Real Threesome

I am sarosh from Kerala with email id I'm here to tell my real life story here. I am married to a wonderful girl and me in my early forties and she in her late thirties now. Once, recently after our marriage I have read in one of the leading magazines in India about wife swapping getting a practice among the couples of India. It was first time I was seeing such a scene and to my surprise I got much excited to that idea.

The reason for my surprise was that I was never thought of such an idea before marriage and I was not ready to select a girl having even night duty as my bride. I thought many times whether it is I really got excited on the wife swapping idea. I refined the idea many times in mind and searched for more reading. As a result I read more stories about wife swapping and group sex and I finally concluded that I like group sex much than swapping. At that time Internet was not popular in Kerala but now a days we can find many sites opening chances for such great ideas.

I refined the thought for more than one year in my mind and I finally decided to open up it with my wife. After many trials during our bedroom sessions, disclosing the idea of group sex, I could only win to narrate it as a fantasy to my wife and I was much desperate to see that she will never accept it to happen in real. One day during our love sessions she said we could look for a couple for friendship. On getting this green signal I gave an advertisement in the classified columns of a leading Malayalam daily seeking friendship of couples. (That column is not there in that daily now and they are not accepting such advertisements now).

I got many letters in the Box No. Address of that adv. and I collected those from the newspaper office. The great disappointment came when I told my wife that I am going to give an advertisement in the classified (I did not tell her that I have already given the advertisement). She readily objected and told me that she will never accept to happen the group sex idea in real and she was only testing whether I was serious in my thoughts or it was only a fantasy of mine.

I got totally disappointed and I could not even open the envelope got from the newspaper people in her presence. Next day I went to office as usual from home. I telephoned my superior and told him that I will be on leave in forenoon and will reach office by noon to put up an important paper for which he may be waiting, to avoid he from calling my home as mobile phones were not in Kerala at that time. I went to the park in the town. There I opened the letters and read. I found many interesting letters but was totally upset that I could not try for any friendship offers I got

Among the letters I got one couple (Sreedhar and Rani) was giving their telephone number too in the letter. I destroyed all letters except this one and I went to my office in the afternoon. In the evening I called that number with a little hesitation. The husband Sreedhar took the phone. I was surprised to see that there was no hesitation from his part and he told me that they are not interested in a couple meeting and ready to accept if me alone is meeting them.

He said he is interested only if I could make his wife enjoy by eating her pussy in his presence. He put his strict condition that I must not try to fuck her. I was little disappointed and told him that I will call him next day. Actually I was not interested to meet anyone cheating my wife. I wanted a sex experience in which my wife too is involved. So that night also I tried my level best to convince my wife about the pleasure we can enjoy with a couple and all was in vain. So I decided to give up the idea even though I wanted it.

The next day as usual I went to office and I was very much moody that day because of my disappointment. In the evening I went to a bar in the town and drank two bottles of beer. Even now I seldom go to bar for any drinks. My drinking habit is four or five times in a year preferably at home or at some friend’s places to enjoy some happy things. This was my first (and last) time to go alone to bar. Till date my wife did not complain about my drinking because she is sure that I am not regular in it.

While I got a little tipsy because of the second bottle of beer, I could not resist calling the couple and hence I finished my bottle, paid the bill and came out of the bar and went to a telephone booth. Once again I confirmed myself that whether I want to reopen the chapter that I closed yesterday because of the resistance from my wife. It may be the beer working inside me f***ed my leg to walk into the telephone booth and my fingers to dial the number of Sreedhar and Rany. Sreedhar took the phone.

After the usual wishing he repeated that if I am happy to eat Rani's pussy in his presence and will not try for anything more, I am always welcome in any night for few hours as they are living alone with their only k** two years old. He put the only condition that I must confirm their convenience at any night before I start from place and on reaching their place to ensure that she is not in her periods and no guests are there at their home. I told him that I could not tell any date now because I cannot leave my wife alone at home and I will call him again when the time comes.

