Trolling for Vengeance- Chapter 1

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Trolling for Vengance Ch. 1

It all started one Saturday, when my husband was out playing golf with a friend. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to do some early spring cleaning. I went through the house like a white tornado, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the rest of the downstairs. I took a short lunch break, munching on some celery and carrot sticks, along with a tall, cold glass of Diet Coke. The weather was just beautiful, a nice, warm day, a gentle breeze making the fresh spring leaves rustle, the shade of the trees dancing about the back yard in an endlessly repeating cascade. I looked out, sniffing the warm freshness of the season’s change from Winter to Spring, and sighed.

The buzz of the clothes dryer broke my moment of contentment, yanking me back to the present. I really didn’t want to do more housework, but I knew if I didn’t, no one else would. I heaved myself onto my feet, grateful that for once I did not have to wear heels, and padded off to satisfy the b**st in the back of the house, and its incessant buzzing. Looking back, I have mixed emotions about whether I would have been better off being lazy that afternoon…

The load of laundry was mainly my husband Tony’s clothing, and I took it all upstairs to put away. As I was doing so, I reached into his top drawer, which is a bit of a stretch for me, as I am only five feet, four inches tall, pushing his underwear into the back of the drawer for space. As I did so, my fingers brushed a piece of something, like paper. Curious, I felt around more, until I could grasp it, and pulled out several pages of folded paper. My head cocked to one side as I opened them, a frown on my face, wondering why there were papers in my husband’s drawer. As my eyes scanned the flowery script, tears welling up as I did so, I found out why…

He had an affair. My cheeks burning with the flush of embarrassment, and then anger. My tears doing there best to wash away the hurt I felt as I read every line, each word filled with the torrid details of what looked like a one night stand, where they met in a bar while he was on his last business trip. How they fucked in the parking lot, in her rental car. Continuing their tryst through out the night, and her joking referral to one instance where she passed herself off as his wife in a restaurant! Even how she flashed him in the hotel lobby! Jeez, was I pissed!!!

With a crushed feeling in my heart, I went about finishing the chores, my feet leadened by the revelations, my body carrying a burden greater than any elephant, but the sense of loss and hurt wearing me down. I couldn’t stand it any more, and had to leave the house, so I called my best friend, and asked to visit. With her permission, I didn’t even try to make myself presentable, I just threw on my shoes and left, barely making it to her house, before I totally broke down and fell apart.

The crying and consoling went on for hours, and to this day, I cannot thank Angela enough for helping me through this. She hugged me and kept me with plenty of Kleenex as I cried the pain out, my eyes red and puffy when I was done. By now it was dark, and I knew Tony would be home, wondering where I had gone. I left Angela’s place, feeling more angry at Tony, than hurt by him, my mind racing as to what I was going to do.

As I walked in the door, Tony greeted me with his warm smile, which instantly turned into a frown when he saw my face. I lied to him, telling him I went to Angela’s to watch a “chick flick”, but didn’t feel all that well. I clambered up to bed, stripping my clothes off, checking my body in the mirror as I did so. I heard the TV change to pre-season baseball, and knew Tony would be in his own world for a couple of hours, and as I looked myself over, I began to feel angry. Very angry. I checked carefully, looking at my back (as best I could), my legs, my tummy, and my breasts. I weigh 120 pounds, and have C-cup breasts, and long brown hair. While I do not work out, my body is reasonably trim, I do get compliments, and many stares when I wear a miniskirt and heels. I nodded my head in certainty. Whatever was wrong, it was not because of my appearance! My mind returned to what I was going to do about this. My options were to do nothing, confront him, or seek revenge. Doing nothing wasn’t a solution my furious mind was ready to accept, and a confrontation just didn’t seem right. It wouldn’t get me anywhere, the deed was already done. But revenge, now that was an idea…but how?

I didn’t want to emasculate him, do a Lorena Bobbitt, although part of me was thinking of similar evil thoughts. But I just couldn’t do that. Divorce him? A thought, but I still loved him, and was not looking for something that extreme. The only thing I could think of was to have my own affair, but somehow I needed him to know about it. I climbed into bed, sighing for a moment as my nude body slipped between the soft, black satin sheets. My nipples began to harden as the cool fabric slid over them, my body beginning to excite as I felt the silkiness float by me. I have always loved the feel of satin, and liked to wear it whenever I could, even if it was just panties, and had a rather full wardrobe of satin, including blouses, skirts, dresses, even a couple of Halloween costumes. As I lay there, my fingers began to find their way down my stomach and then lower, finally brushing through my pubic hair.

