Virgin Trains..We get you there

It had been a hard day at work!
I was fucked and had a long journey ahead of me to go and see mt f****y in Scotland.
As I waited on the Platform for the train to pull in,little did I know that that was not the only way I was going to be fucked that day.
About an hour into the journey I was aimlessly staring out the window,watching the countryside go bye,quite pretty but I had seen it a hundred times before.
We pulled into a station and I fumbled in my bag for a fag.I got up as the train pulled away once again and then I got up and went to the alley between carriages,leaned out of the window and had my fag.Finished,I made my way back to my seat as i approached i noticed a man sitting at the same table as my place.he was average build,short dark hair and looked to be a business man of some sort.
I sat down and we exchanged a glance but said nothing.After a while he got up and left the carriage,I thought he had gone,but no.He soon returned with two drinks in his hand cokes as I remember.He handed me one without a word and sat back down and took a long swallow on his
I was now suddenly interested in him,how many men buy a total stranger a drink on a train.
He was middle aged,quite good looking and athletic build.Bet he playe squash or something I thought and a giggle rose on my face.
He must have noticed cause he smiled back at me and the smile was warm and friendly.
After a moment or two more,he stood up again."follow me "were the first words shared between us,and he walked back down the corridor.
Incredibly,as if my feet had a mind of there own I found myself getting up and following.
What the fuck am I doing I thought as I walked down the alleyway.A pleasant warm feeling was beginning to rise in my grown area though, and a tingle between my legs.
I saw him enter the toilet but he did not shut the door.In I rushed, then he shut and locked the door.
Excitement was now burning hot inside me.I looked into his eyes,went to say something but before I could his lips were on mine and his hand miraculously had entered inside my blouse as if I had no blouse on.
The Kiss was pure a****l all tongue and slurping.
I cant remember doing it, but I found myself wanking his cock,how had it got out.Had I taken it out or had he?
Who gave a fuck it was out and I was going to have it,or that's what I thought.
Instead it was he who was about to have me.
He swung me round facing the little sink,lifted my short skirt up above my waist and didn't even bother trying to take my knickers off.He just pulled them aside and roughly rammed his cock deep inside my young sweet and very wet cunt.
He fucked like a stallion but he was not for cumming just yet.I however came within seconds,in a warm wet rush.
He exited my cunt,sat on the toilet and pulled me onto his lap so that I was facing him.In he went again and this time we rode together.I came again.
He roughly pushed me off him and onto my knees between his legs and grabbing my hair he pushed my mouth to his hard erect cock.
I took him deep into my mouth and sucked greedily and with relish.It wasn't long before I felt the hot squirt of a good measure of cum blasting down my throat and making me gag,but he held my head down there until he had shot every last drop of his juice into my mouth.
We stood up and began to straighten our clothes out.He was cool and methodical,I was a bag of twitching shite with legs like jelly.
He turned and opened the door,glanced back at me and winked,then left.
I slowly followed when I reached our seat he bent over and picked up his briefcase then handed me something.I was too busy looking at him to see what he gave.
"bye" he said and then he left.The train pulled into another station and I saw him exit the train and walk off down the platform.His timing was impeccable and I could not help but smile.
I never saw him again but I kept the tie pin that he had gave me and every now and again I get it out and look at it.
Trains are great things.They take more than the strain out of travelling.
90% (23/3)
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1 year ago
Great adventure - always wanted to do it on a train...
3 years ago

you’ve been wanked over by Paul
4 years ago
amazing sexy story
4 years ago
You just made me extremely hard: I've always wanted to meet someone on a train in Scotland... maybe we could arrange something kinky and give you some more interesting memories? x
4 years ago
can you tell me when your next using public transport?
4 years ago
very interesting story