joeys fantasy

written for joeyrockstar.

So there i was doing a eurotrip, my names joey im 30 bout 6ft average athletic build about 8 inch cock so i cant really complain i work as an engineer and decided to take a vacation. First stop was sweden one of my good friends said you have to checkout sweden if your doing a eurotrip so i landed in malmo its a pleasing little city from the airport i caught a cab and had him drive me around before hitting the hotel. After i got everything settled i went to the lobby for a drink it was practically dead except this really hot blonde at the bar i decided id try my luck i heard stories about swedish girls. I walk up order a drink and start talking to her at 1st she brushes me off then asks if im a tourist to which i admitted ya we start talk for awhile her names lera and damn was she hot she was taller than iam big breasts and a tight ass from the jeans she was wearing. Im feeling good and want to get her in my room but then she mentions a gentlemans club nearby so we walk a ways down the street and i see this very elaborate entrance way with 2 very mean looking bouncers.

She walks in like she owns the place i follow after her and damn these girls were hot ive seen hot girls before in several countries but sweden was hands down the best lera leads me to a booth facing center stage and leaves. I sat there then lights go black and a spot light hits the stage this beautiful tall woman steps forward she has raven black hair with pink tips and streaks amazing big breasts and very toned abs and amazing long legs slowly the music kicks in and its the eagle one of these nights. She starts dancing slowly and enchantedly im dumbfounded i was staring at this beautiful goddess of a woman i hadnt noticed lera returned with drinks and was laughing softly at me. I couldn't take my eyes of the stage after the dance was over my goddess goes backstage i turn to lera and thank her for bringing me here. She asked if i liked watching the girl with pink streaks and i told her yes and said id do anything to meet her.

Lera says well now your in luck because she just happens to be my little s****r and this is my club. I was surprised and so i asked her to meet this beautiful goddess she laughed and said it would be pricey so i handed her all the cash i brought for the trip lera counted it out and said follow me we go upstairs and head into this luxurious bedroom she pushes me onto the bed and says wait here and if you fuck around ill have my friends here send you home without your favorite play toyand 2 big looking guys step in. I thought 'fuck what did i just get into here' as lera walks out the 2 guys are still standing there i tried joking around but seems they didnt speak english then in walks my goddess shes wearing black and pink lingerie fishnet stockings my god she was even more beautiful in person. She introduced herself, Hi im sasha pleasure to meet you her accent was so sexy she the starts dancing slowly and straddles my lap grinding her pussy on my lap it didnt take long to get hard.

She felt my cock and whispered in my ear to relax and with that she takes of my shirts and starts kissing her way from my neck down my chest. This was to much i had a raging hardon with this beautiful swedish goddess ontop of me i look and the 2 guys are talking in swedish looks like they were joking as sasha starts pulling off my pants i was to turned on to care as she grabs my 8 inch cock and starts stroking it slowly she leans up and whispered in my ear 'its so big' i almost shot my load there but she says 'you paid to meet me but ill give you something to remember' with the she gets on her knees and takes my rock hard cock in her mouth and starts deep throating me my god this girl could suck cock. she starts bobbing her head up and taking all of my cock in her mouth she stops and starts talking in swedish to me i could care less i just wanted her to keep deep throating my cock i put my hands on the back of her head to throat fuck her. it was the most amazing blowjob i ever had as i thrust hard into her mouth as i shoot the best load in a long time down her throat and she swallowed it all surprisingly she kept me in her mouth till i was completely soft. As she lifts her head up she says' i see you enjoyed yourself' as i feel her stroking my cock then lera walks in and says i see you two are getting along but your going to have to come back next time watching sasha work got me turned on, and with that the guys pick me up and i catch 1 last look at my goddes as i see lera guide her head between her legs.
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