My fingers began the circular motion I so loved, and my clit began to swell as the first tingle of pleasure caused me to gasp. My mind began to get lost in the sensations of pleasure, so desperate to feel good after the horrible discovery earlier in the day. My fingers moved through out my crotch, at one time even penetrating me. As I continued, my thoughts wandered to men, and how good a cock feels. My fingers moved with an increasing rush, my pulse bounding, my chest heaving underneath the satin covering me, my legs apart as my body desired something I could not have right then. I bit my lip as my passion stirred fully, until my fingers were a furious storm on my vagina. My body convulsed as I climaxed, my mind screaming for a cock to be inside me. In a flash, as my body lay panting in bed, I knew what I would do, and even began to formulate a plan. It would be so sweet, so delicious, and so satisfying, in more ways than one!

Life with Tony returned somewhat back to normal the next day, and for the following week, with one exception: Tony was cut off. My body was off limits to him. I wanted to be more than ready when the time came. I wanted to be so desperate for a cock that any cock would do, even though I had a general idea of what kind of cock I wanted. I made excuses with Tony; too tired, felt ill, no time, anything to hold him off. In our past, there were times when he would get so horny he would decide he wanted me, and he wanted me right then and there. So he would take me. Almost like ****, but not really. He would grab me, and carry me to our bedroom, one way or another get me naked, and then mount me. It wasn’t making love, it was just pure, raw sex, and I loved those times. I would even resist sometimes, so he would restrain me. God, how I loved it! But this time, he had to go without, and I had to make sure he wanted to, lest he decide to take me again.

I managed to last the week, and finally, the Saturday golf outing was upon us. Tony left for a late round with his buddies, and I even encouraged him to go out to dinner with the guys, telling him he worked so hard that he really needed to relax. He told me he would see what happens and call me. Once he left, I began to get ready for my revenge.

I showered and shaved my legs and armpits, then went out and got my hair done. I left it long, and had just a trim to remove my split ends, and the hair treatment left my hair silky smooth and shiny. Afterwards, I went home, and decided to pick out my outfit. I wanted to look hot, but not too slutty, and I wanted whoever he would be to have easy access to my body. I thumbed through my closet, trying on a few things, finally laying out two to choose from, a black satin halter dress, with a circle skirt hemmed at my ankles, or a baby-pink satin circle skirt hemmed at mid-thigh, with a white silk blouse and white thigh-high hose and maybe even my red 4 inch pumps. In either case, I didn’t bother with panties. They simply weren’t an option!

I had a late lunch, and even took a short nap, jarred awake when the phone rang. It was Tony, saying he had made a bet to buy dinner and played terribly, so he was going to host dinner, and that he expected to be home around 9:30 that night. I smiled as I hung up, now having the plan fully in place. I walked upstairs, and began to consider my outfit and get dressed.

After holding up the black dress, I realized it was not going to be the one. It was backless, and had the full skirt, but was much too long, and covered up too much. I snorted at the thought of that, a married woman trying not to cover up too much, and put the dress away. Reaching for the white thigh-highs, I began to get dressed. When I was done, I took a long look in the mirror, my bedroom lit by the fading light of day. The only changes I had made were to “forget” my bra, and wear my white spike heels, the same ones I wore on my wedding day. The irony was not lost on me about that choice.

I looked about the bedroom, making sure the light was just so, the bed was made, the black satin sheets and matching satin comforter smoothed and soft, and as a final touch, I reached into Tony’s drawer, and pulled out the folded papers, tucking them under my pillow. I grabbed my purse, and headed out the door, uncertain where I was going, but knowing what I was looking for!

I drove about for a few minutes, before I had the idea to head downtown, where most of the bars and dance clubs were. I found one just off the freeway, and pulled into the parking lot. I brushed my hair one last time, and checked my makeup in the mirror before getting out. I took a deep breath as I strode to the entrance, slightly flushed and embarrassed that a thirty-three year old woman would be doing this, but kept on, my heels clicking on the pavement, making my hips sway just that much more. I felt a few pairs of eyes on me as I entered, the rush of air conditioning floating the hem of my skirt out a bit as I passed through the doorway, my ears assailed by the loud music with a heavy beat, my eyes nearly blind in the near darkness.

