Silhouette #2 Curtain-raiser

We were looking each other in the eyes. Stark.
Before she spoke anything, i caught hold of her wrist and pulled her against me. We could feel each others warm breath under the rain as it struck.
The aura of our bodies, mingling in the rising sexual tension, our looks still locked.
I let my other hand slowly slide down on her bum and pulled her closer, so her abdomen could touch mine. I wanted her groin to feel the girth and warmth of my dick through the pants.
I wanted her cunt to throb as much as my heart had been so long. Wanted it to crave more. I totally wanted her. And i could see the repercussions in her eyes.
Breaking the eyelock, i pulled her along and made her stand by a tree nearby. i got over her and locked her hands downwards behind her back whilst i advanced to kiss her wet red lips.

The smell of her body, as i approached her, her exhales, aroused me more than i can paint in words. as i approached to taste her buds, she hesitantly tilted her head the other way.
i held both her hands by one of mine, and with other hand free, i moved her face towards me and started savouring her lips. in a moment of whim, i sensed the hesitation turn to acceptance and she ease her lips to let me slide my tongue in her. i let her other hand free and cup her beautiful face with both my hands, while pushing my crotch harder against hers.

Ooh those hands of hers, long slender fingers and pointed nails dipped in dark fluorescent pink polish, started roving my back. She was eating me with her nails. plunging them deep in. The pain was rip-roaring. i was loving it.
i was sucking on her lips like a wild b**st, while she groped my ass as tightly as she could, enwrapping me with her legs, bringing me even more close to her.
i slid my hands to her neck, prodded her throttle as i bit her lips, licked her chin and swirled my toungue along her jawline. it was just so scrumptious. More than i had imagined earlier.

I let my hands explore further towards her shoulders, all pressing zealous, so she squealed every time i touched her hard. i hovered by her shoulders as i sucked on her lips, licked her neck, nibbled her earlobes.
My hands followed the downward movement of my face and slid into her underarms, as my face romped across her neck, heading for her bosom.
as my i rubbed my bulge between her legs, my hands dragged across her arms, pulling her top sidewards to reveal her black bra and brushing across her breasts.
i bit her strap off along her skin, giving her my first love bite. she screamed. i was a delinquent by now. my b**st wanted to take over her.
i wanted her to be mine. every how. Every Fucking How.

i could feel her hands reaching for my pecker, outwardly. she pressed, rubbed, felt it. her closed sensual eyes, wet moist eye-lids, her oozing sexuality. She was totally drenched in plain wet water of passion.
her squeals, the dusky voice, the wrinkles of pain her brow bared as i bit her, all was making me go insane.
the harder i bit her, the tighter she held my cock. my foreskin was stimulating me all the more.
i was all spunky down under. and wanted to shower my spunk on her every how..

she then let loose her legs, pushed me off her, opened her eyes and gave me that wild wicked demonic look.
Before i could react, she instantly f***ed down my pants, and caught hold of my balls tightly!
with her head held high, she said, "you want to fuck me.."
"you fucking bastard.." "I Will Fuck You!" and she ripped the front of my boxers, letting my black jack jump out hard with the foreskin rolled back.
"aahha, now look what have we got here eh?" she laughed naughtily.
"the big bad wolf… hmmm" referring to the Duck Sauce's song we discussed earlier in our conversations. and groped the girth tight, moving the skin forward to cover the tip of my dick.
her other hand went down further rovering for my balls, which she wrenched out in a jiffy.
There is nothing like a delicate hand of a stranger getting really nasty on you!

She slowly moved my foreskin back and forth. If i tried to move towards her, she'd push me off. "you fucktard, you deserve to be punished!"
and then she wanked me harder, while her other hand massaged my balls.
i said, "..din't know your'e such a horny bitch, haha.."
no sonner did laugh about it, she slapped me "shut up and be a good boy!" The pain of the slap was some pleasure i got.
Slapping, she planted a deep lingering smooch, while her hands worked down.

She then instructed me to get off my sweatpants without breaking the eyecontact with her.
As i removed the pants, i could see her eyes rolling down my body, inspecting, scanning, skimming it.
Whilst getting off my undies, she bent forward and "Slap!" another one! "Did i tell you to get thoes off!?"
i was like "what the.." but before i could complete, she shut my lips with her index finger "..dare you speak a word before your mistress.."
i was getting to like this now! Of what i had originally thought, dominating, and what actually became of me!
It had a whole new spell of freshness. Of submitting for a change and being instructed, dominated and ruled by a lass.
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