I called my wife and I told her that I am madly in need of her as I took beer with a friend and be ready with the supper so that we can begin as soon as I reach there.After that I proceeded to my home and my wife was waiting for me completing all her jobs and bath. As soon as I reached home I went for bath. I took the bottle of whisky, which was kept unfinished in the previous time. Then I had my food with one more peg of my favorite whisky.

With compulsion I made her drink the one peg remaining in the bottle by which I know she will be a whore in the bed. After that I remained in the drawing-room to allow her to prepare our bed forgetting that she had already prepared the bed as she received my phone call to be prepared before I reach. I entered the bedroom and to my surprise she was lying on the bed fully covered with the blanket. I thought the whisky might have worked in her and she might have slept because of it.

I switched off the light and made the bedroom lamp on and reached the bed. With disappointment I lay beside her, but I decided to try my luck by screwing her in her sl**p and removed the blanket. Wow!!!!!!!! She was lying under the blanket completely naked waiting for me to come, pretending as slept. This made me much horny. I made my wife sit on my face so that I could hold her boobs with my both hands and at the same time suck and lick her clit.

I did not allow her that time for our usual 69 before the intercourse, thinking that I should practice giving her pleasure without getting it from her, as it is what required by my new couple friends. My wife was in heaven and she was crying to eat my cock while I suck for her. I told her that I would allow her to eat me if she obeys me to lie on bed wide-spreading her leg. She accepted it and I took two of her old sarees from her cupboard and while she was wondering why I have taken her sarees, I tied her hands to the bed posts using her saree, forcing her to spread her hands to ensure that she can not hold and cover her boobs with her hands as she usually do to protect it from my mad suck. With the second saree I tied her legs to the leg side bedpost keeping them wide-spread. Then I sat in between her legs and ate her pussy. She asked me to turn so that she could eat my cock while I suck her pussy. I rejected her request and said that she will not be allowed to give pleasure to me. She told me that I am a cheat because I have promised her before allowing me to tie her to the bedpost. I was firm on my stand that she must only enjoy the pleasures that day and that is why I tied her to the bedpost making her helpless to try for any change other than my plans. I sucked her pussy extending my hand to reach her nipples. Kneading both her nipples and eating her pussy in different ways I made her to reach climax many times that day.

I tried different techniques of using my tongue and lips and I asked her to count how many different types of using my tongue are she experiencing. Whenever I changed the styles she counted it loudly and it came to 9 on that day. This continued till 12.30 in the night which started at 9.00 pm. At 12.30 she got totally exhausted and we both were freed from the effect of the whiskey we took. Finally I expressed my disappointment to her that I wanted her to count 10 but I could not. She told me that it was more than 10 but she counted only when she was very particular that I must remember the technique for the following days too.

As she was totally exhausted she did not compel me that I should do the coitus. Thus I succeeded for the first time in making a gal enjoyed without getting any pleasure from her. But I still now admit that, it is giving me great mental satisfaction when I sacrifice my pleasures for a lady to lead her to the rarest of ecstasies. On the next day I again decided that I should not go for the couple because my wife is not ready to accept it. Also I thought that sometimes Rani may not be willing for it and it is her husband’s fantasy only and she may be f***ed to obey that.

Few more days passed and every day during my love sessions with my wife I desperately tried to convince her for a couple's friendship and all was in vain. I could not resist forgetting the couples I got through the advertisement. So one day in the day time when I was sure that Sreedhar will be in his working place and Rani will be alone at their home I decided to call her and make sure that she too likes the idea of Sreedhar. I called in their phone and Rani took the phone. I introduced myself and asked for Sreedhar. She said he is in office. I again I asked her whether she knows me from her husband. She said she knows me and Sree discusses everything with her. She told me that she likes the idea and she has one more wish that Sree did not tell me. I asked her eagerly what is that, thinking that she needs me to fuck her. But she told me that she would like to get a full body sensual oil massage and everything she wants is only in the presence of Sree.

