Neighborly fun part 1

So there i was laying out on my padio as i was fantasizing about malin my best friend whos been giving me what my boyfriend cant. Our relationship was good at 1st but he doesn't eat me out, I'm 26 6'2 125 pounds and very athletic physique with 36 dd breasts long black hair grey eyes, he doesn't get me off its like my sexual needs dont matter ive faked orgasms so many times i forgot what its like with a man. I started seeing malin bout 2 months ago and things were good she rekindled my desire for women and satisfied me i missed her she was on a business trip the whole week and i was really horny, so i decided id try and relax outside i was wearing just my panties as i like to go braless at home. I was laying out on my padio when i started playing with my breasts slowly softly touching them them i slid my hand down my panties and went to town i started moaning malins name as i fingered and rubbed my pussy it was really hot and i was really horny,

As i was about to climax i saw there was movement behind my neighbors window and a quick curtain draw i thought of being watched and it got me off so fast. i went inside and decided id have some fun my boyfriend was at work and wouldn't be home for an hour so i got dressed i wore my daisy duke shorts and a tight tank top i made sure it showed off my breasts and no underwear i walked next door and rang the doorbell. My neighbor answered his names ernie hes 60 and looks very good for a man his age and hes always been very nice, he invited me in and we started talking well he tried soon as he turned around i kissed him he was surprised and shocked before he could say anything i dropped to my knees pulled his cock out and started sucking him off he wasnt large but he wasnt small either certainly bigger than my boyfriend id say he was around 7 inches i didnt have to suck long because he was rock hard.

I took him all the way deepthroating him he groaned and shot his load after 10 minutes of this i swallowed it all he didnt say anything as he walked me to the couch and pulled my shorts off he started eating me out and it was amazing i thought malin was good but ernie was a close 2nd hed bring me to the edge of orgasm then hold me there before letting it subside then doing it again. It was amazing being eaten by a guy who knows how to use his tongue he brought me to 1 huge orgasm as i squirted all over his face. As i lay on his couch out of breath i noticed he was semi hard so i sat him down and rode his cock slowly his window was open and faced our walkway i wanted my boyfriend to see me being a slut ernie grabbed my ass and started thrusting into me i felt him as he was rock hard again and i started moaning loud as i could i knew i had an hour but lost track of time.

He turned me around and bent me over the coffee table and took me from behind i saw my boyfriends car was already in our driveway i told ernie to fuck me harder and so he grabbed my hips and fucked me harder and harder i was surprised a man old as him could put out such f***e i felt him tense up and he came inside me i sucked him off as i loved to taste cum i got a lil on my lips as i got dressed i told ernie id be back tomorrow as i went home to my boyfriend i saw him sitting on the couch playing videogames as i kissed him with our neighbors cum on my lips i straddled him and tried getting him to fuck me but he was to much into his call of duty or whatever its called i went to take a shower and masterbated as i had a great idea concerning my boyfriend and our friendly neighbor.
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8 months ago
So hot, makes me wish I had a hot neighbour
8 months ago
Thank you for the "Hot" story. Looking forward to more of your imagination. Erotic Fantasy is good for the soul.