My Daughter's Boyfriend

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The phone ringing drew me out of the shower, my wet feet so slippery that I almost slipped and fell in the bathroom. I grabbed at a towel as I dashed to reach the phone, my wet, naked body leaving a trail of water drops along the way. I was able to answer the phone before the caller hung-up, my voice breathy from the short sprint.

“Hello?” I answered as I put the phone to my ear, my head to one side as I used both hands to wrap my towel around me.

“Hey, Babe! It’s me!” the excited voice of my husband greeted. “Guess what? It happened! I got the job!” I squealed in delight for him, as this promotion meant a substantial increase in money, as well as other perks, including a company car, full medical benefits, and even an extra week of vacation. This was quite a moment for him, and for us! “They are having a dinner tonight, and the wives will all be there. I have a late meeting, though, so can you just meet me?”

I smiled as I bent over, the width of my towel not able to come close to covering my modesty. Not that my husband would ever be able to see, but it did make me feel naughty. Unfortunately, the only other person home was the f****y dog, and he was chewing on a bone or something downstairs. I picked up a pencil and wrote down the information, and promised to be there and on time.

“This is a high class restaurant, so please really dress up, ok?” He asked. I answered him, reassuring him I would wear something that would knock his socks off, but not make the other ladies jealous. As I hung up the phone, the door opened and slammed shut, and I could hear the snuffles and sobs of our teen-age daughter. She stomped up the stairs and passed me, slamming the door to her room. I sighed heavily. My daughter Emily, ever the drama queen!

I toweled off, and slid into my terrycloth robe before knocking on the door, waiting for Emily to grant me permission to her domain. My husband would just barge in, but in this case, I figured a more subtle approach was needed. Em allowed my entrance, and she was laid out on her bed, face down, her eyes puffy and red, her cheeks tear-stained. I took a seat on the edge of the bed.

I asked her what happened, and the words flowed faster than a waterfall, accompanied by more tears. After several minutes, I finally found out that a local boy she was sweet on, Carl, and had even gone out on a date with, was caught with another girl. Things got worse when she confronted the both of them. Accusations and harsh words flew, until finally he called her a stupid, worthless bitch. She tried to slap him for that, not that she should have, and when he defended himself, he grabbed her wrist and her bracelet broke. The guy recovered it, and wouldn’t give it back to her. It was a bracelet she had been given by her grandmother before she passed, and it meant a lot to Emily. And so more tears began to flow, as she couldn’t face him. She was furious, scared, hurt, heartbroken, tired, and a soon-to-be adult. I could not believe how many tears she cried. They must be from her father’s side.
I offered that we could call the police, but she nixed that idea. The boy was 18 years old, and she didn’t want to have to deal with the inevitable hassles at school the next day, from his being arrested. I offered to call our neighbor down the street, as her boy was on the football team, and bruiser. Rachel’s son, Brian, and Emily had known each other like b*****r and s****r. Surely he would not mind retrieving it for her. Shaking her head, Emily struck down that idea. She didn’t want Alex to turn this guy into mush, either. I was out of ideas, so all I could do was give a deep sigh.

“Em, just think about it tonight, and we’ll see what ideas we can come up with tomorrow. Maybe he’ll just give you the bracelet back.” I putted Emily on the back as I left her to finish getting the emotions all out of her system. Time was getting away from me, and I had to get dressed.

I went into my walk-in closet, and pulled out a pair of white pantyhose. In keeping with how things were going, they promptly developed a run, and I had to trash them. So I went into my drawer, and pulled out my last pair of white hose, thigh high hose with little baby-pink satin bows at the tops. I was careful as I pulled them on, and after they were on, I had to admit that they looked pretty good on my five foot, four inch, 120 lb. frame, although no one would seem them. I pulled on a pair of baby-pink satin French-cut bikini panties, smoothing the thin fabric over my hips. My attention then turned to my dress.

I traced my thumb along the hanging garments, ignoring some, considering others. Guys don’t appreciate some of the challenges a girl goes through to select the right dress. I pulled down a black velvet and tulle gown. Full skirt and a high collar, it was more for a formal ball. Next was a white satin and lace dress. I held it against me, and looked down. Too boring. I pulled down a short black satin circle skirt and matching white silk blouse. As I held the skirt in place, I could see the tops of my thigh high hose. My husband would love it in private, but it was too wild for the occasion. After checking a few more outfits, I found the perfect dress. Ice-blue satin, it was a halter dress, similar to the one Marilyn Monroe wore in that movie, except the skirt was just a circle skirt, without all the pleats, and the back was truly back-less. I pulled it on, securing the two satin straps holding the plunging bodice up behind my neck, and stepped into my white 4-inch heels. I went into the front of the mirror and turned, checking out every angle. This was going to do very well, and I looked forward to the smile on my husband’s face when he saw me.