She insisted that nothing is possible without the knowledge of her Sree because she loves him very much and she will never cheat him by doing anything without his knowledge. She also told me that even though I am free to call her, I should never think that she would keep the phone call secret from her husband. So I must tell Sree when I call him next time about the call I made to her and he will only appreciate that. She told me that she is going to tell him that she have told me about her desire to gat a massage from me in his presence.

Also she told me that, when I call her, if she is telling that Sree is out of station and call later, I must understand that she could not speak because some kith or kin are around and hence she could not speak freely. In such a case I must cut the call telling that I will call later. I admired them in my mind because of the understanding between the husband and wife and how much they are bonded together. This made me think that I must not lose them because they are not a dirty couple.

I remembered the oil massage I have given to my wife during our honeymoon. At that time I have brought a book explaining the techniques of sensual massage, which was in my bookshelf. I went home early on that day and after the evening tea I took the book from the shelf and read it once again. On seeing me reading the book, my wife came near me and during the chitchat she told me that she loved the massage she received during our honeymoon and she is even now eager to get once more. I told her that I have applied few techniques only at that time because I was very hot during that session and I wanted to end it to start her fucking.

I showed her the paragraph in the book advocating the masseur to abstain from sex during the massage session even though he is hot during the massage. I promised her that I would do a full course massage that day if she will not get turned on for sex during the massage. She told me that during the massage she found that she got much relaxed and got sl**py during the head massage especially and it is my hotness that made her ready for sex.

So I decided not to do sex during or immediately after the massage so that I can make me myself trained for what Rani is asking me for. That night ended up as a sensual massage training night and my wife enjoyed it a lot. Once again I tried to make up her mind for a friendship with a couple she likes, but at that point her disagreement came. Also it was sure for me that if I insist much more for couple friendship or group sex, my married life would perish.

The next day we got an invitation from one of my wife’s relative to attend a house-warming function. She was very eager to attend their home at least for two days because one of her cousins who is a member of that house and her c***dhood friend and classmate who got married to an NRI is there on her vacation. I promised her that I don’t mind if she goes to her parents for few days for which she was asking me even before getting the invitation and she may go from there to attend the housewarming on any day she likes and I will join there at the housewarming ceremony with a presentation she proposes. She was very happy and she said she would go to her parents on the next day itself. She went to telephone to her parents to inform them that she will be there next day to visit them and stay with them for two days. Unfortunately the telephone was out order. I told her that I will confirm her arrival to her parents in the evening from a public phone and don’t bother about it.

As per our planning she went to her parents. At the time of leaving I reminded her that our phone is out-of-order and I will call her to inform my arrival and get her final suggestion in the selection of the presentation for the house-warming. Then I was alone and it did not make me miserable because I had some urgent works to finish in the office in the daytime. I have finished all my works and submitted the file to my superior ready to send it to the head office.

He was very happy in seeing this and told me that it is my competence and commitment to work that helped to complete the work before the stipulated time and he is proud to send the report to the head office before the expected date while the other sub offices in the state will be sending the report after at least one reminder. He said the head office in the remainder will be listing the sub offices, which already sent the report, and hence all the sub offices will know the performance of our office through the remainder.

As a mark of his admiration to me he asked me to leave the office which is one hour earlier to spend the evening with my wife and I am permitted to come late next day as much as I need. I told him that my wife has already gone to her parents and I am alone at home. So it will be boring if I go much earlier. Then he suggested that I could join him for a treat in the evening after 5 o’clock. I telephoned to my father - in - law’s phone and enquired the arrival of my wife there.

He was happy to hear me and handed over the phone to my wife. I told her about the treat I am offered with. She told me that she don’t mind and also said that it would be good as there will not be any company for me in her absence. She reminded me that I must look after me myself because she could not inquire about me in the night because our home telephone is dead.

