She liked my story....

She read his first story eagerly. The though of being in control of a man like that was driving her crazy. She could feel her juices flowing into her panties. Unable to stop herself she lifted her skirt and slipped her hand under her panties, cupping her mound. She continued to read as her fingers spread her lips. She imagined her man lying naked on the floor waiting for her to site on his face as she slid her finger down between her wet lips. She could feel his tongue sticking out, parting her lips, drinking her juice as her finger slid slowly up and down, opening her up. Her hips began to rock as she pushed a finger deep inside herself, imagining him pushing his tongue deep inside her fuck hole. Her other hand reached up and she began to squeeze her breast. She wished it was his strong hand, cupping her, caressing her as her finger pumped in and out of her pussy with greater urgency. She need to cum, needed to flood his face with her cream. She could feel her clit beginning to throb and moved her cream covered finger up to it. Her finger was a blur as she flicked it across her clit, harder, faster, driving herself to cum all the while dreaming of what his tongue was doing to her ..............
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3 years ago
nice start