I went to gather my purse, when Emily came downstairs. After complimenting me on my dress, she asked if I could swing by and see if Carl would give back the bracelet. It was just a couple of blocks down, and on my way, so I shrugged.

“Sure. Why not? Will he be expecting me?” I asked.

Emily shrugged. “I dunno. I called his house to ask for it back, and his dad answered to phone. He was kinda’ gruff, but said he would talk to Carl.” With the arrangements being made, I decided to depart a few minutes early, so I could get the bracelet and still be on time.

It took about 5 minutes to find the place, a single-story ranch style house, with a front lawn that looked like it hadn’t been mowed in a month, and trim that desperately needed painting. I pulled up and parked in front of his house. I expected to be only a moment, so I left my purse in the car, and walked to the front door, my heels clicking loudly on the oil-stained driveway. The warm evening breeze was gentle, and gave the hem of my satin circle skirt a puffy, full look. I stood there, my heels together, with my hands clasped in front of me after I rang the bell.

It took several moments before the door opened, and there was an older man, with a three-day beard, matted gray hair, an open shirt and shorts. He looked me up and down before saying anything.

“What you want?” he fairly growled at me. I smiled as I took a breath and explained about Emily and the bracelet. The man told me I had arrived too quickly, that Carl was in the shower, and that I could come in and wait for him. I hesitated, thinking of my husband’s party, but balanced it against Emily’s feelings, and well, it was an easy decision. I stepped inside, but what I saw surprised me.

The carpet was dingy, and the same shade of alive green popular decades ago. The house was dimly lit, with furniture that looked like it was from the 1970’s, and hadn’t been moved since it was bought. There were old newspapers and empty cans and bottles just about everywhere. A single lamp shone through a dark and dusty shade, and a TV tray was placed next to an over-stuffed recliner, the tray holding a dirty plate and empty beer bottle. Dancing lights from an old console-style TV set filled the room. For some reason, I thought Carl’s mom lived with him, but the appearance of this place removed all doubt.

“He’ll be a minute.” Carl’s father offered. Then he sat in the recliner and turned his attention back to the television program, an exercise program showing well-endowed girls in spandex stretching into revealing poses. I stood there, not being offered a seat, and looked around the room, becoming more uncomfortable as the minutes wore on.

As I had begun to look over the room for the third time, a well-built young man appeared from down the hall, his hair wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. He pulled up short as he saw me. “Who’re you?” he asked.

“She’s your bitch’s mother, asshole. She’s here for that bracelet you stole!” His father’s words out before I could even begin to speak.

“I stole?” Carl repeated incredulously. His eyes looked at me hard. “Hey, I didn’t steal nothing, bitch!” As he spoke, he took a few steps towards me.

I shook my head slowly, shocked at the tone of this exchange. As Carl approached me, I retreated and my mouth moved, but nothing came out. A few steps was all it took to back me against a wall. Carl stopped a step away, a snarl on his face. His eyes looked me up and down as well, undressing me just like his father did. My eyes darted to his father, who was just looking on, with interest, but apparently without desire to intervene. I looked to the father as I spoke.

“I am amazed you let your son address women this way! He has no right to call me a bitch, he…” the rest of my words were cut off by the father’s response.

“All women are bitches. Ain’t that right, Carl? Starting with that cheatin’ bitch-whore mother of his!” Carl’s father called out angrily. “I bet your daughter sucks cock like a pro. Prolly takes money fer it after school!”

My mouth hung open as I was flabbergasted. I could not believe what I was hearing, and what these two men were saying about my daughter!

“Listen, Buster!” I said angrily, “Emily did nothing other than try to be nice to your son. And look what it has got her!”

I did not notice Carl as he turned his head to address his father. “I think she should be nice to us, too!”

I didn’t like the way this was turning out, and decided it was time for me to leave. I took one side step, trying to reach the door, but Carl was there easily in front of me. “What’s the matter? Afraid of men? Like Emily is? I wanna’ see how nice you can be to a man!”

“Ohhhh no! Not in this lifetime!” I replied. I tried to sidestep again, but Carl closed on me more. My eyes darted to see his father, who was now watching with decidedly more interest. He took a swig of beer, and called out.