In the evening I went with my superior for the treat he offered in a bar attached hotel. We ordered food and drinks and spent there nearly three hours. He bade good-bye and I was alone. This time I remembered Sreedhar and Rani. I could not resist calling them, may be because of the intoxication. I called them and as usual Sree took the phone. I told him that I am alone today. He readily invited me to their home for that night. Before I could think the pros and cones I accepted it. He said it would take two hours in my bike to reach there and it is good timing that nobody will notice my arrival because it would be after 10 o’clock.

He explained me the exact way to his home so that I need not ask anybody when I reach there. I have no other option but start my motorcycle to their place. If I did not go there I was sure that they would misunderstand me as a cheat who managed to understand their whereabouts. I reached their home at 10 o’clock keeping in mind the landmarks he said over phone. As I reached there Sree came out to the sit out to welcome me. I entered the drawing-room with a beating heart. He made me comfortable on the sofa and then came Rani with a smiling face.

Wow she was a good babe with a pair of great boobs. I was always fascinated to good size boobs. I mean not too large or too small. 36 to 40 were my favorite sizes and I was not sure whether her size is 36 or 38. They were not shy in anything. Within a short time we were as if friends for a decade. They understood that I am a little affected by my drinks and they said that it would be good if they too take a little drink. They asked me to have a little food and they will join me with a peg of whiskey. I refused their offer with thanks and told them that my stomach is already filled with enough food and drink and the only thing I want to eat is Rani’s pussy and make it available as soon as possible. They enjoyed the comment and Rani left with a laugh to take the drink for them. She came with three glasses and bottle of whiskey half filled. She poured it in the three glasses neglecting my request not to mix for me.

Once again I asked me to avoid me and Sreedhar suggested that one glass may be kept without mixing it with water and if I find comfortable later I can have it. They took their share and mine was there on the table. We all were in good mood and Sreedhar asked Rani for some cashew nuts for him and told her that she can give her cashew nut to me. She came with the cashew nut in a plate and she told me that the one cashew nut for me is ready with her to be eaten by me. She said I am little shy to take her nut and Sree may serve it for me. Sree stood up and reached her and made her to stand and untied the knots of her gown and it fell down to unveil a marble statue of Venus. I could not believe that she was without a bra and panties inside because her boobs were erected as if they were pushed up in a bra.

I could not resist and I came near her took her to the sofa and made her sit with her legs wide open. I started eating her pussy sitting on the floor. My tight pants were giving me little discomfort to sit on the floor, which Sree understood. He came near me and asked me not to stop eating the pussy meanwhile I may adjust my hip to help him to remove my pants. He removed my pants and shirt and my brief while I obeyed his order not to take mouth away from her pussy. He himself got undressed easily because he was wearing only one lungi.

She was moaning and telling Sree that I am the great gift he gave her and my suck and lick are splendid. I told her that I could lick and suck her in nine different ways if she counts loudly whenever I change my technique from one way to get the other. She readily and loudly counted one, one, one for few more minutes and then she shouted two, two, two. I applied the nine different ways of using my tongue and lips, which I had practiced already with my wife. But to my surprise she did not stop even after my ninth technique. She continued to count nine, nine, nine for ten minutes or more.

It was my first experience that a lady withstanding my suck for more than 25 minutes. I asked her to stand on the sofa on her knees in the doggy position with her hands pressed on the headrest of the sofa. I took the seat of another sofa and put on the floor and stood on knee so that I can eat her pussy from behind and could feel her nipples with my fingers. As soon as I started my lick in that position she counted ten, ten, ten Meanwhile Sree came to her front and his dick was erect now.

She grabbed his tool and took into her mouth for a suck. He was seeing his wife being sucked by me and he was happy to see her enjoying with my service. Whenever I changed my techniques she took Sree’s tool out of her mouth and counted the next higher number and continued her suck. When it came to fifteen there was only a moan from her. She got totally exhausted and fell on the sofa. She caught my tool and started moving up and down. I wished if she could have sucked it, but she did not. I was determined not to ask anything other than they offered me.

