The Cafe

"All right," you had said. "Come over. I can meet you over here, if you like. There's a cafe next to the railway station. It's a nice place; very friendly. We can meet up, have a chat and just see how things go from there. Play it by ear. No commitment, no promises. However, I will expect you to buy me a coffee."

I had liked the closing line. It was always good to break the tension, had there been any but as it happened, there was none. I mean; here was an offer to meet, so that could only be seen as a positive start. Neither of us were making any promises. It was merely an opportunity to meet each other again

So I got into the car, started it up and made my way down south, wondering what the outcome would be. We had corresponded for a while now and it looked like we had finally found another mutually convenient date when we could meet up. Following that first lunch date (which seemed a lifetime away now), I had wondered if we'd ever get in touch again but here I was, in the car, actually coming over to see you in your neck of the woods. Things were looking up.

The station was easy to find and I arrived in plenty of time. I parked up in the car park by the main entrance and crossed the road to the coffee shop next door. I ordered a small coffee, paid and set myself up at a table near the door, looking out onto the street. I had brought a newspaper with me but had left it in the car. I didn't wan't you to think I was trying to act unduly casual, so I just sat there, sipping my drink and waiting quietly, occasionally looking out of the window, wating for you to arrive.

I didn't have to wait for long, as it turned out. I had just started to relax a little when I heard your voice, quietly enquiring.


I looked up to see you standing there, looking every bit as nervous as me. We both must have looked a little uncomfortable, so I stood up to welcome you. I leaned towards you and placed a hand on your waist, kissing your cheek but not entirely sure what to do next. We embraced briefly and lightly, like a pair of awkward teenagers. I told you to take a seat and asked you if you'd like a coffee. "Ooh, yes please," came the reply. I walked back over to the counter while you made yourself comfortable at the table.

Other than the two members of staff behind the counter and us, the place was empty. A radio was playing some middle of the road pop music in the background. It wasn't intrusive but was just loud enough for us to be able to keep our conversation private. We drank our coffees, chatting about everything and nothing. We had already said a lot to each other before today, so neither of us really knew where this might lead. The conversation came to a natural end and, after a brief pause, you broke the silence.

"You know what? I don't know why I'm even thinking this but I think you can be trusted. Actually, I've been thinking about it since we first met. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine; you seem to be a nice guy."

"Oh? Thanks. Sorry; go on." I replied.

"Besides, I had already told a neighbour that I was going out to meet a friend and said when I expected to be back. I didn't say it was you that I was meeting but thought it best to have a little insurance. Well, you never know, do you? I just thought you should know that. I mean that they knew I was expecting to be home by a certain time. I'd told them I was expecting a delivery and to look out while I was gone, in case it came early. don't know why I said that. I guess I just wanted them to be aware, I suppose." You seemed to be thinking out loud now, your thoughts rambling a little, as though you were trying to decide what to do and convince yourself as to the next best step. "Anyway; if they see my car back at home, they'll know I've got home, so that'll be OK. It'll be fine. Sorry, where was I?"
"Er, I'm not sure. Something about not believing your thoughts and trust, I think. Right..." I said, cautiously. I still wasn't entirely sure where you were going with this line of conversation but said nothing more, deciding instead to simply go with it for now.

"Right. Come on, then." You said. "Follow me. Well, follow my car anyway. Before I change my mind and have some kind of fit of common sense."

We left the cafe and walked back to the car park together. I got into my car, started the engine and pulled out of the parking space, waiting for you to lead the way from here. You reversed out and drove on, through the barrier. I followed closely behind. It was only a short journey and after a few turns, we were away from the main town area and into a larege residential part of town. Once into the estate, we turned into a quiet cul-de-sac. You pulled up on the hardstanding in front of a small end terraced cottage and I drove on to find a space in the road a few yards further on. I sat and watched you briefly, then turned the engine off and waited. Getting out of your car, you walked on towards me and looked in the window. "Well, are you going to stay in there, or are you coming in?" Embarrassed, I got out, locked the car and followed you to your front door.

You slide the key into the lock and turn it. As the door eases open, you beckon me in ahead of you. Taking a furtive glance up and down the street, you step in and close the door quietly behind us. You are leaning back against the door as I turn to you to say something but before I get the chance, you pull me towards you and we start kissing. Pleasantly surprised at this development, I return your kiss enthusiastically. My hand slides up your neck into your hair as I pull you closer to me.

