My First Anal Fuck

I had been living with my boyfriend for about a year our sex life was great we did it whenever we had the chance.I remember one day I had been sunbathing in our garden I was wearing my black bikini and had loads of oil coating my body,I had just remembered I hadnt taking anything out of the freezer for our supper so I jumped up and went into the larder, I was bent right over my peachy bum tight and taught my bikini bottom slightly embedded in my crack then suddenly I felt his hands rubbing my ass cheeks,I giigled and turned round he had his cock hanging out his fly it was stiff and oozing with precum "your home early"I said as he pulled me close "Yeah and I have been wanking myself here for a minute watching that gorgeous ass of yours twitching from side to side" he pulled down my bottoms and lifted me up onto the freezer spread my legs and began tonguing my moist pussy."I want to fuck your arse "he said.I scoweled at him "nO I dont want to " I said pushing him off me "youve killed the momentwith all that arse fucking again" I said as I marched hastily off.This wasnt the first time he requested a bit of anal action and every time he got the same response you would think he would have let it drop but oh no.
It had been a lovely day we had both enjoyed sunbathing together teasing each other with little glances and a bit of stroking "Time for a drink " I said. I went into the house and made us a couple of pina coladas,lots of rum and plenty ice."Here you go "I said handing him his glass Couldnt help but notice him eyeing up my tits as I leant forward"Thanks babe" he smiled.
About three hours passed and as many drinks later we got a bit frisky we decided to play a game,we played this often loser had to allow the winner anything they wanted,anyways I lost "so what do you want me to do ?" I asked him excitedly.
"Go to the bedroom and lay on the bed" he said
"Ok" I got up and went indoors I lay face up on our bed my body warm and glowing from the afternoon sun.
"Close your eyes"he said from outside the door
"Ok there closed" I yelled my pussy was starting to throb with excitement as to what sexy things he was about to do to me
"Keep your eyes closed and roll onto your stomach put your hands behind your back"
I obeyed his wishes but in my head I began to worry now you see whenever we play this game we arent ever allowed to say no or stop the other person fulfilling themselves sexually,but I had the horrible feeling my arse was in serious trouble this time.
I felt him tie my hands together with a bit of leather and he pulled it tight then he put a blindfold around my eyes, he slid my bikini bottoms down my trembling thighs and then there it was, he pulled my arse cheeks apart and began running his tongue all over my tight little rose bud I could hear his breathing get faster and his tongue went deeper into my hole he slid a finger underneth me and started rubbing my erect clit "Your pussy is enjoying this " he said as his fingers probed me harder.`The funny thing was I really was enjoying myself his tongue darting in my arse the wetness and softness of it ."Babe " he said coming up for air"I am goin to fuck your ass now " he said it as if he was waiting to be shot down in flames again
"MMM" was all that I could utter
I felt him kneel up between my legs then I felt the hardness of his erection pressing up against my arsehole he leant forward his arms either side of my now naked body then he gave agentle thrust "OUCH" I screamed wriggling furiously underneath him.
"Do you want me to stop" he askd Oh boys did I,"No babe its ok" he began to slide it deeper into my arsehole my cunt began to get more and more excited and I was getting very juicy indeed. In and out deeper harder his cock went then I heard a loud moan"Im going to cum" he said "Going to fill your arse full of spunk" He shot his load deep inside my arse then lay gently ontop of my back and began kissing my neck and nibbling my ears."Thanks babe I really enjoyed that and it made me cum so quick"
He lifted off my blindfold and untied my hands rolled me onto my back my body was covered in sweat and my face was flush now time to give your pussy an orgasm he reached down and started rubbing his hand over my bald cunt "Baby you are soaking "I was I had never been so fucking turned on in all my life "Lick me baby lick me till I cum" I begged
His mouth enveloped my lips and his tongue licked hard and furiously over my clit my body began to quake my legs were rigid my breathing hard and rapid "AH baby " I said as I reached climax
"MMM" he slid his tongue up my cunt "You taste so sweet baby"
That was the first time we ever had anal and now every so often if he is really good I let him take my ass and boys do I enjoy it.
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2 years ago
Great story!
4 years ago
we like your story, it's a great experiense
4 years ago
very good but details
4 years ago
mm my wife is same - never allowed near but loves me using my tongue there - fingers crossed one day she'll let my cock in!!!!
4 years ago
love that story do you want to hook up
4 years ago
brilliant story very hot
4 years ago
Pretty good story. Enjoyed reading it.