A true f****y "vacation"

Hello, my name is Sasha. This is a true account of a f****y retreat that took place at one of our f****y cabins in the north woods of Maine. It was three years ago when my dad decided to take us away for awhile after my mom's death. It was my dad, Ted, (i am changing all of our names)hehe. My twin s****r, Pasha. Younger s****r, Tammy and older b*****r Ken and of course our cousin Alan that lives with us. If you are looking for i****tual sex in this story, sorry to say this was only a looking thing for us.
We had planned our trip to be nothing but the standard f****y vacation, boy were we "ALL" surprised by the end of the week.
All of us girls have naturally curely dark red hair, just like mom was.
I have green eyes as well as my twin, but Tammy has blue eyes. Dad has blonde hair blue eyes and is what is called an outdoorsey "HUNK". My b*****r Ken is a true version of dad, but at this time he is a few inches taller and more muscled than dad. Alan is the same age as Pasha and I, with dark hair and powder blue eyes. He is also very well built just like dad and Ken. At the time I had just turned 16 as did Pasha. Tammy was 14 i think. Ken turned 18 while we were on our "vacation".
When we arrived we all did the normal things of unpacking and then we went to lake for a needed swim after the long trip. Us girls had on the smallest possible swim suits, but the guys worn cut off jeans. Dad did not go with us this time to the lake. We were all playing around on the raft that is anchored in the lake, when Tammy lost the bottom of her suit. Well the teenaged male hormones were quick to respond. Before I go any further let me say there was never ANY actual sex this entire week, but the sexual tension was INTENSE to say the least. We tried to find her bottoms but after looking for a long time we gave up looking. Tammy had some keys attached to the draw string so the guys said the suit is most likely at the bottom of the lake, which is over 30
to 40 feet deep. Tammy was not all that upset as we do sometimes walk naked
from shower to bedrooms at home. But, she said if I have to go without
bottoms so does everyone. I was up for it as well as Pasha, but the guys were a bit excited as was very plain to see. So, they did not want to, at least for the first half hour or so. Then Alan, said what the hell and took his jean shorts off. Boy did that get the attention of us girls. We had seen it before but never with an boner. Did not measure it but it was rather short but,wow was it thick, with a large mushroom shaped head. Ted finally took his shorts off and he was really hard with a lengthy one but his is kind of thin, but must be at least 9"long. Recently, I measured it and it is now 11" but still rather thin.
His nut sack is hugh with balls like golf balls.
Pasha and I can get even our f****y confused as to which one is which if we try.
Our hair then was to about the middle of our back and really curely, it is now to the top of our butts. Then we had already had 36 boobs with Pashas being C cup and mine were B cup. We are now both 36D with puffy nipples that are pink with mine being extremely sensitive. Niether of us have ever shaved our pussy hair but we do keep it off our inner thighs. We both have long silky straight hair down there. We are both very athletic with great butts if must say so myself. Tammy, well even then she was a real hottie and she sure did use it to her advantage when she wanted to. At that time she could wear Pasha's bra (36c) and she is now 40d (mom, had 40dd when they were removed for breast cancer). Tammy, had some hair then but FAR less than she does now.
After the search for Tammys bottoms the guys were tired after several attempts to reach the bottom of the lake. So, we all decide to sun for awhile on the raft. BIG, mistake!!!! After the long car trip and the swimming we all fell asl**p and woke up only when Dad came looking for us. Well to say the least, red heads do NOT tan, we burn and burn we did. Dad, was a bit upset that we were all nude, he was more concerned about all of our burns to be to upset.
We all were to burnt to even get our clothes back on. Walking back to the cabin we made fun of each other, but it was truely painfull. We were sl**ping for about two hours so the sun beating off the water and our skin had given us painful burns. Luckly for the guys they were on there stomachs, so their tools did not get fried as did our chests and pussy area that rarely sees the sun.
When we got back to the cabin Dad went to town to get lots of sun burn cream and Noxzema. He told us all to take cold showers, so, we all went into the master bath that has 4 shower heads. Five k**s all standing under 4 shower heads must have been a funny sight. Well, after about 20 minutes I noticed that Allen was again getting a stiffy. I backed up close to him to try to feel it as I had never felt a dick before and wanted to cop a feel if possible. Allen was more than shocked when I reached behind me a started to play with it a bit.
But, not as shocked as I was when I got this funny feeling in my pussy area and in the pit of my stomach.
Boy, I wish this site had a save mode. I do not want to have to start over if I lose it.

It was maybe 5 minutes when Pasha saw what I was doing and let out a yell.
What are you doing to him she said. I was embrassed an said I was stracthing my butt. No one bought that and started to tease me. Ken, said I am next to have you stracth your butt for me. Leave it to Tammy to speak up as she has always been very forward and not worried about saying anything. She said I will
stratch you pecker for you if you want.