“I betcha’ she can suck and fuck better’n a girl half her age! Look at her! She’s dressed up to be someone’s whore!”

“I bet she’ll suck me better than Emily every could!”

I couldn’t help myself. My hand was in motion before I could stop it, and my hand slapped Carl hard across the face. “How dare you talk to me that way!”

Carl’s response was as fast as mine, and he grabbed my wrist and squeezed it, making me wince as his other hand went to his waist and released his towel, the thin terrycloth falling to the floor, revealing his throbbing and growing manhood. Carl then grabbed my other wrist as I twisted in his grasp, and f***ed both of my arms together over my head against the wall. He used his body to push against mine, and f***ed my legs slightly apart, his cock rubbing against my dress, and trying to rub my crotch.

I struggled in his grasp as he began to bump his pelvis against me. “Lemme go!!!” I cried through clenched teeth.

Carl just laughed as he stood back and pulled my arms out in front of me. “I got better plans for you, bitch!”

Carl then started to drag me down the hallway. “Call you in a bit, Pop!”

As Carl started to drag me deeper into his house, I was able to get a good kick in, and connect with his shin. He howled for a moment, and then literally threw me to the ground, my petite body no match for his far superior strength. I landed on the ground on my side, the wind knocked out of me, making me not care that the hem of my skirt had floated to well above my knee, and Tony and his father both got a great look at the top of my thigh high hosiery. I was able to roll onto my back, my arm across my forehead as I tried to get some breath. Carl’s dad decided he had better ideas.

I felt my wrists grabbed again, and my arms pulled overhead. The dad was holding my wrists single-handedly, while he used his free hand to release his belt. My lungs were suddenly able to gasp for air, and I began to struggle against him, and scream. With surprising speed, my wrists were tied together, and the extra length of belt was looped to the coffee table above my head!

While my wrists were being bound, Carl limped over to me, a mean snarl on his face.
“I was just gonna’ let you blow me, bitch. But now… Now you’re gonna’ get my cock up your cunt!” He snarled as he began to kneel at my feet.

I struggled and whined as I felt my skirt being lifted at first, and then two sets of fingers tracing up my legs, slowly. Carl jeered at me, saying I looked just right for fucking, and if I didn’t do it right, maybe Emily would be the next girl to get his cock. I strained at the belt as I tried to keep my knees together, but Tony simply traced his fingers higher up my body, past my knees and together up the inside of my thighs, until his fingers were probing at my satin panties.

I am not sure why, but my eyes looked up, and then bugged out as I saw Carl’s dad standing over me, completely naked, his cock long and growing longer. I shook my head, trying to talk, desperate to find some way out of this, when I lost my concentration and my knees were pulled apart. Carl took that opportunity to use his hands to yank my panties from my body, exposing my bikini trimmed pussy to him.

Carl then grabbed my ankles and lifted them high in the air, spreading them apart, forcing my skirt to slide up my legs to form a pool of shimmering satin at my waist and around me. I struggle again, with all my might and fury, but the dad just laughed at me, telling me I had spunk. Carl then chilled me when he replied I didn’t have spunk…yet!

Carl’s father knelt over my head, and dangled his cock just in front of my face as he reached across and grasped my ankles, pulling them towards him, and rolling me up to allow Carl the best access to my vagina. Carl took just a moment to point his hard, throbbing manhood and tease my labia before flexing his legs and then lowering his hips onto me, my body impaled by his cock. I cried out as he entered me, trying to resist, wriggling as he fed every inch of him into me, my only result a long moan from him, and his admission that for a married bitch, I sure was tight!

When he was fully buried in me, he simply lay on my body for a moment, his eyes burning into mine as I gasped for air. The next thing I knew, Carl had mashed his lips to mine, and ejected his tongue into my mouth, caressing my tongue as his hips began to make the cycle of love, withdrawing his cock slowly, and then forcing it back down deeply inside me. Carl also had adjust his position by curling his knees under my butt, and dad released my ankles, my legs falling to Carl’s arms, where he held them at his elbows. Carl finally broke his kiss, and moaned as his passion was building within him.

Carl continued to mate with me, an endless cycle of thrusting and withdrawing when his father decided not to wait anymore. He grabbed a handful of my hair and growled at me to open wide, and that I had better not bite! I felt a twist of my hair, and my mouth opened, and was f***e-fed a second penis, past my lips and to the back of my throat. My nostrils were flaring as I struggled to breathe, with the exertion of the struggle, Carl’s mounting me, and now dad’s oral copulation. “I knew she had a big mouth!” Dad jeered, “but at least she knows how to use it!”

