The Artist

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I walked in from a long day at the office to find the fire crackling in the lounge and my love standing at her eazel, painting. I grinned as I took in the what she was wearing. I was the luckiest man alive I though to myself. How many other men get home to find their partners painting in high heels and her sexiest black lace lingerie.

"Hey gorgeous!" she said glancing over her shoulder "Have a seat. I'm almost done."

I sat in the high back chair near the fireplace. The warmth quickly easing my chilled bones. A glass of my favourite red wine was next to the chair waiting for me. I sipped the wine as I watched her work. Well, more like watched her. My cock began to stiffen as I followed her stocking clad legs up to her beautiful bum, the thin black line of her g-string disappearing between her cheeks and the occasional glimpse of her lace covered mound as she moved.

She cleaned her brushes and walked over to me with a look in her eye that I knew meant it would be a long night.

She stood in front of me, legs spread wide, her hands on her hips.

My cock throbbed violently as I looked at her. The tiny piece of lace barely covering her pussy looked like it was already damp. I could clearly see her lips through the delicate lace.

I didn't get a chance to look at anything else as she straddled me and our lips met. Every time I kissed her I felt like a million fireworks were exploding inside me. Our mouths danced, tongues teasing each other as we were consumed by lust.

She reached down to grip my rockhard manhood through my trousers.

"mmmm ... is this for me?" she whispered as she position it straight up. I groaned as she pressed her pussy down on me and began to rub it up an down against my rock hard manhood.

I could feel her juices flooding through her panties and soaking in to my trousers as she used my cock for her own pleasure. Not that I wasn't enjoying it but the thick trousers I was wearing stole a lot of my pleasure.

I held her close and slipped her shoulder strap down, exposing her hard nipple. She groaned loudly as I closed my teeth around it, nibbling it firmly ..........
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3 years ago
keep going this was getting good
3 years ago
needs to be longer