Susan And Her Daughter's Boyfriend Part 2

A couple of days had past since Mark had face fucked and spunked all over his girlfriend’s mother’s face. Mark was down his local town with his girlfriend Laura. The weather was good in the UK at the moment. She met a girlfriend and so Mark told her to go off for the afternoon with her. He then rang Laura’s mum, Susan. She was pleased to hear from him. He told her that his balls needed empting and that he wanted to empty them up a milf’s arsehole. Susan couldn’t believe now dirty Mark was talking to her. He told her that she was a tart and that he wanted her to dress up like a whore for him as he arse fucked her. He said he would be around in half an hour to gap her bum wide open with his thick hard cock. Embarrassed she told him to go around to the backdoor, which would open for him, when he arrived.

When Mark got there he saw a beautiful sight. She was lying on her side on the kitchen table, dressed in stockings, suspenders and high heels. She had one hand pulling her arse cheeks apart to give him a perfect view of her cunt and arsehole. She smiled at him as he removed his jeans and pants. His cock sprang out fully erect and was pointing at her throbbing away. He told her to understand that he wanted her beautiful mature 45 year old arsehole for his fucking rock hard randy young cock and that he was going to stretch her arsehole really wide open by just using it on her. She told him she understood what he wanted. The dirty bastard then took his felt pen out of his jeans again and walked over to her. He stood by her face and marked a line halfway down his cock shaft.

‘What does that mean, slut?’ he asked

‘I don’t know’ the milf replied.

‘Well that’s the point where your daughter can take cock up her shitter’.

He then marked a line around the base of his cock.

‘What does that mean, whore? He asked again. She just nodded back that she didn’t know.

‘That’s the point where her mum’s going to take cock up her whore’s arsehole’ Mark said.

Susan looked at the big straining cock before her eyes and wondered how she can take something that big and thick up her arsehole. Mark moved his cock right up to her face and told her to study it carefully as in a few moments time it is going to be buried all the way up her beautiful milf’s shit hole. He asked her if he could now go and abuse his girlfriend’s mum’s arsehole. Susan just nodded back that he could.

Mark then moved around to Susan’s arsehole. He pulled her arse cheeks open with one hand and placed his knob onto her arsehole lips. Susan felt his cock at the entrance to her bum hole.

‘Do you know Susan what I have wanted to do to you the very first moment I met you?’

‘No what?’ she replied hesitantly

‘Exactly this, to have you dressed like a whore in this position with my hard cock pressed against the entrance of your cock hungry looking arsehole. And then to bury it all the way up it in one fucking go’ he told her.

Susan told him to have his fantasy and to have his girlfriend’s mother’s arsehole, if that’s what he wanted. He needed no more encouragement and in one thrust sunk his entire cock all the way to his balls up the beautiful milf’s arsehole and held it buried in her. Susan screamed out loud as she felt Mark’s young cock ripping up her mature shitter.

‘How does that feel to have your daughter’s boyfriend’s cock buried balls deep up your cock hungry arsehole, slut?’ Mark asked.

‘I love it’ Susan replied breathless.

‘Fucking dirty slut, fucking whore’ he shouted at her ‘you know you’re a beautiful fucking milf, aren’t you’.

Susan just nodded back at him. He then told her that he was going to pound her arsehole and enjoy her body and then when he was ready he was going to cover her face in spunk.. He stood at the table with Susan on her side and began banging his cock in and out of his girlfriend’s mother’s arsehole. Susan’s 45 year old arse took the pounding well from her daughter’s boyfriend’s 16 year old cock. Mark’s balls slapped against her arse cheeks as he arse fucked her. He banged her hard while telling her that this is what he has wanted to do to her since he first time he saw her. He slammed hard into her and then pulled out.

‘Fucking hell, your arsehole is wide open now, whore’

He f***ed her arse cheeks open so as to stretch his girlfriend’s mum’s arsehole as wide as he could. Susan couldn’t believe she was letting this young lad do unspeakable things to her body that no one had ever done things like this to her before. She had never been talked too like this as well.