From here I was helpless, a woman being used solely for the pleasure of men, without regard for my pleasure or comfort. Carl’s pulsing began to quicken, as his cock never left my body. The father’s cock began to pulse rapidly inside my mouth as well, it being evident that dad had not been with a woman in some time. Well before Carl was done, dad’s precum began to leak out, and I had a brief moment of warning before he had his release, and he tried to drive his cock through the back of my head. It gave me a small headache, but fortunately, he was just not that well endowed. Nonetheless, my mouth was filled with his cum, and in the end it was easier for me to just swallow it, rather than try to spit it out. After another few moments, during which Carl continued to ram his manhood inside me, his father reared back and sat on his feet, his softening cock drooping between his thighs. He watched eagerly as Carl continued to use me.

Carl, however, was more gifted, and his cock began to send a few shivers of pleasure through me. I fought them as best I could, but once in awhile, a small gasp or grunt of pleasure would escape my lips. My breasts were jiggling with every bump of our bodies together, and the soft and thin satin covering them made my nipples grow and harden, as my body reacted like any woman being mated. My g****-sized nipples stood firm and erect as Carl relentlessly continued, my vagina beginning to clamp down on him, my body responding to Carl and trying to coax his cock into filling my pussy with his semen. Suddenly his pace quickened, and he began to rapid-fire his piston inside me, slamming hard into my crotch until I felt him press the head of his shaft against my cervix. His frequency was making my clit tingle with passion, and I began to lose control, my voice now a cry with each gasp for air until Carl bellowed out, and used one final thrust to shoot his seed into me, his cock buried deep, and his spurting directly at my cervix.

He remained with his cock pushed inside me for quite some time, once in awhile giving me a small thrust as his body yielded several more gobs of his essence into my womb, Carl doing his best to impregnate me. Tears began to run down the sides of my cheeks, as I sobbed, unable to protect myself any further, all hope that I would be alright totally crushed. I began to rage as I struggled again at the belt holding my arms, and kicking my legs, but unable to reach Carl as he was still between my thighs. I felt Carl’s dad grab my hair again and pull.

“You stupid bitch!” He barked. “Give up! You ain’t gonna’ get away. We’ll let you go when we are done. And we ain’t done with you, yet!” My legs hit the floor as I totally collapsed, the emotion draining from me as I cried some more. Carl stood and left me there, but not before a long, thin strand of his semen trailed between us, and then broke, a narrow trail of proof of our copulation. I lay there for a bit, and was surprised to wake, feeling a sensation between my legs.

“No, Carl!” I begged. “No more, please?” When I opened my eyes, I gasped, as it was his father, still naked, and now parting my legs, his erect cock bouncing with every step. With my still moist vagina, he had little difficulty mounting me, and proceeded to add his dose of jism to my womb, doing his best to make sure all of his load was also deep inside me.

As the night wore on, Carl and his father each took another turn at me, until my vagina was burning with soreness. By this time, I was so tired, I couldn’t resist, struggle, or barely react. I lay there as they each used me, the father even wondering out loud about what he would call the c***d, if he indeed made me pregnant. When they were done, I drifted off to a deep sl**p, my exhausted mind restless with fear.

I awoke some time later, the lights out, and the house dark. More importantly, I was free, and made my get away, quietly as I stole out of the house before I ran down the street, abandoning my car. As I ran, I became hysterical and shrieked, waking a house or two, where the occupants called the police.


My husband has been totally supportive and loving through all of this, even when the doctor came out with the news of my pregnancy. We don’t know which of the two is the father, and I am struggling with the decision about what to do about the c***d.

Rachel’s son found out what happened the next day, as a sobbing Emily told him what had happened to me. I am told it was a very violent encounter, with Brian and a close friend of his taking care of Carl when he got home from jail, after making bail.

Carl’s father was arrested, and also posted bail. I ran into him at the grocery store a couple of weeks later. All he did was leer at me, and tell me to come back, as he knew what I wanted! It was all I could do to not throw up on the spot.

The police say that more than likely, the case won’t go to court, as I willingly entered his house, and that I have no real proof of being f***ed. Carl’s dad told them I was there for Carl and rough sex!

Emily never got her bracelet back.

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10 months ago
Thank you! I got very excited ;-) writing it!
11 months ago
Nice story .Very hot and exciting to read.