wow, f****y vaction ,part 2 - first nite follow-up

It is safe to say that it was a painful and uncomfortable night trying to get some sl**p. My nipples were so sore from the sun burn. My inner thighs and crotch were burning not only from the sun burn but my pussy was still soaked from playing on the deck. Pasha was equally in pain but she was still masturbating without any shame being in the same bed as me. Tammy, was masturbating when Pasha and I walked into our room. She looked shocked and stopped as soon we entered the room.

Pasha said, Tammy you may as well enjoy yourself we just did on the deck.

Tammy said, really wasn't Ted and Allen with you out there?

Yes, and you should have seen them squirt loads of sperm on to the deck, Pasha's leg and the chairs. I said.

Tammy asked what it was like to see them do that.

Pasha told her that we even tasted it and that it was really pretty good.

True to Tammy's nature she said, Damn, why didn't you come get me so I could taste it too. Do you think they are going to masturbate in their room now.

I said that I think so, because they were both hard when we came in the cabin.

Tammy said she was going to sneek into the hall and see if she can watch them doing it. Will you guys tell on me if I try and see them? I really want to see them blow a load.

I told her that we would not tell on her, because we would be going with her.

Tammy, was up off the bed, with a bit of a ouch coming from her mouth because she was burnt really bad as well.

Pasha said she would be out later to watch as well.
(she wanted to finish off with the orgasm she wanted to have, I am sure)

The room the boys were in does not have a door on it, just curtains.
So it was our good luck to be able to see them stroking on their poles like it was there last chance in life to do it.
It was not more than a few minutes after Tammy and I got there that Allen squirted a load. Tammy was busy on her sweet young pussy as well as me on my pussy. Tammy asked if it would be long before our b*****r cam as well. I said I do not think so by the way that he is shaking, and just then it happened. This time it was a large load and before it came down on his leg, Tammy was off like a rocket. She was in their room and asked if she could taste it like we did.

Allen said, what the hell is wrong with you Tammy get out of here.

Ted told him to shut up and told her if she wanted to taste it she had to lick it off his leg. Well Tammy was all for the idea and bent over our b*****r and her tounge cleaned up most of it in one stroke.
But, I was not about to let that little girl get Allens load as well.
I was to his bed before she was done with our b*****rs load.
I was not as slutty, so I just used fingers to scoup up as much as I could.

Pasha, yelled in a whispered tone to save her some as she came in the room.
Tammy wanted all of our b*****rs to her self an just kept right on licking his leg clean of his cum.
Pasha was willing to use her tounge to get what was left off of our cousins leg and off his ball sack.
I was kind of upset with my self that I did not use my tounge as well to lick up the semem. Boy, was it the best tasting stuff that I have ever had.

We heard Dad coming down the stairs, so we just sat on the floor and made on like we were just talking. The guys scrambled to put on some shorts even if was painful. They did not want him to see their dying woodies........
We all were stunned when he passed by the room, he was nude as well.

Pasha said, Dad, so you are joining our little nudist camping week. We all
busted out laughing. Dad even chuckled over her comment.

Ted asked Dad if he could use the Suburban and go for a drive to see if he could see any deer or moose.

Dad told him the keys are on the table at the front door. But, don't be more than two hours. Pasha, Tammy and Allen said they would go along too. So the four of them went out the door with the girls bare assed naked.

Dad said, girls at least take your gym shorts and tee shirt, socks and boots in case of a break down. The cabin is 35 miles off the main road and that is a dirt road as well and then it is another 15 miles to a town with a store. So, as you can tell we have alot of space to ourselves in the "north woods" as we call it there.

After seeing Dad almost cry when he talked about Mom when we were all out on the deck. I wanted to spend some time with him. This seemed like a good time to talk with him about Mom.
He got his wine, snacks an started to go back to his room. I ask him if I can come up with him and talk for awhile.
He said sure you can talk to me anytime you like Becky, Then started to cry and said he was sorry for calling me by Moms name. That made me start to cry as well. He went up stairs and I followed him after stopping in my room to grab a long tee shirt I was going to try and put on. It was just a few months after Mom died and he was really hurting.

I got to his room just as he was pulling on his shorts. I smiled and said "giving up the nudist life so soon". We laughed and I gentely laid my burnt bare body onto the bed. I had really tired to put on the tee shirt but
my puffy nipples and shoulders were just to painful.

Dad, came out of the master bath with two large bath towels one dry and the other soaked in cold water. He told me to put the dry one down and the cold one over my burnt front. Wow, did that hurt from the pressure but after it was on I could feel the heat being pulled from my skin.

He sat on the bed and said he was really sorry about calling me moms name.

Dad said, Sasha, you and Pasha look so much like your Mom did when we were in high school I could not help it.

I asked him how he was getting through this and he said he has to for us k**s.
I asked him if us being naked and looking like Mom was making it "hard" on him.
He started to grin and said, nice choice in the word hard.
I laughed and said, do we really look like mom did?

Right down to your straight crotch hair and breast and the way she use to make him laugh at his stupid mistakes, He said.

I asked him if he gets horny with us being around and naked today.

He, said it does make him in a strange way that he can not explain to me at this time.

I asked him if I can ask him a few personal questions and he said go ahead, but remember I am your father.

So, I told him I will act like Tammy.
We laughed at that.

I asked if he has taken care of his physical need for relief in the past few months. I wanted to see if I could make him uncomfortable to start with.
If that question did not, then I knew I would be able to ask most any question like that.
He said that is a bit too personal but he answered me anyway. He said that he did when he came up stairs earlier. You two really do look like your mom.

That made me start to get a bit moist between my legs. Knowing that I had the same effect on a my dad that mom did, made me feel good.
We made small talk about the day and his business and our school stuff.
I asked him if he would mine putting some lotions on me.
He said my burn was on my front and that I could reach it myself.
I said, you worried about getting turned on if you do.
He told me that he is already turned on with me being in thier bed.
Now, that got my pussy juice flowing even more. I asked him if it was normal for me to get a bit excited by his comments. He told me that he did not see why not. We are human with human functions, but need to remember that we our f****y. But, he said that he understands and hopes that Pasha and I continue to grow into a woman like our mom.

I noticed that he tossed moms long body pillow on the bed between us. But I did not say anything. Then he laid on the bed and we watched the rest of the movie.
I noticed that his gym shorts started to have a tent pole growing in them.
I asked him if being in bed with me was causing that.

He did not say anything but he poked me in the side of my butt and said behave.

When, I woke up it was morning and dad was asl**p beside me.
I got out of bed and got the towel wet with cold water and laid back down beside my dad on his bed.
It was about an hour or so later that Pasha and Tammy came in an the teasing

Tammy, said hey dad you and "mom" going to get out of bed this morning.
We broke out laughing and day two was just getting started.

Anyone want to hear about the remaining week?

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interesting indeed, please continue the story Sasha
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Interested in where it will go...So far like 1 and 2 chapters