The Bar Pick-up- My Husband Dared me to Try somet

My husband, Ben, has always had a kinky side. He is into mild fetishes like light bondage and cosplay sex, and he has even wilder fantasies regarding multiple partners and wife-sharing. I have to be honest and admit that I share some of his milder fantasies, and willingly help fulfill others simply because he is my husband and I love him. I had drawn the line at multiple partners, or other guys, though. I was not prepared to cross that line. One night we had made a bet over the outcome of a baseball game, the loser to do what the winner wishes. As luck would have it, I lost. I was expecting something playful and fun, like the way the bet was inspired, but he had other plans…

The bet started being paid off on Saturday, when I was told to select my best “fuck me” dress and pack for an overnight trip. I selected my black satin halter dress, the skirt short and flowing, forming a full circle when held outstretched. I also dressed in tan thigh high hose and my black 4 inch patent leather heels. Knowing my husband, I omitted panties, in fact I didn’t even pack a pair for the trip! Ben was dressed in dark slacks and a golf shirt as he loaded his bag and mine into the car.

To be a tease, I twirled around in front of Ben, letting the hem of my skirt rise up and out to a full circle, my bikini-trimmed crotch viewable by anyone who was watching. Ben immediately wanted to take me right there, but I made him wait, and pacified him with a passionate kiss, my tongue hungrily caressing his as his hands roved my body. I had to break off the kiss, or we would indeed have made love right there in the driveway!

“I can’t wait to fuck you!” Ben said. “You won’t be able to walk for a week!”

I grinned and even blushed a little. For all his kinky fantasies, Ben was not a vulgar man, and for him to use the F-word really meant his cock was burning to be inside me.

We drove north, out of town, for a couple of hours, stopping only for lunch. Even in the restaurant, I continued to be a tease for Ben, and the rest of the men in the restaurant, as I “accidentally” dropped my purse and bent over to retrieve it, the hem of my skirt rising to reveal my moistness. I am sure my petals were glistening by then as all the teasing was working on me, too!

Finally, Ben pulled into the parking lot of a motel as the light was fading When I opened the door, it was nearly yanked out of my hand by the fierce Santa Ana winds.

“Be careful, Hon,” Ben told me, “and mind your dress. I don’t want to be denied a room before we even get started!”

It took both hands to keep the voluminous folds of the satin skirt under control, although the billowing satin at my bosom teased the heck out of my nipples, making them rise fully and hard. Two pinpoints pointing directly at the young man behind the counter as we checked in.

Ben was able to get us a ground-floor room, which fit his purpose, whatever it was. We decided to go to the bar and have a few drinks, mainly to kill time until it was late enough for what Ben wanted, which I figured to be he wanted an episode of outdoor sex. In the high winds, my skirt would not stay below my waist for long!

The bar was very crowded when we arrived, and Ben got us a small standing table where we could set our drinks down while we waited for a full table to open. Standing there, I could feel the eyes of men roving my body, and I felt my wetness increasing as I knew I was being a tease, even though I was just standing there. If only the men of the bar knew that the only thing between my pussy and their cock was their clothing. I even felt a hand brush over my ass a few times, just a touch, a caress, but definitely not an accident.

We had some drinks, made small talk and even kissed a little, taking our time until the crowd had thinned out a little, leaving the hard-core drinkers and bored businessmen. Finally, Ben decided it was time for me to make the pay off. I eyed the trees and bushes outside through the window, and the fierce winds were blowing as hard as ever. I sure hoped that 11:00 PM was late enough for people to be in their rooms or to be home.

“Give me your rings!” Ben ordered.

I started to pull them off, and hand them over.

“Pick one” Ben said.

“Pick one what?”

Pick a guy and see if you can pick him up and get him to follow you outside… Let him see your pussy, tease him… You know the drill.” Ben answered.

“But what if he wants more of me than that? What if he ****s me? Will you be ok? I mean watching another guy screw me?” The drinks were definitely getting the better of me. “What if I like it?”

“We’ve been standing here for awhile. There is an open seat at the bar. Grab it real quick, and I’ll just watch what happens to you!” Ben pushed.

I gave Ben a withering look and strode to the bar, letting my hips sway and my skirt swing, and took a seat, letting the short hem of my skirt flow down the barstool, my bare butt on the soft leather. I crossed my legs and asked the bartender for another glass of white wine, and showed my room key. I glanced back at Ben, only to find he was gone!

It took only a few minutes before the first guy appeared at my side. He had obviously been doing some hard drinking, as his mannerisms and his large belly evidenced. He was very blunt about it, offering me $50 for an hour in his room. I told him he was not going to get lucky tonight, and he unsteadily made his way back to where he came from.

“Hi, Gorgeous!” a new man appeared to my other side. “I’d buy you a drink, but I see you already have one!” he smiled.

He looked very handsome, and was pretty tall, compared to me, with a distinguished brush of gray hair at his temples. I could see he was wearing a wedding ring.

“I’ve been eyeing you all night. And I see your friend left you. Perhaps I should see you to your room?” he asked.

I took a sip of wine and thought about him. Handsome, charming, but the morals of an alley cat. I didn’t want to be a home wrecker. I smiled but made an excuse, letting him know I did not play with married me. He was very nice about it, and gave me his room number, in case I changed my mind. As the man left the bar, another gentleman came in.

Goodness, he was handsome! Tall, well built, and young. He was wearing a golf shirt and a pair of shorts, and a pair of flip-flops. He motioned to the bartender, who quickly got him a drink. This made him a local. We made eye contact almost immediately.