There came a baby’s cry. It was her baby’s cry and she stood and walked away to her bedroom to make the k** comfortable. Sree and I sat on the sofa. Sree told me that I have performed much than his expectation. He said it was very hard for him to make her satisfy with a suck only and she always expected a great suck from him. He always satisfied her with suck followed by fuck. But she always wanted to reach orgasm with suck only and at last her fantasy got fulfilled and she will be very much thankful to me.

They were trying to select one guy for their pleasures and discussed a lot among them to select one. First he suggested getting some college guys to suck for her. But she objected the idea of selecting an unmarried guy because the guy may not be matured enough to keep it as a secret. She said she would welcome a married man in his early forties without his wife because a married man without the knowledge of his wife has something to lose regarding his confidentiality and he will not pose any threats for their privacy.

So they tried much to get to couple’s advertisements in the daily that said their age above 35 but all was in vain. Nobody responded positively to his letters. The advertisers either wanted a couple swap or they were unmarried guys. They wanted one man before they shift to their permanent residence because they don’t want to risk their identity for the whole life. They were in a rented house now and Sree will get transfer to his home town soon before which they wanted to find a trustworthy married man.

At this juncture they saw my advertisement and decided to respond to it with their phone number included. Even though our age in the advertisement were below 30 they tried their last chance with his phone number because they are going to surrender the phone next month and move to their home town following his transfer. He said if I they feel comfortable with me they decided to give me their identity in their hometown. I was very happy that I responded to their letter. Then I saw my glass of whisky that was there on the table and I thought I could have it now, as my intoxication is lasting no more. I had the peg of whisky mixed with water.

He asked me whether I want to suck more. I said I have not finished because I did it with her pussy only but the wonderful boobs are remaining. Then he said we can have it in the guest room and she will change to the guest room so that the k** will not be disturbed. We sat on the sofa for few more minutes mean while I noticed that Rani has moved to the other room hearing her husband’s comment. He told me to move to the guest room.

He said he is going out to buy little cooked food from the night shop and will be back within one hour. He will be locking the door from outside and I can move to the guest room and did not bother to open the door when he comes back as he is locking it from outside. He went to the bedroom and came back in his full dress and asked me again to join her in the guest room. While I was standing in the dim light coming from outside through the curtained window, I heard the sound of locking the door and starting of the motorbike.

Rani said, “I am here. Is the light not enough for you?”

I said “I am oK but I like to see you in full light”

She said, “You can see me in full light when he joins, because she need not want to give doubt for the neighbors as he is out”

I approached her in the dim light and held her to me making her to stand on the floor. I hugged her and the bare boobs came in contact with my body. I asked her “will you give you to me”

She closed my mouth with her palm and said please don’t ask it because she doesn’t want to cheat her husband and at the same time She doesn’t want to lose me. If one day with her husband’s consent she can give, she will think of it. At present she is not ready. She said in a low voice that he had gone out to test my integrity and if I keep my words even in his absence they will select me as their lifetime friend. She is revealing this secret, cheating her husband because she is madly in need of me to suck for her at least once in a year. She said she would never cheat her husband anymore and if I try to fuck her, she will lose me forever.

Rani said that she only accepted his suggestion to accept another person in her life only because this is Sree’s fantasy to see her sucked and lead to ecstasy. But as she received the suck from me she enjoyed the great pleasure in it and she don’t want to lose me. When I was called to meet them her plan was to end it up before leaving to their hometown, even though Sree suggested that they could continue if I am trustworthy. Now it is she who wants to continue the connection with me. So she is requesting me not to cross the border fixed between us. I felt her tears on my chest. I got very much attracted to her approach and I decided, it is my pleasure to make her enjoy only in the way she and her husband want. I cupped her face in both my hand and kissed her passionately all over her face and dried her tears with my kiss alone. I told her that I too don’t want to lose her because I found a great wife who is bonded to her husband in all his wishes.

