My Lord takes me dogging

The full moon is bright tonight making it easier to see where we are walking as it bathes the rough track at our feet. We have parked back a way and are making our way down the track to the picnic area by the river. Rumor is that this is a place to watch and play.

I'm trembling a little, not from cold as its a warm night but in anticipation. I must have slowed as I feel the gentle tug of the leash on my collar, the other end of the leash is wrapped in my Lord's hand as he leads me.

Feeling owned totally, just how a cum slut should feel, His will is my desire. Dressed to instructions I know I have pleased Him, short tight slutty black dress clinging like a second skin to my curves, exposing my bra less tits and skimming the tops of my fishnet stockings attached to suspenders. Long black leather boots and no panties.

I'm smiling in memory of the way His pants immediately tented when He picked me up tonight. His thick cock was straining to burst the zip. I wanted to kneel then and there and worship His beautiful cock. But He had other things on His mind ...He knew what was on my mind though as he gave me that special smile just for me and said "Later little one"

We are getting close now, at first there doesn't appear to any one else ..but some men are coming out of the scrub now as they see us approach, some of them rubbing their cocks through the fabric of their pants in anticipation of what they are going to see.

He leads me to the picnic table...
" Turn around Pet"
he lifts the hem of my dress to expose my shaven cunt, the nights breeze teasing it with phantom fingers making my cunt tingle and drip.

"Sit My Pet, on the edge and spread your legs, Show them the cunt I own!"

"Yes my Lord" and I hurry to obey.

He Positions Him self Behind me wrapping one arm around me and pulling me back against Him. His hard cock jutting into my back his lips at my ear, hand hard on my throat ..owning me, and His other hand deep in the cunt he owns, displaying his property for the view of all.

Moaning I start to gush splattering my legs and the earth below.
"Good girl my Pet, see how much you turn them on?" "Which one do you want first?" you whisper in my ear ..tightening your grip in your pleasure.

"Guys ..come play with my cum slut, see how ready she is?"

At your invitation they approach and start touching my body, and unzipping their pants, cocks in hand stoking them. I'm so aroused now needing one of those cocks in my mouth feeding my lust.

" May I my Lord " I turn pleading to you "choose for me please"

You eye them off and your eyes alight on a particularly big cock, hung like the proverbial horse .. you beckon to him

"horse cock, you first..fuck my cum sluts mouth."

You push me forward so I'm bent at the waist and tentatively take that massive cock in my mouth. You push my head making me deep throat and gag. Saliva pouring from my mouth over my chin .. my eyes water.

So pleased with my submission you no longer hold back and I feel you thrust deep into that arse you own, groaning in pleasure at the tightness. Pushing back to meet the thrust I start gushing again as you possess me fully.

Close to my face another is wanking furiously, I can see he's going to cum prematurely, his body starts to shudder and I turn my face to receive the load. He unloads full in my face, thick cream running over my cheeks and lips.

I turn to look at you, cum dripping down my face...

"thank you my Lord for giving me cum"

Your smiling face leans in and with long slow licks you clean my face, holding it in your mouth You kiss me deeply sharing the sweet tasting cum, expressing your approval.

"Good girl, I so love my subbie girl, that's one .. are you ready for more?"

"Yes my Lord" I whisper.

For the next two hours I'm fucked and licked over and over. We stagger back to the car, and you take me home.

There's no one else home, the k**s are away. You stay the night wrapping me tight to your body and we fall into an exhausted loving contented sl**p safe and secure in each others arms.

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7 months ago
A wonderful experience for you,,,,and the guys who fucked you
1 year ago
you sound like a good slut kisses stef
1 year ago
so well written, i'm sad i wasn't there
1 year ago
Ill take a stab n say 'the bend', definitely not westgate, jells or braeside. Lysterfield is a good spot on the Dandy side. Turn left at the green water tank on the bend coming from stud road end. But I must warn you, look out for the roos because they are everywhere and huge.
1 year ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
HOt story , where in melbourne did you go ?
2 years ago
Good and hot !! I like it !
2 years ago
Great story