“Hi! I’m Jim!” as he sidled up next to me. He had one hand on his drink, and I felt the other one start to caress my ass. I started to object, then I thought about the reason I was here, and what Ben had wanted. “I’m Wendy.” I replied

Jim began to tell me only a very little about himself, that he came here a lot, and then he started asking me questions. He bought me another drink. Was I new here, where did I come from, that sort of thing. I made up some lame story about being new here, that I was supposed to meet someone who stood me up, and was having a drink before heading out. And that brought on another drink. All the while, I felt Jim’s hand caress my butt through my skirt. The only problem was I was starting to enjoy it.

I forgot what was so funny, but something Jim said made me laugh, and I almost fell off the barstool. Jim’s quick hands caught me, and pulled me back up, with his hand taking a full feel of my breast as he did so. His grip was strong, but not crushing, and as he put me back on the stool, he mentioned casually I was too d***k to drive.

“You’re right, Jim… I’ve had too much. But maybe I can sl**p in the car. Can you help me get there?” I giggled.

“Absolutely!” Jim answered. So he helped me to my feet, and put his arm around my waist, low, like lovers do, and we left for the exit. By now, it was after midnight, and the whole place was deserted. I did have the presence of mind to keep an eye out for Ben, but never saw him.

We reached the exit, and as expected, the sudden gusts of wind played with my skirt. Only I didn’t do anything to control it. I let my skirt fly, and hoped Ben was getting an eyeful. As we reached the parking lot, Jim began to e****t me away from the hotel.

“Where are we going? My car is that way!” I lazily pointed in the approximate direction.
“I know…” Jim replied. “But I want to show you something else, first!”

The Santa Ana winds were fierce, and there was no controlling my skirt, or the soft folds of satin covering the rest of my body. My nipples soon stood up like little soldiers, full and at attention, and sometimes the gusts would blow my skirt straight up, exposing me to Jim. I felt Jim rove his hands more brazenly, until his bare hand was cupping my bare ass. By now we had left the hotel grounds and were walking down by a little park, which Jim e****ted me into. It was dark, and windy, with the sounds of trees rustling loudly. Once we were a few steps into the darkness, Jim turned to me and placed his lips over mine, in a passionate kiss.

The wine and drink had really done a number on me, and I offered no resistance whatsoever. I kissed him back, only to feel his emboldened hand now begin to grope my crotch, massaging my pubic area. I could only let out a moan as I felt the first tingles of sexual pleasure tease me. Jim continued to e****t me deeper into the park, and the darkness.

“You are a nasty girl!” Jim said. “You always go out without panties?”

“Un-huh” I nodded. “I kept losing them.” I lied.

Jim took no time at all to remove his clothes, until he was stark naked in front of me, his erect cock bouncing in the breeze. I reached down to hold it, my French-manicured nails daintily holding it as I explored its length, and girth. He was longer than my husband, but about the same size around, and I began to stroke him.

“You like this, Jim?” I purred.

A long loan was my reply. I kept stroking him, increasing in my intensity. “So what do you want?”

“You!” he replied as he put both hands on my shoulders and began to f***e me to the ground. I released his cock as I began to fight him off.

“No! Don’t!” I ordered. “Stop this! I just wanted to give you a hand job!”

Jim just laughed. “A hand job ended in the parking lot, bitch!”

He then used his full strength to push me down on my back, where I landed with a thud, my legs splayed apart, the wind still flipping my skirt up and away. Jim the knelt between my thighs and smiled as he lay down on me. “You’re gonna’ be the hottest fuck I’ve had in years!”

He reached down and guided his cock to my petals and began to run up and down my slit, my petals already moist from earlier in the evening. I reached my hands to his shoulders, trying to fight him off, turning my head as I looked for Ben to rescue me, but he was nowhere to be found. I pushed harder against Jim’s shoulders, but it was no use, he was much stronger than I am. I felt his cock f***e my petals apart and he began to slowly enter me.

I let out a gasp I felt the presence of his invasion, and he kept the pressure up, entering me in one, long, full push, until his sac was against my ass. Then he started to withdraw, and I felt the first real bolts of pleasure enter me. It was hopeless, I was still buzzed from the drink, my skirt was on my waist, and this strange man was buried in my pussy. I was going to be fucked, and nothing could stop it, or him, now.

Jim withdrew until he was almost completely out of me, and then re-f***ed his cock back part way, repeating the process several times. Then a full-f***e thrust, then another. I began to writhe under him, his cock forcing raw sexual tension into me. He varied his thrusts, and his pace, until I was on edge. He was very talented. He kept me on the edge of my own climax for what seemed like forever. Half-thrusts, followed by long, slow ones, then a quick full thrust or two. After several minutes, I didn’t even resist any more. I became his lover.

The thrusting continued like this for many minutes, while I moaned and gasped, my voice lost in the hard rustling of the trees from the winds. My hands lay over my head in total supplication to this r****t-turned-lover, Suddenly, Jim’s pace quickened, and he drove his cock into me like a pile-driver, hard, deep thrusts until he growled with a final thrust and climaxed himself, filling my unprotected womb with his semen.

I lay back as he climbed off of me, a long drip of his cum falling to the ground. I let the wind cool my sweat, as well as play with my skirt, as he got dressed quickly.

“I assume you know your way back to the hotel.” He muttered. “Besides, someone is coming…” With that, he dashed off, leaving me there, vulnerable, d***k, and exhausted.

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3 months ago
awesome story! very arousing, extremely well written! can't wait to finish the other chapters :)
5 months ago
Awesome story..glad you're having fun!!
8 months ago
Fantastic story!
9 months ago
Good writing highlighted a very good story - it sure got me hot & horny !
9 months ago
I assume that the intruder will be your husband but if not tell us what happened next. Great Story!!
9 months ago
awesome,lets hope more to follow
9 months ago
Great story.
9 months ago
we play betting games and the wife has lost more then won and has done some pretty nasty things to pay off
9 months ago
love it!
9 months ago
very good