As my eyes adjusted, I looked about, seeing a mass of humanity on the dance floor, and a bar stacked with people. I straightened my shoulders, letting my breasts push against my blouse, my nipples plainly evident, as I strutted further inside the place. Actually, my strutting left a little to be desired, as I was so very nervous, but as I continued I remembered why I was here. If a man accosted me, or even ****d me, in the end I was looking for a liaison with another man! That took a load off my mind, and I began to relax, allowing my hips to sway with my heels, making my skirt swish and sway with every step. Making my way to the bar, I heard one guy offer ten dollars for ten minutes, and I flushed, but ignored him.

I was able to get a barstool, and took a seat, letting my skirt float down around me, rather than sitting on it. I could feel more guys sizing me up, or dressing me down, undressing me with their eyes. I have to admit it was rather uncomfortable, being ****d by their long, lecherous gazes, but I had to keep reminding myself what I was here for. I heard the soft clink of a glass being set in front of me, and I turned quickly to see what was going on, only to see the bartender smiling at me. Before I could speak, he raised his hand, pointing down the end of the bar. As I followed his gesture, he told me it was from the gentleman the third seat from the end.

I peered carefully, unsure as how to react, and saw a smiling face with a raised glass. I gently took the glass of Chablis in my fingers, and raised it, smiling nervously in return as I took a sip. The pale liquid was smooth going down, and my smile warmed a bit as the face set his glass down, and made his way over to where I sat. I looked him over as he approached, and smiled. He was quite good looking, over six feet tall, well built, and had the warm smile of confidence that made my knees a little weak, not to mention my seat a little wet.

He introduced himself as Eric, and held his hand out, asking if he could join me. I was stymied for a moment, then nodded yes as I extended my own. I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t speak! He was handsome, and confident, and just so…so perfect! Even if I wasn’t on the prowl, I might have been talked into bed with him! I think what cinched it was when he placed his hand on mine as he sat next to me, and the stark contrast of his ebony skin against mine just thrilled me, knowing I was planning on being scandalous, and with a black man, too!

We made small talk for a bit, and he asked about my ring, and I was frank about it, admitting that yes, I was married, and that yes, I was looking to cheat on my husband. I also told him my husband was out with the boys tonight, and that my house was certainly available. Eric looked deeply into my eyes for a moment, holding my gaze. For a moment, I thought he could see my hurt feelings, and the fact that I was just using him to get back at my husband. He then smiled, and took my hand, surreptitiously sliding it off the bar and onto his pants, sliding it up his thigh. I could feel every rippled muscle in his leg, my fingertips lightly trembling as he guided my hand onto his crotch, and the pulsing monster just inside. I closed my fingers about his snake as best I could, running my hand up and down, feeling the length and girth, my eyes looking at his and shining with expectation.

He nodded his head, indicating it was time to leave, and I willingly followed him as he grasped my hand, leading me out the door, my heels again clicking loudly on the pavement outside. The evening breeze had picked up a bit, and as Eric e****ted me to my car, the hem of my skirt began to rise and fall, allowing anyone who was watching to see the tops of my thigh-highs. Eric took me to my car, and cornered me against it.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked me. I smiled, and told him that there was an easy way for him to find out, and with that, I took his hand, and started to guide it lower onto my body. The breeze was still playing with my skirt, and he used that chance to reach underneath, cupping my exposed crotch with his hand. He merely smiled at me, and quickly slipped one finger deep into me!

My mouth opened, and I gasped loudly as I was opened, my eyes darting about to see who was watching. I think only one guy saw us, and he gawked at us as he got a full view of my body, and Eric’s hand invading it. I said “Not here” to Eric, and he grudgingly left me to get into my car, and he hurried to his. The trip home took literally forever, but I finally pulled into the driveway, while Eric parked across the street, in front of the neighbor’s house. I opened the front door, with Eric close behind me.

I turned quickly, smiling at him as my skirt flared out, letting him get a full look at my body in the soft light of the single lamp in the corner. He advanced on me, and I began to retreat, making it to the stairs. I climbed them, Eric a few steps behind, and I looked back, winking at him as he was peeking up my skirt. I hadn’t felt this naughty since I had sex with one of my high-school teachers, but the rush coursing through my veins made it impossible to stop. I felt so important, so special, so…desirable. At that moment it did not matter what happened, Eric was going to have my body, all of it!