You pull away and take my hand. "This way." you say to me, leading me up the stairs.

I pause, holding you back and halting your progress. "Er, are you sure about this?" I ask.
"Why? Aren't you?" comes the reply.
"Sorry. God, yes but I didn't want to presume. Of course I want to."
"Good. Come on, then. What are you waiting for?"

We climb the stairs and walk the short distance to the main bedroom. I step in behind you and you close the door softly and draw the curtains.

"There's no one else about but I feel happier with the door closed." you say. I smile and run my fingers through your hair.

We are both trembling now but you move up to stand next to me. I feel your hands on my chest, reaching for my shirt buttons. Unable to resist, I gently pull at your blouse and return the favour. We release long enough to shed our tops and resume the embrace. Under the blouse, you are wearing a simple, white broderie anglais bra with light blue silk ribbon trim. Admiring what I see, I lean down to you and our lips meet. My hands reach round your back to unclasp the bra. I peel the straps down, over your shoulders and the bra drops. You lower your arms and the bra drops to the floor. You kick your shoes off and I follow suit, placing my shoes and socks to one side before kneeling in front of you and slowly lifting your skirt. I kiss each of your thighs and plant a gentle peck on the front of your thong. I can feel the heat emanating from within and there is the faintest hint of moisture as your anticipation and excitement grows. My hand moves to your left hip, where I find the skirt's button and zip. After unfastening the button, I slowly draw the zip down to its stop. My hands grasp the sides of your skirt and slide it off your legs. You step out and I kiss your belly before carefully laying you on the bed covers.

As you lie on your back, I move up and place a necklace of kisses from one shoulder to the next, . You squirm a little and I run my tongue down one arm. I kiss each finger then move to your collarbone and neck, brushing my lips lightly over your throat and chin.

I move down your neck and kiss your sternum, cupping a breast as I move my mouth across to touch your nipple with the tip of my tongue. I hear you take a deep breath as I gently suck on the nipple, feeling it rise in my mouth as I do so. I move to the other nipple, lapping my tongue over its tip and over the surrounding areola. Both your nipples are hard now and I run my hand down your belly until I reach the waistband of your thong. My hand slides over the smooth fabric, coming to rest briefly over your swelling mound, where the heat continues to rise.

My hand moves down, onto your leg to stroke your thigh as my tongue runs down to your belly. I kiss your hip, then your thigh, your knee and your calf before gently biting on each toe. You sigh before letting out a giggle as I move back up your leg. I slide up next to you and kiss your lips.

I feel your hand move up and your fingers curl round the back of my neck as you pull me closer. Your tongue slides between my teeth and locks with mine. My hand moves over your belly again but this time I slide it under the waistband of your thong. As I reach your pussy, I allow a single finger to gently tease the surface before letting it slowly slip inside, followed by another finger, both now gently massaging the sides of your clitoris. Our kiss becomes more urgent as I feel your moist reaction begin to flow over my fingers and into the palm of my hand. I can feel myself smiling, happy that I have managed to arouse you as much as you have got me aroused.

I withdraw my fingers and slowly release myself from the kiss, returning with a few pecks on your cheeks, neck, throat and shoulders. I place the flat of my hand against your ass before positioning my fingers under each side of the thong's waistband as I start to roll it down. You lift your ass up off the bed to allow the thong to pass across your knees. I pull it down over your calves and, once I have got it past your feet, I let it drop onto the floor. I kiss your belly and part your legs a little. As I move back down, I run my tongue across your moist pussy. Seeing the response that I had earlier felt with my finger, I drive my tongue deep inside you, flicking it across the surface of your clitoris. As you wriggle, you reach down and push my face hard against your body. Your pre-cum is now coming thick and fast, as I lap feverishly over the surface, my tongue darting in to encourage more flow as I suck against your skin's surface, drawing the labia into my mouth. You wrap your legs round, clamped against my head, forcing my tongue deeper, making me taste more of you. I feel you shudder as the first orgasm begins, my tongue still running over your warm, wet clitoris.Your legs suddenly clamp tighter and I feel a sudden rush of your juices as they shoot into my mouth, catching me completely by surprise. Still I continue to take all you give to me, until I feel your body relax again and the grip round my head loosens.

