cunt’. The slut told her daughter that she wants to do the cock before them what Mark had just said to them.

‘Beautiful’ Mark told her. He then held the back of her head. He moved her head forward while telling Susan that he was now placing her 45 year old mature lips onto a 16 year old cock shaft at its root. Mark watched the slut milf wrap her lips around it. Mark moaned as he felt his girlfriend’s mother’s lips around his meat. Then he moved Laura onto his shaft as he told Susan that her daughter was now joining her. Mark laid back and put his hands behind his head and looked down at the dirty sight before him. A 9 inch thick young cock pointing straight up in the air with a mature mother and her young daughter’s lips wrapped around it at the base.

‘Now cunts, I’m going to lie here and watch what a filthy mother and daughter can do to a cock shaft which is trapped between their lips. Go on and perform in front of me, sluts’

Mark lay grinning as he watched Susan and Laura go up his shaft to his knob, suck on it together and then slid back down it in perfect tandem. They then repeated this several times as Mark watched their hungry lips on his cock. Then after a few minutes of this, Susan released her mouth from the meat when her and her daughter had reached Mark’s bell end again.

‘Mmmm, your boyfriend has a lovely cock darling’ Susan told her daughter.

‘Mmmm, I know mum. He has a beautiful fuck pole’

‘Yes we are very lucky to have a lovely piece of meat like this to share together, darling’ the filthy milf told her daughter.

They turned and stared into Mark’s eyes and smiled at him as they lapped away on his randy knob end. He asked first Susan and then Laura if they both liked sharing fuck meat together. They replied by saying that they both loved it. Susan then told her daughter to slide her tongue down the shaft again. Susan joined her daughter and they run their tongues back down the cock meat to Mark’s young spunk full balls. Susan scooped up his balls with her hands and the mother and daughter team lapped on them.

‘I bet there’s loads of lovely spunk in these balls for our faces mum’

‘I hope so, darling. I bet your boyfriend can’t wait to see his girlfriend and her mother’s face soaked in his lovely fucking hot spunk. Ohhhh why don’t we ask him, darling’ the filthy mum said to her daughter. Laura giggled and smiled back at her randy mother.

Susan turned to Mark and said in a sexy voice ‘Mark I bet you’ll love to see me and my daughter’s faces dripping in your lovely fucking sperm.’

‘You bet I fucking would, you beautiful piece of mum cunt’ he told them as Susan and Laura smiled at him.

Mark watched the beautiful mother and daughter team slid their tongues back up his throbbing fuck pole again They continued to run their randy tongues all over his shinny red bell end and smiled at him. The dirty pair were now fucking randy.

‘Mmmm, I bet you would love me and my daughter to milk your fucking big thick filthy fuck pole dry using just your randy mouths and lips’ Susan said to Mark as she tongued his knob.

‘Yea cunt, I want you to show your daughter what you like to do to her boyfriend’s cock, you fucking beautiful piece of milf’ Mark shouted at her.

Susan looked at her daughter and said ‘darling your mum loves your boyfriend’s 16 year old thick throbbing fuck meat. You don’t mind if I eat a 16 year old cock in front of you, do you Laura’

Laura giggled and told her mum to go ahead. Mark laid his girlfriend’s face onto his stomach so that she could watch her mother attack her boyfriend’s meat. The mother got off the bed and got some bright red lip stick. She lie down in front of the young cock and painted her lips bright red. Now Mark and Laura were going to witness a quite in creditable display of cock worship from a 45 year old mother on her daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old cock. Susan stared into her daughter’s and Mark’s eyes as she performed a sex act on Mark’s fuck pole.

‘Mmmmm, I first like to paint my lips bright red for a lovely young cock. And this is a lovely young cock for my lips to wrap around it. 16 years old and my daughter’s boyfriend’s cock, you can’t any better than that. I’m going to put my 45year old lips all over this gorgeous 16 year old cock meat.’

Mmmmm, I first like to run my randy tongue from the base of the shaft to the knob and make it twitch for me’

The slut did this and giggled as Mark’s prick did indeed twitch. She repeated this several times as now she was in ecstasy as she worshiped Mark’s young meat. Laura’s mouth was wide open as she can’t believe how filthy her mother could be on her boyfriend’s dick. Mark, of course, loved it, the lucky bastard. Susan was smiling at them as she run her tongue over Mark’s nuts and back up his cock meat.

‘Ohhhhh, I love young cock meat’ the horny mum said in a sexy voice as she lapped away on Mark’s swollen knob.

‘Mark, are you still at school like Laura?’ the slut mother whispered.

‘No whore, I dropped out a long time ago. Schools for idiots’

‘Mmmm but still in reality you could be a schoolboy’ the filthy cunt said as she ran her randy tongue around Mark’s knob.

‘Yea I could, bitch’

‘So technically I’m tonguing a schoolboy’s cock before I eat it’

‘Yea, eat my 16 year old schoolboy cock in front of your schoolgirl daughter, you beautiful 45 year old piece of fucking mum cunt’ Mark yelled at her.

