A mothers discovery part 4

As i was driving to malins to pick up my daughter i stopped to get gas it was unbelievably warm out but it was mid summer so no surprise there i was in a pair of low cut jeans and a tank top in my morning rush i forgot to wear a bra but it felt really good so i didnt mind it. As i was paying the clerk kept staring at my breasts im no stranger to it and he looked young in his teens so i brushed it off soon as i got in my car i looked and saw my nipples were at full attention the clerk must have saw them i started thinking what if give him a better look, i started driving i couldn't believe i was liking the thought of him getting off on looking at my breasts i was pretty wild in my younger days but not like that was it some pent up exhibitionist fantasy? I pulled into malins around lunch and saw she was leaving carrying my daughter she walked up and i gave her a hug and kissed her as if we were lovers again which we kinda were in a way i took her out to lunch and she looked stunning in her little summer dress it came up to mid thigh and had a low cut neck it looked really good. As we sat and ate my mobile rings its felix i didnt answer it the sex was good but i felt guilty i was a married woman and i let another man touch me it was the voice of morality in my head malin must have sensed something was wrong as she walked around the table and held me gently and started running her fingers through my hair.

She asked what was wrong i had told her everything she laughed when i told her my supposedly manly husband sucked cock and took in his ass and loved it she said something quirky it made me smile then she leans in and french kisses me right there infront of everyone. I certainly wasn't a stranger to this but i felt her hand cup my breast and i let out a soft moan i pushed her away slightly and said she was a total tease in our joking way we had since we were in school and used to do that sorta thing in class. She pushed the envelope as she grabs my hand and slides it under her dress shes not wearing any panties and is soaking wet she slides my finger inside her and holds it there tight she the whispers in my ear 'I want you sasha i always wanted you when you got married i was lonely now your mine again' I told her i wasnt single not yet anyway i still had to go through divorce business. I could tell she wasnt joking so i rolled my finger deeply inside her she let go of my hand as i started to slowly finger fuck her right there in the food court of the shopping center i couldn't care less if anyone was watching as i started to get turned on myself i felt malin reaching her climax as she tried not moaning i started kissing behind her ear that always gets her off as her pussy tightens and i feel her cumming all over my hand she let out a long pleasurable moan as people turned their heads. We embraced in a very slow and 'showy' french kiss as i wanted these people to watch after we finished we walked around a bit window shopping then she pulls me into an adult store i felt i wasnt appropriate to take an infant near 1 of these places but she dragged me in anyway straight to the back where there were booths lined up and we enter the largest which wasnt bigger than a toilet stall.

Malin presses me against the door and kisses me wildly i stopped her so i could rest my daughter on the counter and make sure she was comfortable then malin continues her passionate assault i loved it i hadnt felt so wanted or loved in so long she unbuttons my jeans pulls them down to my tighs and starts eating me out i loved being eaten out while standing i closed my eyes and enjoyed malins tongue then i feel something touch my ass i stopped her and looked we both saw a cock sticking through a hole it was pretty big length wise but not so much width wise id say it was around 9 or 10 inches. Malin was still on her knees as i 'accidently' pushed her head forward the tip brushed her lips as she turns and tries saying something sarcastic i got on my knees and took him in my mouth i started sucking this strange cock like a whore this was my 1st glory hole experience and it was really exciting malin joined me and we both sucked this guys cock.

As he was about to cum i pushed malins head deep onto his cock he came so much malin couldn't swallow it all as i kissed her and swallowed what was left on her chin and her mouth.
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8 months ago
Oh wow that's awesome. I'm going to look for a job as a clerk.
8 months ago
Girl keep it going it's great super HOT!!
8 months ago
Best yet, hope # 5 is even hotter.