Sighing deeply, you unlock your legs and push me aside, onto my back. Still breathing heavily, you shuffle down and undo my belt impatiently and tug at my trousers, pulling them down over my ankles. You run your hand over my briefs and across the burgeoning erection that is barely contained underneath. Curiosity gets the better of you and you pull the pants down to reveal just how willing I am. Freed from its cotton enclosure, my erection springs into life in front of you. A broad smile forms as you look up at me briefly.

Taking the shaft in your hand, you pull down gently to expose the head. Still smiling, you close your lips over me and begin to suck whilst flicking your tongue over its tip. With one hand sliding up and down the still-stiffening shaft, your other hand moves up to cup my balls. You can feel my pre-cum building and I feel your lips close even tighter round me as you increase the pressure, not wanting to waste anything. I am barely able to contain myself and grab handfulls of sheets as I desperately try to maintain some level of composure. My breath is coming in short pants now as I feel the excitememnt growing.

I have to pull you away, fearful of cumming in your mouth. Kissing your lips, I move you back onto your stomach and massage your shoulders, kissing your neck before moving down your spine. This is purely an attempt to calm myself down, as my levels of arousal have almost reached bursting point. My hand moves down your spine as I plant light kisses all the way down to the base of your back, then kissing each of your bum cheeks, elliciting a fit of giggles from you. I run my fingers over your cheeks, down the back of your legs. Another giggle punctuates the passing of my hands over the back of your knees.

I roll you back over and kiss your lips. You pull me to you and I feel your hand slide down across my chest, reaching down as your fingers curl round my shaft. You run the closed fingers slowly up and down as I feel the desire increase. You release your grip and push my shoulders to turn me onto my back again.

I feel your hair across my body as you kiss my chest. You hand is on my thigh, moving up to my crotch. Your mouth and hand reach the erection together and I feel your lips close around the tip once more, taking my length into your mouth, as you cup my balls. Taken aback, I feel my body shiver as you move around and reach across my chest, still tickling my cock with your tongue. I feel the wave of arousal return as your lips grip tightly, your mouth sliding up and down to keep the pressure up. I can feel that I am getting too worked up and, still terrified of cumming in your mouth, I pull you away, up to me and kiss you again. You have parted your legs and, as you slide up to straddle me, my cock glides easily into you. Smiling, you move down a little to take me in completely and I feel you grip me as tightly as before, your pelvic muscles taking on the role played by your mouth a moment ago, to hold on to me. You begin to make gentle movements up and down as I grab your ass to pull you against me. I feel your breasts against my chest and can barely contain my desire. I know you can feel my excitement building up; you look into my eyes and smile the broadest smile I can imagine before sliding off and turning onto your back. I lean towards you and kiss you, as my hand reaches down to your mound. A single finger enters, then two as our kiss becomes more urgent. Your hand takes a firm hold of my ass and I move on top, looking deep into your eyes as I slide my length back inside you.

You wrap your legs firmly round my back as I thrust deep into you, our mouths and tongues now locked together. As the strokes become more regular and harder, I feel your grip becoming ever tighter around me, forcing the energy from me. As our bodies become hotter, I see beads of persipiration forming across your skin. We both feel the passion building inexorably; no longer merely love-making, this has descended into base a****l lust. I continue to ram hard into you, each stroke getting harder, faster and more urgent until I can hold back the wave of desirous climax no longer. My back arches back violently, lifting you up as I f***e my full length into you, the orgasm firing violently out of me. My body stiffens as the cum continues to flow into you. Eventually, my body spasms begin to lessen as the energy dissipates. My head drops down in exhaustion, the sweat now pouring freely off my forehead. My whole body is glowing with the heat generated by the effort I have expended. I can hardly catch my breath but I look into your eyes and there once more is that broad smile across your face as you look back up at me. You give me a few moments as my breathing begins to return to some level of normailty. Taking a moment to gather your own thoughts and catch your breath, you simply say,

"See? No commitment. No promises."
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1 year ago
I can see how girls would like his story,is it form your mind or a experience
1 year ago
nice story.x