from lesbian to bisexual awakening part 4

A few months go by everything seemed like it was before little did i know anya had evolved her cheating method she was good at hiding it this time i hadnt noticed and believe me i tried but to me everything seemed normal. The craving never subsided i still wanted to be fucked by a big hard cock but i was able to keep it under control, everytime i massaged a man at work i kept fantasizing about it i even went as far as to brush my hand against guys during massages it was almost unbearable. One day after work i drove to a sex store to buy a lifelike dildo in my naieve perspective i thought id settle for a fake one. Once i got there the clerk and a few guys there were checking me out and id be lying if i said i didnt love the attention, i was wearing a tight tank top and shorts and i love showing off my natural dd breasts i walked the aisles looking for what i wanted .

I was soon stading with a selection to choose from i couldn't help but get wet just looking at them then i hear moaning from the back. I looked and saw several booths so i asked the clerk about it he said i could watch a movie and get off i wasn't thinking and asked if i could try he handed me a few tokens i walked back and found an empty booth. I seleced a video oddly enough it was a regular guy on girl scene i started watching and sat with my legs spread started rubbing my pussy almost as if i was being controlled. It wasnt 5 minutes later i see a cock slide through a hole to me left it surprised me but it looked so beautiful it was atleast 9 inches long almost an inch and half wide i knew i should of walked out but i reached out and slowly started stroking it i licked the tip and heard a voice say suck it. Im not experienced with guys so i put the tip in my mouth and slowly sucked it soon i heard a low groan of pleasure and i as if on autopilot started taking more and more of him in my mouth till i was gagging on his big cock. I must of done something right aswithin several more times of taking him in my mouth and sucking himslowly then hard without warning i feel thick jet of cum shoot down my throat instinctively i started swallowing but after abit it was to much and some of it landed on my chin and breasts.

To my surprise he was still hard and then he said to unlock to my door so i did he steps in and ive never been attracted to guys but he was tall well built blonde with grey eyes he saw me walk in and must of followed me. Anyway he picks me up licks his cum off my breast and kisses me then turns me around pulls my shorts down and starts rubbing his cock against my now dripping pussy if i had any self control id of stopped him or resisted but he slipped his whole length inside my pussy in one fast thrust i came instantly and screamed from the pleasure of being so full it hurt since ive never had anything larger than a finger inside me before but she started a slow rythm soon i just felt nothing but pleasure and found myself moan louder than i ever have with any of my girlfriends i started begging him to fuck me harder and pushed back on him he grabbed my breasts stood me against the door and fucked me harder. I lost track of how many times i came and the time for that matter as he pulled out and came all over my ass he thanked me for the fuck and walked out i sat there in a daze feeling more satisfied than ever before.

I walked unsteadily to the bathroom and cleaned up my pussy was sore felt like it was on fire i had my virginity taken by a huge cock i felt ashamed i had just cheated but felt myself wanting more i wanted my pussy full again i walked out grabbed a dildo as close to what i had just taken and paid and left walking was unbearably painful i made it home and anya was cooking dinner she asked if i was ok and i just said i had a really bad leg cramp. All the while i just kept thinking how am i going to tell her.
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