from lesbian to bisexual awakening part 5

I woke the next morning sore as hell but satisfied i had gotten out of bed and showered anya was already making breakfast we ate then i went to work she had the day off so i said bye and left. At work i started my usual routine i noticed the boss sitting in the break room he smiled and asked me to sit with him we talked he seemed more relaxed today than his usual alpha male over confident self. Then he puts his hand on my thigh and asks about anya we were the only 2 in there and then he starts rubbing my thigh and cups my breast i should of stopped him but it felt so exciting he puts my hand on his now hard cock. I squeezed it and he pulls it out his cock looked massive compared to when i 1st saw it he starts guiding my head down and i start sucking his big black cock.

It was amazing i started with the head softly sucking it in then going deeper i couldn't take much but he started forcing more and more in. before i knew it i was on my knees and he was throat fucking me hard i just let myself go tried taking him deeper then he pulls slaps my face with his hard cock. He starts telling me about anya how tight she was how she sucked his cock everyday and how he had cum in her mouth and told her to kiss me with his cum on her lips, i took him back in my mouth and started sucking him off like a whore it wasnt long before he shot his louad down my throat this time i swallowed it all he left me on my knees and walked out laughing. I sat on the couch satisfied i found myself loving the way i had just let my boss use me, the receptionist walks in and says he finally got to you too huh ya hes been fucking all the girls who work here.I was shocked then i walked to his office to tell him to leave me and anya alone though i think it was a little to late on the effort by this point.

He wasnt there so i started snooping around turned his computer on there was a file i opened it i couldn't believe anya set a cam in our room i could see our bed perfectly from the 3 angled feed then there were other video files for months i opened 1 it was me and anya having sex. I couldn't believe it my own girlfriend had set us up to be someones own private pornstars i thumbed through the files some were just us, it was them the dates on the videos she promised me shed stop but that was all a lie. I trashed his computer stormed out of the office i drove home and i didnt care i cheated anymore she had lied to my face and had the nerve to film it i saw our bosses car was there. I went in and went straight to our bedroom there he was anya was bent over on all 4s and he was pounding her ass hard they were facing the door so as i walked in they both smiled and said join in i can suck his cock after he fucks anyas ass i was outraged i threw his shoes at anyas face told them both to get the fuck out of my house. It was pretty bad i had picked up my 357 for home defense purposes and shot out his windshield in retrospect it was a mercedes but he deserved it he ran out then anya tried talking but it was to late knowing what i knew i couldn't forgive her my cheating was accidental hers was deliberate.

I dumped her and kicked her out of my house to this day i dont regret dumping her it was a life moment from that step i realised i wasnt a true lesbian it turns out i had to see my girlfriend cheat with a guy to realise i loved cock as much as i loved pussy and to this day i still visit that sex store but nothing as eventful as that day.
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10 days ago
Someone is a bad ass!!!
14 days ago
Great story keep them cumming!!!!!!!
10 months ago
Enjoyed this series. I can identify with some of this as I used to get together with 'lesbians' when I was flying for the Air Force. Being grounded due to weather and limited hotel rooms, I always offered to share the double room with them and sometimes...Well let's just say some went on their journey believing they could be Bi.
10 months ago
Oooh, and thank you sexy minded lady :)
10 months ago
thank you im starting another series part 1 should be up in a few hours i just uploaded it its call A night ill never forget
10 months ago
Good series :)