A mothers discorvery part 5

As we were on our knees in that booth having sucked some stranger off i kissed malin again i tasted the cum on her lips and layed her back as i started going down on her in a frenzy, i could tell she was loving the situation as much as i was as she came all over my face i looked up and saw malin was in pure extasy. We both straightened ourselves up and walked out there appeared to be a small line for the booth that was next to us malin blushed bright red and acted shyly i just smiled at them and we walked out back in my car my mobile goes off again its my husband i let it go to voice mail he sounded pathetic asking if we can fix and save our marriage i wont bother you with the details but it was very emotional. I dropped malin off at home and drove home as i opened the door the house was empty and so i went upstairs to pack my things i turned on my computer and saw my email was flooded with messeges all from felix there was a video file attached to 1 of them i opened it up and couldn't believe what i saw it was a video feed from my husbands office and there he was on his knees sucking his bosses cock. His boss wasnt an attractive man looked to be in his late 50's balding and kinda pudgy but his cock looked to be atleast 10 inches and there was my husband further proof ithat i really didnt know who he was.

The audio to the video was interesting his boss saw my picture on his desk and started asking if my husband would set me up to fuck him i laughed but then i noticed this wasnt an old video it was being recorded live. I watched as my husband planned and agreed to let his boss fuck me i was outraged as i saved what i needed to for my lawyer and started packing. It later afternoon by the time i finished i had loaded every i wanted into my range rover just e and my daughters clothes, her essentials and mine and few other items my husband pulls up with his boss right behind him i slapped him and drove off. i went to malins and unpacked after i settled my daughter in i kissed her and called my lawyer she arranged a meeting later that week i kissed malin and told her i needed some time to myself as i drove off i pulled into that gas station to buy a coffee i didnt have an idea of what i was going to do but i figured id get a coffee to kill time. I walked in the same k** from earlier was working i walked over to the coffee machine i caught him checking me out here and there i walked up to the counter to pay for my drink i notice hes trying to hide a hard on and he looks really embarrassed.

Out of nowhere i asked if he liked what he saw he awkwardly said yes he looked kinda cute for a teenager i didnt know how far id actually go but i reached for his small hand and placed it on my breast and held it there he was pretty skinny but as a teenager it wasnt uncommon he was short id say around malins height. He looked as if he came in his pants i asked if he was a virgin he said yes in a scared and embarrassed tone it was kinda cute so i walked around the counter and unbuttoned his pants i pulled his already hard 5 inch cock out i started stroking him and told him to pull my breasts out he obediently did so he came really fast but it was cute he thanked me and i said we werent done as he tried pulling his pants up i unbuttoned mine and bent over the counter i told him to fuck me he looked scared but obeyed my command he was semi hard i placed the tip inside me and told him to push forward i held him inside me till he got hard which wasnt very long and he started fucking me i smiled as i felt his inexperienced hands try and find their place what turned me on was the large glass window the wrapped around arounthe building anyone driving by could see inside and get a good view.

He came again i knew i needed a release i turned around and had him finger fuck me till i came after it was finished i handed him my panties and kissed him on the lips i told him he was a man now and to act like one i swear he looked like a deer caught in the headlights as i turned around and saw 3 people were watching as they were getting gas i smiled and drove back to malins it didnt matter id forgotten why i went there in the 1st place i felt happy.
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9 months ago
Du skriver väldigt, väldigt bra!
9 months ago
really now id love to hear
9 months ago
Cherry picker, I go private and tell you my 1st experience. Promise not to laugh.....