She whispered in my ear, ”Don’t show love and passion, he will reach anytime, only show lust. He will welcome if you are smart in the suck” I made her to lie on the bed and started to suck her boobs while I heard the bike’s sound stopping little far. For few minutes there was no sound and I heard mild footsteps outside the window. I was sure he was outside to check me. I said to Rani little loudly so as to be heard to a person who stands near window.

“Please allow me to see your boobs, I am crazy to it, please put on the lights”

She extended her hands to the switch and the light in the room was on. My intension was to make him see that I am not crossing the limit he has fixed for me. I held both her boobs together and sucked it together sometimes, one after the other in short intervals and many smart acts with my tongue and lips. She extended her hands to catch my tool once.

Then I told her not to touch it until Sree reaches because I don’t want my tool seek for her pussy as I have promised him something. I said it little loudly so that a person near the window could hear it. Within a few minutes I felt the sound of footsteps moving away. After few minutes I heard the sound of the motorcycle approaching the car porch and the door opening. Sree got inside the house and he closed the door and went to the dining room. Within a minute or two he reached our room and joined us by sucking her clit while I was busy with her boobs.

I removed his face and told him that it is my right to give the suck for her this night and if she needs he can fuck her. I moved down to her pussy and she caught his tool, which is smaller in size than mine. She sucked him while I was busy with the pussy lips and clit. He got aroused and came near to me. He sat down on the floor and to my surprise he took my tool in his mouth. I was little shocked to see this and in a spontaneous jerk I took my tool out of his mouth.

He told me that I am their great friend of his expectation and I am giving great pleasure for his wife and it is his duty to return something for me. On hearing this Rani pulled me to lie on the bed and made her pussy over my face. If she too lay on me we would have been in 69 position, but she did not. She caught both my hands and pressed firmly on the bed keeping her pussy wide opened on my face. I could not move but could only suck her pussy easily. She then asked Sree to suck for me and she wants to see a man sucking another man.

I was helpless while Sree was sucking my tool beautifully. I remembered my hostel days when I was in college and the gay experience with my roommate. I enjoyed Sree’s suck as if I enjoyed the same in my hostel days. I begged to stop because I was enjoying a lot with his suck and I could not withstand it. When I started to moan, naturally I stopped sucking for Rani. She changed her position then, even then holding my hands firm to bed. I begged I want something in my mouth.

She whispered in my ear whether I could suck for Sree because she will love to see two men enjoying. I said nothing, but I was feeling that I must not make her disappointed because I liked her very much. I whispered in her ear that I love her too much and hence I will obey her in that. I asked her to bring his dick to me. He did not understand what we discussed because he was busy with my tool. She pulled him to the bed and made him to lie beside me in the reverse position.

She took his tool in her hand and sucked for few minutes. He was in a hard on and then she slowly took his tool from her mouth and pushed slowly into my mouth. I sucked it beautifully because I have learned it in my hostel days. He got much pleasure and he was enjoying my suck very much. Rani was busy with both tools with her hand, one hand on mine one on Sree’s. She also sucked his balls while I noticed that she never used her mouth with my dick. At the moment she got understood that Sree is ready to cum, she made me to stop, but I was in great mood to make him cum.

She f***efully removed his tool from my mouth and I could not understand her intention. She pulled me little away from him and managed to sit over his dick. She placed his dick in her pussy and started her up and down movements sitting on him while he was still sucking my dick. At a moment when he was overwhelmed by the pleasure he got from her fuck he left my tool from his mouth and began to moan. I too was in a very hot mood and hence I was ready to do anything for the pleasure of the couple.