Susan then sobbed all over Mark’s young cock meat. She worked her tongue up and down, all over it as her daughter watched her perform on her boyfriend straining prick. She fucked her mouth over the knob taking a couple of inches into her randy mature mouth. Then Mark got Susan to stop. He wanted the bitch to show her daughter how a mature milf can swallow a whole thick cock. He got Laura to find a tape measure and felt pen. She came back and laid her head back onto his stomach. He told her to measure his cock and got Susan to mark each inch on his 9 inch cock shaft with the felt pen. Laura giggled as she watched her mum marking her boyfriend rock hard cock. Mark then had both girls sit up.

‘Now Laura, I want you to see how a mature cunt like your mum can swallow a cock. I want you first to place your lips here on the tip and slid your mouth down the shaft until you can’t go any further and your mum’s going to measure it my marking a line on the shaft. Then I want you to put your face back down onto my stomach and watch your mother try to beat her daughter’s effort’

Laura giggled and said ok. She leaned forward as her waiting mother watched and slid her young mouth down her boyfriend’s prick. Susan marked the point were her daughter started to choke. Laura pulled out gasping for air. She sat up and told Mark that she can’t go any further and asked how far did she go.

‘That’s about 5 inches, not bad. Now mum show your daughter what a mature slut can do to a cock’

Mark put Laura’s face back down onto his stomach so she had the perfect view to see what her mother can do to a fuck pole. Susan smiled at her daughter as she placed her mature 45 year old bright red lip stick lips onto her 16 year old daughter’s boyfriend’s waiting knob. Marked grinned from ear to ear as they watched the whore mother slid her randy lips down his throbbing cock meat and go straight past her daughter’s best point. Laura gasped as her mum continued to slide down it. She came to rest with her mature lips buried in Mark’s pubic hairs, all 9 thick inches down the mother’s throat.

‘Ohhhhh myyyyy godddddd’ Laura shouted as she saw her mum swallow a 9 inch prick.

‘Keep it there, cunt. I’ll tell you when to release it, whore’ Mark shouted back. The cunt kept her lips there as she started to choke on it.

‘Mum, I can’t believe I’ll just witnessed that’ Laura said in shock. Mark told her to slowly redraw her lips back up his fuck meat. Susan now gasped for air as she recovered from swallowing such a big thick cock.

‘Mmmm Laura, see that’s what a mature cunt like your mother can do to a cock. They can swallow the whole fucking thing, the fucking dirty whores. I fucking love mature mums, they can take cock well in their dirty cock hungry fucking holes’

Did you like swallowing a cock in front of your daughter, you beautiful fucking milf?’

‘Yyyeeesss, it was lovely’ the horny mother replied.

Mark then got Laura off her stomach and got both mother and daughter to lie on their stomachs, between his legs so that their faces were just a few inches from his straight up throbbing fuck pole. He told them he wanted to see them a have sword fight over his cock until it blows thick wades of spunk across both their sexy faces. Susan looked at her daughter and asked her if it was all right to have a sword fight with her boyfriend’s cock until it relieved its self over them. Laura giggled back and told her mum that it was ok to fight over it until it emptied its balls all over their faces.

So Mark lay back, with his hands behind his head and watched his 16 year old cock being attacked and eaten by a 45 year old mother and her 16 year old daughter. They really worked on it, sliding their beautiful lips up and down his meat, passing his cock from mouth to mouth as they f***ed his dick into their stretched gobs. He had one suck his balls as the other rammed their mouth up and down the shaft before changing positions. Mum wanked the shaft into her daughter’s mouth before Laura wanked it when it was stuck halfway down her mother’s fucking gob. The dirty mother deep throated it in front of her daughter and while her lips were wrapped around the root, her daughter eat the balls. They worked really well together as Mark shouted out at them all sorts of names, telling them what he thought of them as he lie and watched the filthy display in front of him.

Then he could not last much longer so he told them to fucking wrap their filthy whore lips over his knob and that he was going to coat them in his fucking hot spunk.
They looked at him first and then both smiled as they engulfed his knob with their horny mother and daughter mouths until it completely disappeared. His cock then twitched violently and he watched himself unload hot fucking spunk all over both mother and daughter’s lovely lips cock hungry mouths. After he had finished they released his prick and looked at him smiling. They both looked absolutely fucking gorgeous with their soaked spunked mouths and strings of cum hanging from their chins. Mark told them to kiss and have a cum swap. They kissed and shared spunk together. He then asked Susan if she loved blowing a cock with her daughter. She told him that she loved it. Then he asked Laura if she had enjoyed sharing cock with her mum. She just giggled back and nodded. Then Susan asked Mark if her and her daughter had performed the blow job on his cock well enough for him.

‘What do you fucking think, cunt. It’s not everyday you witness a display like that from a mother and daughter team. I reckon you and Laura are brilliant at sucking cock off together’ he told her ‘but we have not even started yet, you fucking whoring mother and daughter team.


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3 years ago
lucky boy friend and mother and daughter for that matter
4 years ago
good work,if only it was true.if it was you lucky,lucky bastard!
4 years ago
Fuckin great
4 years ago
excellent so hot