Mark shoved his cock back up Susan’s bum to gap her open again. He kept repeating this action several times as he stretched her dirt box. She just laid on her side letting this 16 year old boy abuse her mature mother’s cock hungry arsehole for his own pleasure.

‘I love banging your dirt box. Your shitter is so much better than Laura’s because you can take it up to my balls in your dirty hole, you fucking slut of a mother’

He then stopped and sunk to his knees. He pulled her arse cheeks open and asked Susan if he could tongue fuck his girlfriend’s mum’s cunt and arsehole. She told him he could. She felt Mark’s young 16 year old tongue eating her mature 45 year old cunt and arse. She felt an orgasm build up. Mark shouted out to her to cum all over his tongue and this is what the randy bitch did. She screamed out loud as she lashed Mark’s young tongue in her mature cum. He then got up and stood by her. The randy young lad pointed his cock at her arsehole entrance again and then put one of his hands at her cunt. He was going to fist the mother and then with his hand up to his wrist, f***e his cock back up her arsehole until it was completely buried up her. Susan don’t know this, she had ever been fisted before by anyone. She could see Mark grinning at her as he started to f***e his whole hand up her cunt. She cried out loud as she took his hand wrist deep.

‘Have you ever been fisted before, Susan?’

‘No never’

‘Well you have now. And to make it even better ‘I’m going to ram my fuck pole back up your dirty backside, until it’s balls fucking deep, you lovely piece of mum cunt’

Susan grabbed a pillow and held it tight as she let this young 16 year old boy abuse her cunt and arsehole. She felt his cock press against her arsehole lips and then with Mark grinning from ear to ear he ripped up her back passage in one go until she felt his nuts against her thighs, she screamed.

‘Love it, don’t you’

‘Yes I love it Mark’

With his cock buried up her arse, Mark fisted Susan’s mature cunt. She felt another orgasm coming and came all over Mask’s fisting hand. He then pulled his cock and hand out of her body.

He then changed position and took the mother into the living room. He sat on the sofa with his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. He told the mum to straddle him with her back to him. This Susan did and now she had Mark’s young cock against her arsehole again.

‘Do you want me to abuse your arsehole again, Susan?’ Mark asked.

‘Yes’ she replied ‘I love taking your cock all the way up my arsehole’

Mark grinned back at her and grabbed her hips. Then he told her that this is what he loves doing to her body and f***ed her down onto his cock, which went straight up her backside again. She cried out again as Mark f***ed her hips up and down, so that his randy cock fucked her mature shit hole. He told Susan he wishes Laura would walk in right now to see her mother taking an arse fucking from her boyfriend.

He pushed Susan off his cock and pushed on her side again on the sofa. He opened her arse cheeks and placed his knob against her shitter.

‘Just image that Laura was walking in right now as I sunk my cock up her mother’s filthy looking arsehole to the hilt’ he told Susan.

Susan smiled as she imagined it. Mark grinned back at her and began arse fucking her again. Mark knew now it wouldn’t be long before he was going to cum. He told Susan he wanted to finish off by covering her beautiful face again in spunk. He stopped banging the mother’s arse. Susan got off and lay down on the sofa. Mark knelt next to her and began wanking his cock off into Susan’s face. She held her lips together as Mark emptied his balls all over the mother’s face and lips. Her face was a mess as hot cum ran down her face cheeks. As the last drops came out, Mark got up and thanked her for relieving his cock on her. He got dressed and told her he now must go and meet her daughter back in town. He told her that now he had had her, his next fantasy was to have her and her daughter together in a dirty threesome. That he wanted to see her blow a cock with her daughter and for her to show Laura how to take cock all the way up her 16 year old arse. He left as Susan thought about it. Will she tell her daughter and let Mark bed them both or will Mark tell her first about her and him. She was undecided what to do. Maybe she might do it, we’ll see.


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very promising
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Very hot.
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The story makes you want to read more and play with yourself.
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Oh wow I like.
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that is fucking hot