Ken said, really Tammy.
Well she moved next to him and started to touch just the head of his dick.
Ken was all smiles after his shock ended.
Pasha asked if she could touch Allen, well he was not about to say NO.
So, Pasha and I both played with his balls and dick.
You talk about a dick being hard, his thing could have driven a nail into a board.
This went on for about 5 minutes until we heard Dad calling for us.
We told him we're in your room.
He again got a bit upset that we were naked together but did not say to much.
When we tired to dry off we found out that was not a good idea.
Dad told us to all go onto the deck and let the cool evening air dry you off.
By this time he was really concerned and was thinking about taking us to the hospital.
But, he said how does he take 5 naked teenage burnt k**s into a hospital and not get arrested. We all had a good laugh over that and that is when I noticed that Dad had a woody.
I did not say anything to him but I whispered to Pasha and she just stared at it.
We stayed on the deck for about a half hour as Dad made some burgers.
I asked Dad if I had to put clothes on because my burn really hurt.
He just laughed and said well you k**s have already spent the last 5 hours naked together. So he said ok to us keeping our clothes off.
Was a new and nice feeling to eat at the dinner table with all of nude.
Half way through the meal Tammy chimmed in again and said,
Dad, why don't you take your clothes off too.
We were all slightly shocked, but, coming from Tammy it was not that strange.
Dad said, that would not be a proper parenting example for me to do.
We all chuckled and he just gave us a strange look.
After cleaning up from dinner we all went out on the deck, still no clothes on 5 teenage k**s. Dad, did strip down to just shorts while we watched the bear that were in the field in front of the cabin. We just talked and teased each other about being so dump as to get burnt. Tammy, said I dont think it was dumb because now we can all stay naked for the week.
Dad said, Tammy that is enough of your comments and you can go to bed now.
She just said something under her breath and went to bed.
After she left he said, she is just like her mom was at that age.
I noticed that Dad was really starting to break down about Mom's death.
I said, you know she may not have a bad idea with us spending the week nude if we want to. That got an, I am in from Ted and Allen.
That had the affect on Dad that I was trying for. He cracked up laughing said he is going to bed. Telling us to be good and not to stay up to late and to stay on the deck with the bears being in the field.
Pasha, Ted, Allen and I started to talk about sex and how we all have never had sex, Allen a bit upset that at his age was still a virgin.
I asked the guys if they masturbate much.
Allen said he knows that he will tonight as did Ted.
Pasha said that she feels like going into our room and doing it now.
Allen said why leave, just do it here. After, a few minutes of sex talk I noticed that Ted was stroking his dick.
Pasha as well was playing with her pussy hair.
With it being kind of dark on the deck it was not to easy to see everything that was going on.
I was really feeling the juices starting to flow from my pussy. I started to rub my inner thigh as everyone was kind of relaxed and playing with themselves.
Ted, asked if I have ever seen what comes out of a guy when he cums.
Well, stupid If I have not touched a guy before earlier today I guess that is a NO.
I asked him why do you ask me that anyway?
Ted said, I think I could pop off without much work.
Pasha said, go ahead and do it, I want to see what it feels like.
She said her bestfriend told her it is really sticky and stinks too.
Allen said I think I can shoot to if you girls let me see your pussies.
Both Pasha and I said, sure why not just no touching.
Ted and Allen both agreed and started to beat off with trying to hide it.
I was running like a leaky faucet by this time and Pasha now had her had
pumping away between her legs.
Allen was the first to explode his massive load onto the deck.
I swear it went at least 3 feet into the air. Some of it landed on Pasha's
leg, to which she said well now I can feel it without having to touch you.
About that time I had my orgasm that I did not expect so soon.
Ted was shaking and his load shot into the air as well.
Pasha, was feeling Allens load and then I saw her put some to her tounge.
Wow, she said this stuff taste good and the smell is not that bad.
I told Ted I wanted to taste his and I reached over an scouped up some and put
a large glob in my mouth. That had my juices flowing again, because of that taste I want to get more of it when ever possible, now.
Pasha was shuddering and had a massive orgasm and was so loud that I was scared she would wake Dad.
After a bit of chatting and cooling off, we decided that we have had a pretty good start to the week.
We all asked Dad if we could use the large shower to cool down the our burnt bodies.
He told us to go ahead.
I think he saw some of the sperm on Allens thigh, but he did not say anything at the time.
We showered for about 15 mins and called it a night.

I hope this was of some interest to everyone.
I am going to stop now before I really do lose what I have already typed here.
If anyone wants to here about the remaining 7 days, please let Allen or I know.
I should say me, because he types like he is using boxing gloves.
Hope you enjoyed the start of our "f****y vacation"
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4 months ago
OMW, that is one hot story, iam so wet and already came three times reading this story. great
1 year ago
WOW, we think this is family lives nearby. I have seen them a few times on a local lake here. It was really sad about their Moms death. They seem to really enjoy a "loving" family relationship.
It is a really sexy story here.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Great story I cant wait to read the rest
3 years ago
Loved this one honey !
3 years ago
nice..first story of yours I've read...if you don't write about the other 7 days, I'd love to hear about them
3 years ago
good start, you can write your story on word and then cut and paste it in the box this way you will not lose it, keep writing though
3 years ago
Good start.....
3 years ago
I cant wait to hear the rest!!