Eat me

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She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my lips. Gripping my head she pulled my face into her already dripping pussy. "Eat Me!" she commanded . I stuck my tongue out and slowly drew it from the bottom of her lips all the way up to her clit, relishing the taste of her again. She groaned quiely as my tongue spread her lips apart. I flicked her clit lightly, gently teasing it and her hips began to rock backwards and forwards as I teased her. She shifted slightly, moving her opening to my teasing tongue. I plunged it deep inside her, my cock throbbing violently as I her creamed flowed out over my face, coating my tongue and flowing down my throat. I was lost in the taste and scent of my mistresses pussy.................
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3 years ago
Very sexy! Wanna suck on my clit? ;-)

Love the pic, too.
3 years ago
so short not sure
3 years ago
great story hahah reminds me of what i do with my girls.