f****y vacation, wow the 2nd day

Sasha here again with day two of our f****y vacation.

Well, to my surprise and joy I woke up with very little pain from the sun burn.
I think dad's trick with the cold towels did draw out the heat and helped reduce the pain.
Pasha and Tammy, were not in the same condition. They said the burning was still bad. They did continue to tease me about sl**ping with dad. It was just sl**ping the entire night, dad never did anything but talk with me. I was able to put on a long tee shirt in the morning, however Pasha, Tammy, Ted, and Allen decided to go naked. They said it was still pretty sore to the touch. They said they are going to put a cold towel on, but Dad said it may not help at this point. I got a bit of greef from them for putting on a T shirt, so I decided to take it off. We were all naked except for dad, he was in cut off jeans.
After breakfast (another nude meal time) we all decided to go for a drive to a great lookout area that has a good trail for hiking.
It took about an hour to get there. We stayed naked, but did have clothes with us in case we ran into other people. Tammy and Ted were in the third seat alone, Alan and I were in the second seat and Pasha sat in the front while dad drove.
About half way there I heard Tammy asking Ted if he masturbates very much.
He said several times a week, and she asked if she could watch him do it the next time he does it.
Ted said he really thinks that would be a bad idea, but he will think about it.
She was trying to rub his leg but he kept stopping her. She leaned forward and and asked me if I did anything with dad last night. I told her NO WAY, which was the truth.

When we got to the look out area, we started down the trail with Dad, Ted and Allen carry pistols (real guns,haha) It was funny seeing Ted and Allen holding the packs with our clothes, being butt naked. Dad had the pack with lunch and it was not long until he was out in front of us quite a distance.

Pasha asked Allen if he liked the fun on the deck last night, he said HELL yes I loved it. Tammy asked if she can watch the next time they do it. Both Allen and Ted said sure if you like. Pasha asked when would you like to do it again, and Ted said as soon as we can. But Dad will have to leave us alone for awhile again. Just then Dad stepped out from around the bend in the trail and asked what we were going to do "as soon as we can". OOOPS, Ted said, but Dad told him it was too late he heared what we were talking about.

Well, that opened the gate for a more open talk in front of Dad.
Dad asked if we wanted to "play" again we may do it in front of him if we wanted to. We all asked if he was serious. He said he was and he knows of a place a mile ahead of us just off the trail would be a nice private place. As we walked we talked Dad into taking off his shorts. I about lost it when he had his pants off. His dick had about 3/4 of a charge on and did it look soooo good. His dick was really fat with a big head and maybe 6 or 7 inches long.
Tammy, asked him if we may ask him some really personal questions and he said if you want to ask me something, go ahead. She asked if he masturbates now that he without Mom. He, said he has not, he thinks about MOM and it makes him to sad to do that. Allen asked him if seeing us girls naked excites him. Dad laughed and said look at my thing an guess if I do. Pasha asked if we really are sexy to him. He said both you and Sasha look so much like Mom that it is
"hard" for him not to get excited. It made me wonder if Dad had a difficult time sl**ping last night with me in bed with him. I asked him about it and he said yes it was.

About that time we got to the location that Dad told us about. Holy crap was it ever pretty. It was off the trail about the length of a football field.
It was along the side of the mountain with a cliff over hanging the spot. It was an area about a quarter of the size of a tennis court. It had a covering of moss on the ground (perfect bed came into my head) with a small pool of water at the back from the spring that was there.
We all found a place to sit or lay down after putting down some of our clothes to lay on. The guys had a bit of pain because their sun burn was on the back and rump. Pasha was next to Dad near the pool of water, Ted and I were near the front but still in the shade (none of us wanted any sun today, haha).
Allen and tammy were near Dad and Pasha.
We all started talking about last night on the deck, then Dad dropped his surprise on us all. He told us we were NOT very smart last night because his room was above the deck and his patio door was open and he had HEARD everything we said and DID last night. I was so embarressed and Pasha said holy crap!!!
Tammy just laughed and said BUSTED..... She asked Dad if he was upset over it.
He said not to much or he would have put a stop to it. He said as long as there was no real sex if was kind of OK.

