f****y vacation, 3rd evening at the Lake

Now to go on with the part about us going to Mike and Kathy's for some time on the lake near their house.

It was almost withing a few minutes of leaving the dock that Tammy had her clothes off and was not worried about anyone seeing her.
Jackie asked if it was ok for them to get naked too. Kathy told them it would be fine if everyone was naked if my dad did not care. Dad never had such a big smile on his face when he said sure that is fine with me. It was a matter of minutes before everyone on the house boat was naked. WOW, did Jackie have the hairest little pussy for a girl her age. Allen and Ted could not stop staring at her. She must have liked the attention of "older" boys, because she walked up to Ted and said, "do you like what you see of me, now?" Oh, hell yes what is there not to like on your body, he told her. Mandy asked them if she was up to their standards and started to laugh. She also said "by the size of your growing things you must more than like what you see". Kathy said, girls stop teasing the boys. Oh the teasing has not started yet mom, said Mandi.

Something told me that this was not the shy reserved f****y we have know for a long time. It was only a matter of time that things would be getting really hot, is all I could think about. I know that I just had to have that dick of Mikes in my pussy and take my virginity. Pasha had told me that she did not let Mike do her in her pussy so that is why she was getting butt f--ked this morning when we found them. With dad, Ted, Allen, Pasha, Tammy and me on the house boat was Mike, Kathy and their girls Jackie and Mandi. That is when I asked Dad about the speed boat and jet skis. Mike, looked at Kathy and said you tell them. Kathy, said the speed boat and jet skis are already at the cove we are going to. She said the boys took them out earlier today. Boys? was all I could get out of my mouth. I was thinking oh please not their asshole of a son. Jackie said that two of their friends and b*****r were waiting for us there. I just lost it and said tell me that asshole is going to be here, and I am leaving. Dad, yelled at me saying that I better shut up know!!! He was pissed, big time. and I knew I screwed up and said I was sorry to Mike and Kathy. They laughed and said that is ok, He use to be an asshole, but three yrs in the navy changed him for the better. Mandi, said he is so sweet and is a completely different guy. I thought to myself, well time will tell.

It was like an hour ride to the cove, and when we cleared the bend in the channel we saw three naked guys waving at us from the boat. Tammy said "I am going to like this night, I am sure". Everyone laughed and Mandi said to Tammy wait till we get closer and you see the size of their dicks. You are going to be in "love" then Mike, Kathy and Jackie busted out laughing. That was the longest 3 minute ride waiting to see what she was talking about.

Holy crap, I do not care if he is an asshole, I was thinking when I saw the monster that he had between his legs. He can be all the asshole he wants to be just as long as I get to play with that thing. My head was spinning waiting to get a better look at it. I did not even look up past his belly button yet, when Pasha said. Sasha, do you see how much better looking Mikey has gotten.
I said--- oh, his face, oh wow, he was a total hunk and to carry a log like that I knew I was going to like him now. Jackie had zeroed in on one of the friends and asked his name. We were close enough now that he heard her and said, Hi, my name is Kevin and this is my b*****r Alex. The sexaul tension was so thick it was like a fog had set in on all of us.
We decided to do some playing on the jet skies and do some water skiing as well.
It was the first and will be the last time I water ski naked. I fell once and had so much water pushed up my pussy it hurt like hell. I had to get out of the water for about an hour, but I did get some needed TLC for my pussy by several concerned male members of our little outing, haha but OUCH too.
It was mid August but that water was so freaking cold the guys had a severe case of shrinky dink and rasin nuts and all of the nipples on the females looked like iron spikes sitting on our boobs. Damn, it was so cold.
We only lasted in the water about 30 minutes at a time. Then after a couple of hours Kathy, Mike and Dad called us in for dinner.

We had a good dinner of fish, salad and fruit. I was glad that the house boat had a heater on the deck and in side the cabin. All of us put on sweat pants and tops we were so cold. After dinner the topic turned to sex (of course) with Pasha asking if they go naked in front of each other all the time.
They all looked at each other and started to laugh out loud.
Tammy, asked what is the big joke?
It was Dad that answered her and said
They are a very loving and close f****y.....................
Tammy, said ok, so do they go naked together?
He said Tammy, they do more than go naked together, do you understand?
She said NO SHIT, they f--k??????????????????

Yes dear we are a very loving f****y is what Kathy said to her.
And the two boys that we said are our friends are really my nephews and the girls cousins. Our families up here need to have some indoor fun all winter long said Mikey, with a sly grin on his face. Tammy said I don't believe that, you are teasing us aren't you. Dad, said Tammy they are not k**ding you what they are telling us is the truth. Your Mom and I knew this for many years and have played with them on two trips up here to the north woods cabin.
All of dad's k**s could do nothing but stare at him and ask if that is what the plans are for tonight.
Dad said only IF that is what you ALL agree to.
It took all of 2 seconds for Tammy, Allen, Ted, Pasha and I to scream out HELL yes we want to play.................
So let the games begin.
what a night and day was ahead for all of us.........
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