f****y vacation, day 3 gets a good start

Yup, it's me (sasha) and the third day of a great vaction.
I think the events of the second day really had all of us very tired.
We ate dinner and just sat on the deck and talked normal (boring) haha
f****y stuff. I wanted to go to the lake and take a swim before it got
to late, but no one else wanted to go, so the swim would have to wait.
We watched a movie and most of us fell asl**p.
I woke up in the morning on the recliner and Pasha was making breakfast.
Dad had some plans for us for our day three.

By this third day it seemed so natural and comfortable to be nude.
Everyone was nude as we went to the lake for a swim after we ate.
Dad was the first one to get to the raft. By the time I got on the raft
he was on his back getting some sun. He look so relaxed and "good" laying
there it was all I could do, NOT to jump him. At first I thought it was
just the lake water running down my inner thighs. Then I realized that
the inside of my pussy was so damn hot, wet and leaking juice like never
before. I just laid next to Dad and did not even hide the fact that I
was working myself into the first of many orgasms for the day that lay ahead
of all of us. When I got up the nerve to look around
I saw that Dad was massaging his thingy and smiling at me when our eyes met.
I could see the first signs of his love juice starting to leak out of him.
Tammy was laying under the diving ladder and she had her one hand in her crotch and the other one was working on her clit. Her boobs were rising and falling
so fast that Allen and Ted were just sitting there watching her. Both of them had full woodies that they were rubbing.
It was then that I felt what was becoming a real pleasure for the past few months. I started masturbating just 5 or 6 months ago and this week "so far"
I had many more orgasms than all of them.
My thighs began to shake and I was really having a hard time keeping my ass in one place. I was breathing so hard and fast that my head was spinning.
Tammy started to scream out that she was cumming at the same time I let loose with my own orgasm. Dad, came in a large load that he let fly at about the same time as Tammy and I did.
I was still giving off those final spasms of my orgasm when Ted shot a rocket of a load that landed on my calf and ankles. So with such an offering of
sweet stuff given to me by my b*****r, I just HAD to scoup it up and just suck it off my finges, mmmmmmmmmm.
It was after we had all came, oh yeah Allen finally shot his load that Tammy was sitting beside him waiting to take into her mouth. She wanted to get really close and that she did. Her head, face and mouth got splatter with his cum and she was shoving as much cum into her mouth with her fingers. She had even started to masturbate waiting for Allen to cum. She had another smaller
but intense orgasm.
That was when Dad asked if anyone knew were Pasha was. I told him that she wanted to stay on the beach. I thought she had some other things in mind.
Just before we left the cabin one of the men that works for my Dad stopped by to check on the cabin. Dad, was so surprised when he saw Mike pulling up to the cabin. He told us that he forgot to call Mike and tell him that we would be there for the week. By the look on Mike's face he sure did not mind making the trip to the cabin. Pasha had always had a crush on him and she did not want to waste the chance at teasing him. Tammy was the one the Mike seemed to have his eyes on most of all. But, Pasha changed that when she walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the neck. Dad was not to happy with her but he did not say much to her.
Dad told him that we would be here for at least 5 days and maybe up to 8 days.
He said he was sorry about everyone being nude, Mike just laughed and said "shit I not sorry about the girls being naked". Dad told him to keep this fact to himself. Mike was more than happy to keep his new found eye candy to himself. He asked if it would be ok if he came out an visit while we were at the cabin. It was Pasha that said anytime you want to come out you are more than welcome to visit. Dad just grunted and said it is ok with him if he wanted to visit.

We could not see Pasha anywhere on the beach area and Dad thought he should go check on her. We all decided to swim to the shore and see what was up. Tammy came alone side me as we swam to the beach and was giggling. I asked what was so funny. She told me that she heard Pasha tell Mike to meet her at the lake beach and she would give him more to look at.
When we got to the beach we could hear groaning coming from the log lean too that was used for camping at the lake. All of us went really slow and went behind the lean too. Dad, Tammy and Ted on one side of it and Allen and I on the other side. Dad told us NOT to stop them or say a word to them until they were all done with what they were doing.
When I peeked around the corner of the lean too I was totally amazed at what Pasha was saying and doing. Mike was behind her and she was pushing back onto
him like crazy. I heard her say, Mike it feels so much better in my butt hole than I thought it would be. She looked so caught up in getting her ass banged
that she never saw the 5 faces of her f****y that were watching her and Mike go at it. I was so horny buy this time that I was not aware that Allen was jacking off right behind me. But, I did not care as I wanted to see Pasha get her ass filled with cum. Well, that is just what happened as Mike let go and pulled Pasha harder onto his dick. Pasha was not worried about who or what heard her screaming. I know I had to try this some time really soon, myself. That is when I felt the hot sticky load of cum splash onto my bare ass and back as Allen came on me. All he could whisper to me was "sorry bout that". I told him it is ok, maybe at some point we may try that too. He looked shocked and asked me if I wanted him to do me in the butt like Pasha and Mike just did. I was surprise about the question of i****t with my cousin, but it sure did get me thinking about Mike in an all new way.
When Pasha and Mike were done and just sitting there talking that Dad stepped out from the side of the lean too. Mike jumped up not knowing what to expect from the father of the girl that he just unloaded cum in. Dad just told him to relax that it was ok with him and that we all enjoyed the "show".

On the way back to the cabin we were all still excited and laughing at what we had just seen Pasha do. Boy, was this week becoming alot more FUN than I
thought it would be.

hope you liked the start of third days fun.
96% (12/1)
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2 years ago
i remember that week well, mmmm
3 years ago
I loved it honey you are a wonderful writer
3 years ago
I'm especially turned on by your descriptions of your red muff and how you pull at it and play with it YUMMMM I'm dripping lots of precum now and about to stroke myself until I shoot my cum all over myself
3 years ago
Another outstanding day at the cabin, Sasha.
3 years ago
The 3rd day starts out to anything but amazing!
3 years ago
Hi Sasha, thought you should know I signed up because of you.:) I'm enjoying your stories about the family vacation very much and can't wait for more. Cheers.