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I pulled her naked body close to mine and lower my head to kiss her. My lips grazed hers and her mouth opened as my tongue darted out to meet hers. Pent up desire exploded with that first naked kiss and my hands began to explore her body. I teased my hand slowly down her back, smiling as she shivered and groaned into my mouth. I cupped her bum, pulling her even closer to me. She responded by grabbing my achingly hard cock. It was my turn to groan as she slid her hand slowly up and down my cock. I slipped my hand between her cheeks, desperately seeking her sex as she began to pump my cock faster. I was having trouble standing as her hand worked me, the pre-cum flooding from the tip of my manhood. My fingers grazed her sphincter and she moaned loudly but I pushed them past it and then slipped one into her pussy. Her juices coating it as it slowly slid into her..........
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3 years ago
nice but way short
3 years ago
hahah great story cheers haha