Breaking & Entering Ch.5 (The continuation of

The conclusion to Chapter 4... Again, I hold copyright, blah, blah, blah...
I was barely aware of my surroundings after a few minutes. Jewan's way of fucking took total control over me, and my thoughts. I craved more of his cock when it was in me, and lusted for it when not. At the moment, my knees were parted high and wide, allowing Jewan full access to my bikini-trimmed pussy, and he was taking full advantage. My satin skirt was lifted onto my stomach, and the pounding I was getting made my breasts jiggle in my barely-covering white satin dress. My fingers clawed at the bed, each thrust from Jewan sending a raw bolt of sexual pleasure through me, and all I could do was gasp each time his cock buried itself fully into me, his pelvis grinding against my clit.

The gathered crowd of men leered and shouted cat-calls at both me and Jewan, some egging him on, others asking Jewan to let them have me as well. My eyes took in the looks from various men surrounding us, while I reacted like an out-of-control b**st, rocking my hips up to meet Jewan's thrusts, and writhing under his expert love-making. It was not long before I felt my first climax, and my screams of passion were matched by the yells of the others. Jewan kept pumping his magnificent black cock inside me, until I had climaxed a second time, and his own orgasm a few moments later. He made no mistake in staking his claim, by ensuring every drop of his seed went deep into my pussy. I had another passing thought about being impregnated by him, but the voices of the others made the thought a fleeting one. I was nervous because I didn't know what Jewan had in mind for me next!

When he finally rolled off of me, I lay there immodestly, knees spread and d****d to the mattress, my clothing in total disarray. I was one well-fucked girl! As I gasped for air and caught my breath, Jewan arose and drew a gathering around him. There were some murmurings, followed by some loud voices,

"No way! Too much, Man!" one voice cried.

"For that much, I want her for the weekend!" bellowed another.

I started to collect myself, and began to rise off the bed. I was in the middle of readjusting my dress, when the group broke up, and Jewan approached me, quickly, and obviously annoyed.

"Wha-?" was all I got out before Jewan grabbed me by my "necklace" and started to haul me off and out of the building. I caught a look from the other girls as we left, some of them giving me a doubtful stare. We were not one second outside the building when Jewan slapped me.

"Bitch! I tole' you to make me look good tonight! You just looked like a regular 20 dollar hooker! I couldn't even get $500 for you tonight!" he barked.

My hand rose to my cheek as a tear began to fall from my eye. So that was it. Jewan didn't love me. I was just a cheap thrill for him. I could not conceal the hurt look in my eyes as he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me stumbling behind him to the car. Not a word was said as he drove me home, the longest ride in my life so far. I glanced at the clock as we got home, and realized it was after 11:00 PM.

"Get out!" he commanded. "If I feel horny enough tomorrow, I may let you fuck me again!" With that he roared off, leaving me speechless in the roadway, the sudden gust of wind tugging my skirt up. I was totally speechless as I stood there, in shock and hurt as a few minutes went by. Luckily, no one was driving up the road, or I would have been run over.

I took a look around, and there was only one person out, walking his dog. The stranger drew closer and I realized it was my dad's friend, Mr. Davis. He called my name and asked me to wait a moment. I was stuck, being recognized, and wearing a dress I should not be. I waited for him as he drew up, and his dog began to sniff around me.

"Now I know what you've been up to, Wendy!" he sneered.

I was partially distracted as the dog began to sniff up my leg.

"What do you mean, Mr. Davis?" I asked, as innocently as I could.

The dog's sniffing went higher up my leg until his snout was up under my skirt. I jumped when I felt his first lick at my pussy.

"Yow! Get outta' there!" I commanded.

"See, my dog knows, too. And he is never wrong. I knew you were seeing that black boy down the street. I bet you were out with him on a date tonight. I bet he even screwed your brains out, you cheap whore!"

I was flabbergasted when I heard Mr. Davis speak. He had never spoken like that before, at least not to me. My jaw dropped as I tried to protest, and Mr. Davis closed on me, dropping the dog's leash and putting both hands on my shoulders.

"There is only one way I'm gonna' keep my mouth shut about you and the black punk!" he menaced. With that he pushed me backwards onto the grass in my front yard, until I fell on my back with a shove, my legs splayed, and the voluminous soft folds of my satin dress gathered at my waist, exposing my pussy to him.

"I knew it!" Mr. Davis exclaimed. "You've been fucking that k**. Now it is my turn!"

His hands hooked their thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and he dropped his shorts and underwear in one quick motion. His exposed cock flopping from side to side as he took the remaining couple of steps to me.

He was semi-erect as he knelt between my legs, and as he lay down on me, forcing me onto my back, he began to grind his hips up and down, dry-humping me. I could feel his member at my petals, just not hard enough to f***e them apart, like Jewan could.

"Please... please Mr. Davis! Don't do this to me!" I begged to him.

"Why? A white guy not good enough for you?" he sneered.

"No!" I replied. "It's just..." I could not come up with a good enough answer in my head to talk my way out of this. Here I was, my skirt at my waist, and an out of shape fifty-something yea old man humping me. I gave up, and didn't try to fight him. It was too late.

His erection finally began to grow, and he slid one hand between us to guide himself into me. I could feel his penetration, but he was not nearly as well endowed as Jewan is. He began to thrust in me, almost convulsing in his lovemaking, not letting me feel much pleasure as his round belly compressed me into the grass. His dog took a seat near us, panting as he watched my ****, and I could only watch the dog as Mr. Davis took his liberty of me.

Mr. Davis evidently had not had sex in a long time, as he did not last but a few minutes. His ejaculation mixed his semen with Jewan's, but now I was truly afraid of pregnancy. How would I explain it? What if the baby is white? What if the baby is black? All these questions whirled through my mind in a moment.

"What if I get pregnant?" I asked as Mr. Davis rolled over onto the grass.

"Tell them the neighbor k** did it, for all I care!" he related. "I'm sure you've been doing him for weeks now, and have a belly full of his cum in you! But don't worry, I won't tell your folks about him. Unless you don't do what I want later..."
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