At the top of the stairs, I twirled again, letting him get another full view of my pussy as he followed, and directed him to relax, that I would be right out. I hurried into my walk-in closet, and began to shed my skirt and blouse, not even taking the time to hang them up. I looked about, trying to decide at the last minute what I should wear. My hand rested on the black and red satin cape from my vampiress costume, but decided against it, too kinky. Next was a red satin teddy, which I passed on as it was too hard to get out of. Finally, I just settled for my short, baby-pink satin robe, keeping on my white thigh highs and heels. I left the robe open, letting the sash hang from the loops, my breasts forcing the thin fabric away from my body and exposing my cleavage and my vagina.

I stood in the doorway to the closet, cocking my head to one side as I gave Eric my best “come hither” look, asking him if he liked what he saw. The look in his eyes told me the truth before his lips did. He rose from sitting on my bed as I approached him, letting my body sway provocatively with each step, wanting to be all-woman for Eric. As I got to him, he reached up and grasped my shoulders, lowering his face towards mine, his lips lightly caressing, at first. My lips parted in return, and I felt his tongue rush past, into my mouth, reaching for mine. We remained locked in this position, my mind dancing with the thrill of being with a stranger, and a black man. I had never been with one before, and was nervous, but his kiss was so dreamy, all apprehension was leaving me, quickly!

As we broke our kiss, all I could do was smile, and Eric began to push on my shoulders, lowering me to the floor on my knees. My eyes never left his as I began to unbuckle his belt, and unfasten his pants, my fingers daintily grasping the zipper, and slowly lowering it as the fly parted, like my vagina was about to. I reached up with both hands and lowered his pants, and boxers, letting his throbbing black monster free. My eyes lowered to stare at it for a moment, then I looked up and smiled, eyes shining as I lightly grasped his tool with my finger and thumb, the red of my nails a stark contrast to his darkness. I then trailed one lone nail along the top of his cock, and around the base, bringing my fingernail back to me along the soft, sensitive underside. I heard Eric moan as I did this, smiling that even after over a decade of marriage, I could still turn a man to mush, or more accurately, granite!

I leaned forward, parting my lips and placed a big, pouty kiss on the head of his member, then opening my mouth to suckle him. I was amazed at his girth as it entered my mouth, as I reached up with one hand to his sac, lightly grabbing the base of the thin, dark flesh with my nails. Eric lowered a hand to my head, and gently pushed, forcing more of his cock into my mouth, until I felt it tickle the back of my throat. I then withdrew, all the while tickling his sac with my fingers and finger nails.

I heard Eric grunt that he couldn’t wait any more, and I felt both hands reach under my arms, lifting my to my feet, and then in one swift motion, carry me to the bed, laying me along the slippery black satin, my robe splayed under me in sharp contrast. Eric wasted no time in stripping his shirt off, and climbing onto the bed with me. As he did so, I thankfully remembered to reach under my pillow, and slide Tony’s love letters across the bed, where they fell to the floor by the bedroom door.

Eric lay on his side next to me, his throbbing shaft laying across my thigh at attention, my skin feeling every beat of his heart through his manhood. He leaned over and kissed me again, passionately, as his hand cupped my breast, rubbing my nipple through his finger and thumb. I moaned as he did this, my nipples becoming instantly erect, the size of small g****. He broke the kiss, and lowered his head to my chest, and suckled the same nipple, while he massaged the other one. I turned my head, my eyes half-closed in the throes of building passion, looking at us on the bed, my white skin against his dark flesh, the sight almost making me climax by itself! I reached down for Eric’s cock, wrapping my fingers around it for only a moment before he slid over, on top of me.

As he did so, he legs fell between my thighs, forcing them apart. I smiled, as I kind of liked that technique. It showed me who was in charge! As he reached for one of my ankles, I had to ask “Am I your first married woman?” He merely smiled, then softly said no, but that I was certainly the hottest he had ever been with! With that he pulled my ankle up onto his shoulder, and I let my legs loose, allowing him to position my body how he wanted it. He bent my other knee, forcing my thighs fully apart, and them began to lower his hips towards mine, until I felt his cock at my crotch, the tip throbbing along my vagina. He deftly used one hand to guide himself, and my arms lay apart over my head in total supplication as I let this black stranger impale me with his cock!

