i'm not gay , my boy friend is

[/user]I had a cool threesome once. I fucked my buddy's wife along with him on her birthday. Then I fucked him too. I am not personally into dudes but he said that it was her ultimate fantasy to watch him with another man. Now, because it was her birthday, i had a little something to take the edge off, and I was fucking the woman, so I let him have a go at my virgin butt hole. Thank goodness he has a tiny dick and that her tongue fingers were very active the whole time especially to start it out. i almost jumped up and beat ass in his own bedroom at first because he got moving way too much way too soon. I get it now ladies. From now until forever if you give me the gift of your butt hole, I will take it SLOW. Then it felt pretty okay and then even better than okay. Next thing was crazy. I cummed inside of his wife's pussy with his dick up my ass and HOLY SHIT!!! I had no idea I could even cum that hard or that much. It is not an everyday thing but if a dude has the chance to get it warmed up and someone who knows what to do, having something up his ass feels quite good.
I was telling another buddy the story but left out the identities because they are mutual friends, and he asked me if that meant I was gay? How stupid is that? I told him so. I still have no attraction to men but it turns out that on occasion having one of their cocks up your ass is not all bad. Still, if I am to get my cock hard I need naked female forms. Naked dudes turn me on about as much as a locker room. Unless that locker room is full of naked chicks, THAT would be fucking awesome.
As it turned out, my buddy was in fact gay. That whole threesome fantasy had nothing to do with his now ex-wife. Him being gay didn't make a fucks worth of difference to me. At first I was a little pissed off that pulled a scam to get up my ass but then I remembered that he did let me cum inside of his wife. I figured, what the hell, call it even. Maybe I should have know by how good he was at sucking cock, I was and am terrible and once again you ladies are right cum even pre-cum tastes fucking horrible. That is why I now drink apple and pineapple juice every day. Now the ladies tell me that my cum tastes lovely. I tasted it and they are being nice. It does taste a lot better but it still isn't good. Maybe it is like the smell of pussy. Truth is that the odor of pussy all by itself would be considered unpleasant. If we smell it anywhere that isn't on pussy, we are gonna start looking around for some bad lunch meat or something. I have always said that I love the smell of pussy but maybe it is not the smell of pussy that I like but the fact that it is attached to a pussy that I like. Bottom line is that the smell of pussy makes my dick swell. I love to eat it because you ladies love it eaten.
Things got a little weird with my buddy since he came out. I could give a damn myself but he is having some issues. He finally came clean that he wants my ass badly and he is pissed off at me because I am not gay. He says that it is love and he hopes that I am going to switch teams. He is one of my oldest friends, i love him to death, and i told him that if i could be gay I would do it for him. He asked me to give him a chance and figured to fair that he deserved one. I let him take me out and try some of his moves. Hell! I even let him suck my dick a few times, keep in mind that he is really good at it. I tried get into it but it would just go limp without some porn on or his naked big s****r in the room. Oh ya, once I made the trade for some time inside of his s****r's pussy too.

Now we don't hang out at all and I hardly even talk to him. He has all new friends that he does really cool gay stuff with and I just don't fit. I took him hunting last season like we did so many time in the past and all he did was try to seduce me the whole damn time! Turns out he never even liked hunting! He just faked it to be close to me! That is deception! It is wrong!
Anyhow I need to go get ready because...well okay to be honest my buddy is on his way over here. Yes, I am going to fuck him. you have got to understand, I don't why exactly but since he came out, he pulls ten times the pussy than he did before and he is bring over some world class ass tonight! he got two of the hottest little emo chicks that I have been working on unsuccessfully for months now. I get to fuck them both and gets to fuck me and I get hang out with my buddy. No I don't feel gay one little bit. I mean, I know that fucking a dude is gay behavior but I figure for the pussy I get out of the deal, it is worth the trade. I call that a truly symbiotic relationship. Except he is started to want to kiss me. EEEWW! I think that is going to happen, that is a line that is clear cut. Well, maybe for a pair of twin s****rs that like anal and.....

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10 months ago
interesting conflicts in your mind. bisexual is a term you should think about along with top that occasionally takes a slim cock anally.
1 year ago
I'm definitely curious! My wife has only let me have her ass twice so, I've bought a dildo with a suction cup base just to see how bad it really is. It's not so bad really if you go slow and let things relax! But yeah I've wondered what it would be like, and no I don't think it makes me gay!
3 years ago
interresting story and take on it , never been with a guy but found that I really enjoy having my lady work my ass over with fingers toys and strap-on
3 years ago
I'm sooo in tune with how you feel
3 years ago
Very good story. You don't have to be gay to enjoy sex with another guy,after all sex is sex and as long as everybody enjoys it, then go for it.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Did you have a great time or bad thats the question