Caught in the Act

I was let out of work early one day,things had been quiet and my boss was a tight wad who saw his chance to save a few quid.
I was pissed off,I needed the money so me and my boyfriend could go on holiday.
The bus journey home was long and tedious and seem to take forever,it was a lovely warm day and |I just wanted to strip down and sit in the garden. I let myself in my front door I was feeling more than a little angry with the world in general.
I flung off my shoes and marched into the kitchen to put the kettle on.
The kitchen window looked out onto our back garden which was nice and secluded,surrounded by a large hedge all around a real suntrap.
I saw my boyfriend laying naked on his back on the lawn,I was just about to tap on the window and ask him if he wanted a cup of tea when from behind our little shed came my best friend Gemma, she was slim,short blonde bobbed hair,pert little breasts and shocking blue eyes, and now for the first time I saw what she looked like naked, a tight little arse,a snatch that had a runway of hair right up the middle and long legs.
"What the fuck"I almost shouted out but something stopped me instead I moved to the side of the window and peered around the corner to watch what was going to happen.
I was bubbling inside how the fuck could they do this to me,but strangely i also found it slightly erotic and could not take my eyes of them.
She walked over to my boyfriend giggling and stood legs astride him so that he had a great close up view of that tight blonde cunt.
I pissed,she laughed.
Nice he answered let me have a taste then.
The anger was at bursting point and as I was about to storm out the back door to confront them but something stopped me curiousity you may say.
She plopped herself down on his face and he began to munch greedily on her pussy,slurping away like a madman.
The anger was suddenly replaced by something else,excitement,At probably what should have been the worst moment in my life I found myself getting incredibly turned on.
I had my work trousers on and my hand was pulling down my zipper and reaching inside beginning to fumble with the fabric of my skimpy white laced panties.
Out side the action was building up too.
My boyfriend was really giving that bitch a deep tonguing and his hands were all over those tits of hers.
Her head was rolled back and i could see her eyes were closed and she was gasping.
Too bad i thought,if you open your eyes now bitch you will see me watching you fuck him.
But she didnt.Instead he rolled her off his face and pushed her roughly on the ground and began to straddle her .
Both there arses were facing me now and I could see his big cock beginning to push at her pussy lips,she opened her legs wider and in he went nice and easy into that moist hole of hers and he started to fuck her.
But it wasn't the way that me and him fucked,that was hard and short and over in minute or two.
This was slow and sensual and full of passion and now my hand was buried deep in my own pussy and my fingers were sliding over my erect clit and i was begining to feel that warm glow deep inside.
As the action heated up outside the action inside was building too,my trousers some how had found there way around my ankles and my knickers were down around my creamy thighs,both hands were now working furiously at my own cunt.
I had two fingers buried deep inside of myself with one hand the other was twirling feverishly at my clitoris and my legs were shaking uncontrollably.
I was so fucking wet it surprised me, my fingers kept sliding in and out and I had to f***e them in harder.
Outside they had changed position,he now had her on all fours,he was behind her and the bitch of all bitches was letting him fuck her up the arse,something I would never let him do to me.
She was moaning in ecstacy now and he was grunting like a lion on heat,banging away at her tight arse and giving it a slap or two as well.
I could sense the moment was arriving for them and magically it was for me too.
Then he came up her arse it was in a hard heated rush,head thrown back and a silent scream from his throat.for her it was not silent but a loud "YES"repeated again and again.
For me it was intense,silent but much more shattering than theres I felt naughty dirty even,my legs quivered,my whole body was bathed in sweat and my eyes were misty and glazed.It was a total rush of orgasmic joy,the like of which I had never experienced before an almost religious experience that touched every fibre of my being and I glided away like a kite on a breeze.
If there is one moment in my life that I did not ever want to end ,that was the moment.
It was fucking great!!
But soon it began to subside and reality began to crash back around me,I quickly tidied myself up I began to straighten my hair,all the time thinking "what the fuck do i do now".
Should i creep out the front door and pretend I had never been there?Should I confront them and have a real slagging match with them both?In the end I decided to do a bit of both.
I went back to the front door opened it,shut it loudly and shouted out at the top of my voice so that they could not help but hear"Hi".
I made sure i took my time to reach the kitchen this time and slowly sauntered to the back door,as I opened it I saw that they were both now dressed if a little shabbily and smiling awkwardly and a little embarassingly.
"Oh hi gemma what you doing here",I asked,and some little devil deep inside me was chuckling away at the sight of her awkward little leg movements as she struggled to think of some sort of excuse.
Ever the gallant hero my boyfriend came to her rescue.
"Oh she came to help me with the washer,you know me I couldn't figure the damn thing out".
Men I said and laughed and they both laughed with me.
The look of relief on her face was comical,had neither of them realised I had just came from the kitchen and the washer was off,door open an empty.
I kept that to myself though,they had had there fun but unbeknownst to either of them,I had had mine too.
Now every time I have to come home early I always creep in the door hoping to recapture that once in a lifetime feeling once more.
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3 years ago

you’ve been wanked over by Paul
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nice but should have joined
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great story ever caught him again
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Great story. You have to join them.
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very nice ,,bravo
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Very good story. I enjoyed it. Hopfully you join them next time.
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great story
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You're a great writer lass.
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great story, did you see them fuck again some day?
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Great story hope you post more soon