Lessons in Love!!

Whenever I hear Bob Dylan I think of him.
A latter day hippy who amazed us with stories of Woodstock(the original),and I had the biggest crush of my life on him!
I was s*******n and he was my english teacher at school.
At night I would lie in bed and wank over him and thoses orgasms were some of the best I ever had.
I remember the time we were studying Hamlet in his class,I get wet just thinking back to that time.
I always wore the shortest skirt i could find when i had his class and the tightest top.
My desk was in the front row and I would strategicaly open my legs slightly hoping he could see up my skirt and maybe,just maybe,he would spy the damp patch on my frilly knickers that I as sure would turn him on.
If he did notice though he didn't let on.
We would take it in turns to stand up and read some of the book to the class.When my turn came i never bothered to pull my skirt down like the other prim and proper girls in my class,I was not one of those losers.
I knew what i wanted and what I liked and fuck i wanted him so bad.
I would fantasise about him throwing over my desk,ripping my knickers to one side and fucking me in front of the rest of the class,my screams of pleasure shocking them more than the sight of his cock ramming up inside of my tight shaving pussy.
Anyway you get the picture now,this little slut was hot to the third degree for him.
One day as he dismissed class he called my name.
"Sasha would you mind staying a minute of two theres something I need to discuss with you".
My little heart was pumping wildly,this was it I was sure he was finally going o fuck me and my cunt immediately was awash with my juices im sure i could feel it dribbling down the inside of my thigh,warm and sexy.
"Yes sir",was all i could mumble but I could not hide the smile.
Whne the class was empty he went over and shut the door,he turned to face me.
There was a serious look on his face but im sure I caught a glimmer in those eyes and my eyes as if on cruise control gravitated to his groin
"There's a bulge there,I can see it"I thouht to myself and my legs almost buckled.
He slowly walked over to his desk and sat down.He fiddled with some papers,i so wanted to put my hand into my pants and wank myself off,i know I would come instantly.
He looked up at me and those eyes,OH my fucking God,"You got me,Im yours,just fucking take me and take me now" was screaming in my head.I
"This is rather delicate",he finally said his yes drilling into mine.
"Its your attire I wish to discuss
"Oh sweet mercy of love,you noticed...I knew you would".
A warm wave that started in my feet and swept up my body engulfed me.
"I have been meaning to say something for a while now.I think it is very inappropriate and If I may say somewhat off putting to me and the class in general.This is a serious class and should be taken seriously or not at all".
I think at that precise moment in time my heart broke,im sure i heard it crack and tears welled in my eyes.I was numb to the core.
"What do you hope to achieve in life dressed like that",he added.
My brain was gathering itself if my body was a quivering mess.
"A good fucking it screamed".
He stood up again and walked around the desk and stood in front of me.
"Your giving off all the wrong signals Sasha,You are a good pupil,top five of the class,your work is fantastic and im sure you could graduate with honurs,but i get I get a sensed that your mind is not always on the lesson when your in my class.am i wrong".
I wanted to scream in his face,"Your fucking right it's not,it's on fucking you",but I dropped my eyes to the floor and for the very first time in my life,I blushed.I could feel the red burn into my cheeks.
To my suprise,he reached out with one finger and lifted my chin up so that our eyes met again
"Do you agree",he asked,and amazingly he smiled.
I had no answers I could only nod my head in agreement.
"You do know Im married"he sked and once again I nodded.
"I think I know what is on your mind and I think it would be so bad and naughty.Do you agree".
This time I answerd,"Yes sir".
"Are you a bad and naughty girl Sahsa",he asked and there was a very suggestive tone to his voice now.
"I am sir",befeore I could stop it the words were out and I actualy bit my lip.
HE smiled even wider and his hand left my chin and by some miracle i felt it on my breast.
He leaned in close to my ear."Should we see just how naughty you are ",he whispered.
That warm wet feeling wasa back with avengeance,and the slut was in full flow.
"I have been very naughty sir",I said and i swear i felt a tremble run up his arm.
"I can not allow naughty in my class Sasha,it's like an epidemic,once it gets a hold it runs riot,that will never do.I think I need to sort this now and quickly,would you agree".
"Yes sir".
He took me by the shoulders and led me over to his desk.
"Bned over my desk",he commanded.
I did so without a moments hesitation.
My skirt was up over my hips and my pink frilly knickers were on full show for him.
He took hold of them by the elastic waist and ever so gently began to pull them down.
His hand began to massage my right but cheek.
"This is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me Girl"he said and with that he gave me a good hard slap.
I winced but i can tell you it was not with pain,oh no.This was pure sexual adrenalin and I was wanting it more.
Hius slaps came in quick hard rtotation,first one cheek then the other and my pussy was wetter than the ocean.
As if he sensed this he stopped his chastising and his hand ran between my legs.He did not enter me though he just smothered those juices all over my inner legs and tickled my clit with his index finger.
"Ssaha,this is not meant to be a reward,it's punishment Girl".
Again"Yes sir",but my head was screaming punish me some more sir please.
"I can see that more severe punishment is called for",he said in that commanding voice.
ANd i heard his zipper sliding down.
The moment I hadf dreamed and wanked over had finaly arrived,I feklt his hard cock push between my open legs and after a slight fumble he found the spot and pushed deep.
It was everything I had ever hoped it would be.
He slid in easily and grabbed me around the waist,his fucking was measured but brutal.
He was calling me the baddest Girl in his class as he fucked me a dirty little whore who had to straitened out before it was too late.I had to take my punishment to become a good Girl,and my legs opened to invite his correction deeper.
"Yes sir oh yes sir",i screamed and i could feel the orgasm begin like a tidle wave.
"You dirty little whore",he shouted and there it was,that warm bullet like shot that delved deep into my stomach,his warm come filling me and my orgasm joined his in a rush.At the final climax he reached up and grabbed my hair pulling my head back and making my eyes water.
I did not give a fuck I never wanted this momment to end.
But like all good things..i had to end and the ending was swift and such an anti-climax that to a degree it spoiled the moment.
He quickly stepped back and zipped up.He straightend himself out and walked back around the desk and sat down.
He began to go over his papers again as i Straightened myself up.
"That will be all",he said and I took the dismissal literaly and gathered up my things and walked to the classroom door.
I reached for the handle then paused and look over my shoulder at him,a grin spread accross my face.
As I was just about to make a very poinent and witty parting shot,the bell rang and the class was filled with the noise of my class mates getting out of there seetds and making for the door.
I rubbed my eyes as I too got out of my seat.
"A dream,another fucking horny school girl fucking dream",I felt so let down as i made my way,head hung low to the door and as i reached for the handle,his voice voice rang out clear.
"Sasha could you stay a moment please?".
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4 years ago
nice dreams
4 years ago
Curious for the continuation.
4 years ago
wow what so many high school girls dream about
4 years ago
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this story
4 years ago
Best punishment ever, good read. ^^