I gasped as he entered me slowly, making sure I felt every fraction of an inch, my back arching as he did so, my eyes rolling back into my head. He was easily one and a half times the size of my husband, both in length and in girth, and my vagina stretched to encompass his mighty tool. All I could do was moan as I felt every little vein and bump on his manhood, my body consumed with lust, the motive for it lost for now. He kept pushing lower and lower, until I felt the tip of his penis press against my cervix, leaving him just shy of fully inside me. He then began to withdraw, slowly, both of us moaning and grunting with the thrills of raw sexual desire. Just before he withdrew completely, he reversed course, and plunged back into me, still slowly, as I gazed into his eyes, letting his cock consume me. It was just now that I realized I had a problem.

Tony had been through a vasectomy years ago. As a result, we did not use any means of birth control. Nor did I have anything lying around the house. No foams, gels, condoms, nothing. As I opened my mouth to speak about it, Eric drove his cock into me again, more f***efully, and all I could do what whimper loudly, all thoughts of protection gone! Eric continued to slowly repeat his thrusting into me, my body now shifting so I was fully on my back, both of my knees d****d over his muscled, powerful arms, the soft white of my hose clashing vividly with his skin tone. My voice cooed and moaned softly, sucking on my teeth every time he withdrew from my moistness, my vagina now well-accustomed to his size deep within me. My arms lay apart, a gesture of total submission to this magnificent ebony body sending shivers of passion and pleasure through me, my pale skin standing out sharply against the shimmering black satin.

I was so enraptured by the dark rod impaling me that I almost didn’t hear the front door open, a sound which caused Eric to momentarily cease his magical penetration. “oooh, baby…please don’t stop…Cum in me!” I urged, “Make me a black-cock slut!” The rapid pace of the footsteps on the stairs told me Tony had heard my sultry voice, and Eric resumed his thrusts into me, his pace quickening with every sound of the shoes ascending the staircase. I lifted my feet high in the air, making sure there was no doubt that Eric was fully invading my body, for everyone to see, and that I was doing it willingly!

“Yeeeesss” I moaned, “Fuck me…fill me with your seed!” I moaned as I heard the footsteps at the bedroom door, the door being pushed open. “What the fuck?!?!” Tony barked, only to kick the papers on the floor as he approached the bed, while Eric turned to him and declared that I was his bitch for now. He added an emphatic thrust deep into me, making me cry out with a passion Tony has never seen. Tony stared at me, and Eric, for just a moment, then looked down at his feet, and his love letters now spread across the floor. I looked at Tony, making eye contact as he looked up, and I knew he understood what was happening. His knees buckled as he fell to the floor, and I felt a momentary pang of concern, until Eric thrust deeply into me again, grinding his pelvis against my clit, re-taking control of my attention, and my body.

Tony merely looked on, with a sick look on his face as Eric began to pound his body against mine in earnest. My body now responding as nature intended, my breathing a series of pants timed to Eric’s thrusting, my voice moaning with each exhale. My vagina began to bear down on Eric’s tool, massaging it, trying to coax his body into yielding his essence into mine. I lost all thoughts or cares for Tony as my climax rushed upon me, crashing through me in a series of waves that caused me to shudder uncontrollably as I cried out. Eric finished his attempt to breed me a moment later, bellowing a mighty howl as he ejaculated deep into my womb with one last thrust, burying himself fully into my body, holding himself there! I tilted my head up, my tongue reaching to kiss my ebony stud, his head falling to mine as our tongues intertwined. It was then I heard the sound of sickness, as Tony vomited on the carpet.

Eric and I lay together for a few minutes as Tony recovered. Tony left the room, and Eric rolled off of me. I grabbed up the comforter, covering us as we snuggled together, my pussy dripping a thin line of his semen, my last conscious thought was how wonderful I felt. When I awoke the next morning, Eric was still there, and Tony was downstairs, asl**p on the couch. I kicked Tony lightly to wake him up, and as he stirred, I sat next to him, again in my robe and thigh-highs and heels. He started to speak, angrily, and I put my fingers to his lips to shush him.

“That was for your last business trip.” I said matter-of-factly, “If you ever do that again, I will find Eric, and all of his friends, and spend a weekend with them. Yes, I had unprotected sex with him, and yes, he may have made me pregnant. Just so you understand, I will not tolerate another fling on your part. But if it does happen again, not only will I spend the weekend, but you will never know who the father of the c***d might be!”

As the weeks went by, it became very obvious I was carrying Eric’s c***d. I was using up sick time at an alarming rate because of the morning sickness. Tony and I were at odds about how to handle this, but ultimately the decision was made for us, as I miscarried. As the months past, our marriage began to heal, and things were more or less back to “normal”, until one Saturday I was cleaning the house, and found some papers…

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