My Lord's day at work

Its a slow day at work, no customers and he cant quite concentrate on the paperwork on his desk. His mind filled with images of his beautiful girl and their conversation last night. His trousers tenting at the thought of her. His hand slips under his desk releasing his throbbing cock from its confinement.

He missed his breakfast today, the day just seems to drag when he doesn't have his Special K and the images in his head aren't helping. Maybe she's online and he can tell her he missed her and play a little while and relieve the tension.

Damn shes not there! and shes not answering her mobile either, "FUCK!"
He starts wondering where she is, he needs to see her even for a short time over lunch, needing to share his gift with her. Needing the release that only she can provide.

The door opens, "fuck customers," he hurriedly zips his pants and turns to go and see if they need help. He looks towards the door and is transfixed at the vision walking through it.

Mmmmm, his eyes drink in the sight of her, long dark hair framing those beautiful blue eyes, the smile lighting her face, the sexy red dress showing her cleavage to perfection, clinging tightly to those abundant curves. Filthy thoughts invading his mind wondering what shes wearing under that sexy dress.

She tosses her silky hair as she walks slowly towards him. There's a confident aura about her as if she knows shes being admired. Their eyes lock, she licks her lips and glances knowingly down at his straining zip of his pants. Eye fucking each other, they walk closing the distance between them.

"How may I help you today?" he asks her, almost stammering in the effort to get back control of his lust.

"I'm after a home cinema system but I'm not sure what I want, perhaps you can show me a few things" she replies, her soft voice making his cock harder.

"Right this way Miss, we have demonstration rooms set up, I'm sure I can show you something you like."

He leads her to the demonstration rooms.. holding the door open for her, she enters into a soundproof room with couches and a big screen on the wall and hears the door lock snick behind her.

She turns to him and with a sexy twinkle and wink she says
"Oh I think I already see something I want."

"Do you? and he pulls her to him, hungrily kissing her, his hands stroking her nipples into hardness through the soft silky fabric of her dress.

"Oh hell yessssss" she moans, arching her back, a clear invitation for him to suckle on her gorgeous tits. Her hand unzipping his pants she frees his engorged cock, her gentle touch stroking him making an involuntary moan escape his lips.

"Mmmmm ohhhhh fucccccccccck"

She looks him in the eyes and lowers herself gracefully to her knees. Smiling at him and her hand still holding his shaft she takes the swollen head between her soft lips. Her tongue encircling the head as she strokes him, more firmly now picking up speed.

His hands knotting in the heavy fall of her hair he starts thrusting, its too much though. His thighs start quivering and his balls tighten.

"ohhh not yet" he pants "I need to fuck you"

He pulls her to her feet he kisses and bites her neck, it's her turn to go week at the knees her cunt gushing at the intense sensation splashing their shoes.

"Come here" he says, and he leads her to the the side of the couch, pushing her gently over the arm. He lifts the bottom of her dress till it frames her sexy big bare ass inflaming him even further at the delicious sight before him.

She feels his warm hands parting her ass cheeks and gasps! She expected him to thrust inside her but instead feels his wet tongue lapping at her nectar, licking the folds, greedily feasting on her like he is starving.

As she starts to cum and shudder again he stands and thrusts his fat cock into her tight fuckhole filling her completely, giving her what she desperately craves, her beautiful cunt milking his shaft as it spasms with pleasure.

"oh yes baby, cum for me, milk my cock, flood my balls with your sweet juice." He pulls her closer, hand on her throat his muscular thighs and ass driving deep, needing to own her.

She feels his hot breath in her ear, his body starting to shudder, meets his thrusts .. milking him .. needing his gift

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh" he gives her whats she wants.

Holding her close he nuzzles her and turns her to face him so he can gaze his fill.

She smiles at him, full of love in her eyes and with a cheeky laugh,
"I see you missed me, as much as I did you my darling man."

"Mmmmmm yes, I needed you" he murmurs as he kisses her again.

They help each other tidy their appearance, and walks her to the door and kisses her goodbye.

He returns to his desk, gets on with his work with a happy smile on his face.

She starts to walk home, content knowing she has made her Man's day.
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