Ted said that he was getting a woody and wanted to know if Dad was serious about us masturbating together. He said it was ok for us to do that if we were are all comfortable with that.
Tammy started to play with her boobs and pussy hair and Allen was watching her very closely. He was beginning to get hard and really fast too. Ted asked me if I was excited and I had to admit that I was but I also felt very strange with Dad there. I have very long straight silky red pussy hair now but back then (3 yrs ago) it was a bit less. I was lightly pulling the hairs on my pussy with one hand and touching my clit with the other hand. Ted had a full hard on and was playing with his balls. I asked if he liked watching me play. He said it is much better than last night because he can see much better. Pasha was also playing with her full patch of red pussy hair (we look alot alike down there also) and I could see she was all ready flowing juice from her crack.
Dad, was just sitting there with an erection not saying a word but watching all of us very strangley. Tammy by now had a finger inside her pussy and was rubbing her clit as well. We were all watching each other in utter amazement and JOY. I could hear small moaning coming from my own throat, and that surprised me at how turned on I had gotten. I was watching Tammy pushing another finger in her self and was shocked at how open (no pun) she was about masturbating in front of all of us and Dad as well. Dad was still just sitting there watching an doing nothing. I asked him if he was going to masturbate and he said maybe. I think he was so shocked at his three girls doing this in full view of everyone. I then heard Ted make some groaning noise and he said he was going to cum, and boy did he every blow a hugh load. Tammy was so thrilled at seeing the cum fly that she began to quiver and shake with her own orgasm.
She had so much juice flowing that I first thought she was peeing. I do not think she squirted, but only that the excitemnt had so much pussy juice flowing that it was running down her pretty butt crack. Pasha had been put a finger in her pussy and then into her mouth. It looked so sexy I had to try that myself.
I asked Allen if he wanted to taste my finger and he was more than willing to have me put my finger in his mouth. I made sure that I had alot of my pussy juice on my finger when I put it in his mouth. All he said was "SWEET" tasting pussy you have there cousin. I asked Ted and Dad if they wanted to taste my juice. Ted said he wanted to but Dad laughed and said NOT now, sweety.
I then noticed that Tammy was back to rubbing her clit again and it looked like she was really pinching her nipples really hard. Her eyes were rolled back and she looked like she was in pure joy. Tammy has the sexiest breast I have seen for a girl that age. She had and still does have big puffy nipples, much bigger than Pasha or mine are. They are about the size of ping pong balls with pink inverted nipples on top of the puffy part, wow it is so hot and sexy.

I totally lost track of who or how many times we all came over the next hour or so. Tammy finally got to taste some more of Ted and Allens cum. She must have liked the taste because she cleaned it up with her fingers not missing a drop of it. Dad asked her if this was the first time she has tasted cum. She, did not know what to say, so I told him that last night she tasted it after we left the porch. I told him we spied on the guys jacking off and she jumped right into the room after they blew their loads. She tasted both of them last night.
He was totally shocked by that comment, I am sure. Pasha was still busy with another orgasm coming on and we all sat an watched her. I was a bit surprised when I saw her start to play with her butt hole. There was so much juice that she was able to bury a finger in to the second joint. She had her other hand busy with her clit too. Allen, asked if she needed any help with that and Dad said NO to that request. I could see the look of disapointment on Allens face.
I know he wanted to really put his tounge to work on that sweet tasting pussy.
Dad told him watching is one thing but helping by touching is "off limits".
I do not know how Dad was able to keep from jacking off with everything that was going on. BUT, he was leaking cum out of his fat hard dick by the spoonfuls. Tammy asked if she could taste his and he did not say a thing, but just looked at her in a strange and sexy way. Pasha heard that question from Tammy and never bother to wait for an answer from Dad. She reached over with her clitty soaked fingers and scooped up some of his cum before he could do a thing.
Pasha EXPLODED with a massive orgasm when she tasted Dads cum. Her orgasm went on for over two minutes with her entire body shaking and sweat rolling off her boobs and flat muscled tummy. When she was done with cuming she said that it tasted so sweet and had a bit of a strawberry taste to it. Dad told us that if they remember he has been eating strawberries yesterday and this morning. He also said that Mom use to like for him to eat strawberries and pineapples because it made his cum taste much better. Then he said that he never thought any thing like this was going to happen, but he has just come to like strawberries alot over the years. Tammy and I both tired it and WOW, was Pasha ever correct. His cum was the sweetest and smoothest I have tasted (not that I have tasted much). Tammy told Ted and Allen to taste it, they both gave a rapid and blunt NO Freaking way. We girls busted out laughing and then everyone started to get cleaned up in the spring pool, but only after we all got a drink from the best tasting spring water I have ever had.

After we were rested, cleaned up and ate our lunch we headed back to the suburban for the drive back home.
Everyone but Dad fell asl**p on way back to the camp.
When we got home it was about 5pm and it was us girls turn to make dinner, so the guys got the camp fire going and then we ate a good dinner.
We had know idea what the evening hours may be like for all of us, but what ever it was would be great by me.

I hope you enjoy this memory of a true event from a few years ago.
I know I spend alot of time getting to the point of it, but that is how I remember the events of best, --- Our f****y Vacation to the north woods---.
Hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you want to hear about the rest of the week.

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More, please. I enjoy your writing style.
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More!!! Plz
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Very nice....more please
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Excellant story - would love to hear more...