Breaking and Entering- Ch. 2

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f***ed First- Ch. 2

This is a continuation of my story… This is the truth, as best as I can remember it…

The hot summer day was rejuvenating. Out of school, not yet having to go to college, the days were my own. I spent most of that Sunday in my room, coming out only to eat and use the bathroom. My mind reeled as I relived the night before. I cried some, partly from fear, partly from my break-up with Atal, but also because I came to one inescapable conclusion: I loved sex! I was a bit at a loss, however. I couldn’t bring myself to go out and see friends and neighbors. I was too embarrassed, like I thought everyone else in the whole world knew what happened.

I knew it was just bad to start having the entire neighborhood over for my satisfaction, but every time I thought of having a man inside me, it made me wet. As the next several days wore on, I touched myself often, fantasizing about being with a man, wondering if sex would be that way when I got married. I was initially afraid of pregnancy., but it was a passing thing. My Daddy would be so angry when he found out. I knew he would, it was just a matter of time. But in the mean time, I figured to just let things happen. Somehow I was more afraid of telling Daddy than his confronting me when he did find out. Overall, I was still very nervous, though.

Finally, I didn’t have a choice. I had to go down the street, past the house where the guy lived. Mom had a bunch of papers she wanted delivered to her friend’s house down the block, and since she and Dad were at work, a simple phone call from her solved her problem. That phone call may have been the change of my life forever…

I put it off as long as I could, but it was mid-afternoon, and I knew if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t get it done, then Mom would tell Dad, and then I’d get busted for disobeying Mom. So I got dressed, this time in shorts, crop top, and sandals, and ran the errand.

I walked up the street, my head turning, my eyes roving, looking to see everyone’s eyes, to try and see what they were thinking. The young k**s just ignored me, or just said “Hi!” Mrs. Allen waved hi as she was watering the grass, and hosing down the k**s at the same time. She smiled and said it was a warm day, and that was it! No snide remarks, no side glances, no knowing looks. It seemed like I was holding my breath as I passed her, but once it downed on me she didn’t know about my attack, it was like a gigantic weight was lifted of my shoulders! Maybe I would be able to keep this terrible secret!

I made the trip uneventfully, past the house of the guy who stole my virginity. The garage was open, and I could hear music playing loudly inside, but no one was out front as I walked by, my sandals making smacking noises with every step. I reached Mrs. Ryan’s house, and smiled as she accepted the pile of papers I was carrying. Relieved of my burden, both the papers and the emotional one I was carrying as nobody seemed to make note what happened to me, I began the short trek home.

On the way back, I again passed the house with the loud music. Only this time, the garage was not empty. He was there, wearing a black tank top and long black shorts, a gold chain hanging from his neck. I don’t know why, but I froze, just looking at him as he was putting something on a shelf. He then turned and saw me, our eyes meeting, mine locked on his. All he said was “Hey!”

He approached me, and I was able to finally move a muscle, my head looking to see who was watching us. Like before, I was being ignored by the whole neighborhood, who were wrapped up in their own things, like k**s or watering the lawn. When his hand touched my arm, it was almost like I was jolted by electricity. “I knew it!” his words smiling at me as he spoke.

Wh-what?” was all I could stammer out as his fingers wrapped around my arm. “C’mon! I know you want it!” his grip secure, he began to tug my arm in the direction he wanted to go, inside his house! It took only a fraction of a second, but I decided reluctantly to follow him. His mouth kept on about how much I loved the other night, and how much I would love it. We entered his house, the rap music blaring, almost too loud. One nervous look around told me that the whole f****y was not yet moved in, as there were boxes and pieces of furniture strewn all over the place. It also told me that he and I were alone!

He turned and closed the door, my eyes turning to follow him as he did so. “You want it, dontcha’?” My face was so flush, I could only stammer. “I-I don’t know…” It was so very humiliating to me. He simply smiled and reached down into his shorts, using one hand to push them down and the other to lift his ebony shaft for me to see. My eyes widened a bit as I saw it, long and dark, his fingers beginning to massage himself. I couldn’t even think, the confusion in my mind paralyzing me. I was so afraid, but so wanting to feel his cock inside me! He solved my dilemma by stepping towards me, and grasping my wrist and guiding my hand to his cock!

My head turned downwards to see as my hand was placed on the end of him, my fingers seeming to naturally wrap themselves around his girth, which was growing with every beat of his heart. My mouth opened to gasp for air, and he leaned forward, his lips covering mine. My eyes closed as I felt his tongue reach for mine, and I returned his kiss, my nose flaring as I breathed fully through my nose. I felt my breast being cupped by his hand as we kissed, my fingers still around his penis as it kept growing.

“C’mon,” he said after breaking our kiss. “Let’s go!” He ushered me upstairs, guiding me to a bedroom, filled with boxes and furniture, but mainly a bed. He slid around me, taking a seat on the bed, his fingers now lodged in between my shorts and my belly as he pulled me closer to him. “Please don’t hurt me!” was all I could ask, and even at that, my voice was barely above a whisper.

He smiled with a malicious grin that told me he was going to enjoy what was about to happen. With that, he opened my shorts with fingers that were evidently well-practiced, and began to slide them down over my hips until the fell to the ground without assistance, leaving me standing there in my crop top and panties. His fingers then hooked into my panties, and he pulled them away, baring my crotch to him. He wasted absolutely no time in rubbing his dark fingers over my mound and my through my pubic hair as his other hand was wrapped around to my butt, squeezing me from the front and behind. I was kind of dazed about what was happening, and all I could register was the excitement that I was going to have sex again!

I began to have the first stirrings of passion and began to relax, letting my hand drop to his shoulder and my eyes wander to his face, his eyes, and his cock. He helped me remove my top, and as my arms tossed my top towards the door, I felt his finger push at my labia, causing my mouth to open, my voice a long, loud gasp as I was opened. I was totally naked to him now, and his finger inside me began to wriggle inside, massaging my walls while I remained standing before him. My chest began to rise and fall faster as my sexual needs began to take over, my voice whimpering a few times as he tickled me from the inside out.

After what only seemed like a few seconds, he reached up with his other hand to my arm, and began to pull me over onto the bed. His hand left my crotch as I clambered onto the bed with him, and I lay next to him on my back, his body right next to mine, and he leaned down to place his mouth on my breasts. His tongue was somewhat rough on my nipples, but they rose almost instantly to his attentions. While his mouth was suckling, his hand re-introduced his finger to my body, and he began to finger me, much faster this time, and he spun rapidly around my clit. My mouth was open as I breathed heavily, moaning almost constantly as I became lost in his touch. It was quite a shock when the climax hit me, seemingly out of nowhere, my whole body arching as I cried out with the first real climax of my life!

“Yeah, I knew it…You want me!” he bragged. “I’m gonna keep you coming back for more!” With those words he climbed between my legs, and lowered his body towards mine. I spread my legs for him, and my arms were apart above my head as his cock entered me, slowly at first, my eyes locked on his as he pushed his manhood into me. The sensation was definitely different this time, with relatively no pain, and I raised my knees at his bidding. He face again mashed against mine and we kissed long and passionately as his thrusting began.

The next several minutes were nothing but a blur to me. His cock in me, my clit and vagina burning with desire as I made love for the first time. I couldn’t help but moan with every breath, and when I climaxed again, my body felt like it was in convulsions! His own climax was soon after mine, and all I remember is nearly screaming “Yes!” repeatedly! As he ejaculated, he lay on top of me his cock inside me, spurting his essence. My lips were locked on his as he filled me, and when he rolled off, he lay next to me, his cock laying on my thigh as a few more drips glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. Then he asked me what my name was!

His name was Jewan, and he told me I fucked better than the girls where he came from. As we talked, I learned more bout him, like the fact he was 22 years old, and that his f****y had moved out here to be with the rest of his f****y who lived somewhat nearby. We talked and kissed for a while longer, then he sent me home as his f****y was due soon. As I walked home, I discovered that I had to hurry as the crotch of my shorts was beginning to get wet from Jewan leaking from me. I made it home about 30 minutes before Daddy, and began to think about my next time with Jewan…

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Much better time this one,,,you're getting pleasure which is what it's for