I have nothing to do for a moment as he freed me from his mouth. She bent over him to kiss him while his dick was in her pussy. I moved back and stood behind her on my knees crossing my legs on both sides of Sree. She was keeping her breast pressed to his chest and she was sucking his lips. I inserted my hands between his chest and her breast and she raised little to allow my hands to hold her boobs. I got her nipples between my fingers and kneaded it softly to lead her to great pleasure. She restarted her fuck leaving his lips from her mouth.

I slowly relieved her boobs and came behind her to see his dick entering and coming out of her pussy while she was fucking him in the female on top position. I controlled her rhythm to a slow pitch and caught his dick and pulled it slowly out of her pussy. Then licked her pussy from behind and then sucked his dick. I understood from their sounds that they are enjoying this very much. Then I inserted the dick again to her pussy with a signal to start her action again. I repeated it many times whenever I felt that he is going to cum.

I could not understand who is enjoying more because of my action. Finally he exploded in her pussy and she too was exhausted. She kissed him passionately and whispered something in his ear. He nodded in agreement and she turned to me and gave me a great kiss on my lips thanking as if she liked my lips very much for its smart action. Still my dick was in a hard on and I moved to the bathroom. I did not close the door to make them understand that I am not masturbating.

They watched me lying on the bed embraced together. I took a shower in the bathroom and the cold water falling on me made my dick to lose its strength. I came out of the bathroom and got dressed. It was nearing 3.00 in the morning. I said goodbye but she came to me nude and Sree asked her to give me the food he brought from outside. I could not deny her request. She sat nude near me when I ate the food while Sree was on the bed in the guest room. She begged in my ear in a whisper not to forget her even though she did not give me anything in this meeting.

She cannot cheat her husband against his wishes. She was little worried because she felt that I would hate her because she did not help me to ejaculate. But the fact was that I loved her too much for her smartness and her sincerity to her husband. I was simply eating the food without uttering a word. She cupped my face in her both hands and told me that if I am unhappy she will allow me to fuck her but she will lose me forever. I noticed that she would cry if I did not say anything. I told her that I love her too much and will never forget her. I asked not to wear any cloth until I leave her. I gave a piece of food in her mouth as a mark of my love. She happily gave me a kiss on my cheek and went to her husband in the room to make him think that she just arranged food for me and returned to him.

As I finished the food and washed my hands they both came to me still naked. Now he told me that he likes me very much and if I would like to continue they are ready for it.

He said he is not ready to give his wife for fuck and he is not asking my wife too. If I am planning for a couple's friendship as advertised in the classifieds, he said I must forget them. He promised me that they would not trouble me in my married life even with a phone call. He said he is not asking for a final answer at that time and I can think of it for as many days as needed and to reply it. I may call him at any time I like. If I did not call them within a month, I may not be able to call them because they will be moving to their hometown leaving that rented house. I have seen Rani begging with her eyes to call them.

Do you think that I did not call them in the next day? I have enjoyed their company very much. I have developed a kind of liking in seeing a couple enjoying and helping them to enjoy. I understood the fact that I am basically a bisexual guy. When called them again after four days I got Rani first and Sree was not at home. She asked what my decision is. I asked her what she wants from me. She told me that she had gone to her favorite temple to pray and give her offering to Good to make me think that I will accept them. I said I love her too much because of her sincerity to her husband.

If she will not ask me to fuck her without the consent of her husband, I will say yes to him. She was very happy on hearing it and gave me a loud kiss through phone and said I must call him that day itself to inform my readiness. I promised her to call and my great surprise came when I called him later. I called after one hour and I got Sree in phone. He thanked me and again reminded me of the conditions. I said OK again. Then he said to me that his hometown is my town itself and he knows me earlier because my s****r and her s****r were classmates and I do not know him because he studied out-of-state.

In the next month he got transfer to our hometown and we had meetings at their home. But it never exceeded four or five in a year. Sree and Rani helped me a lot to keep our relation a confidential one. My wife still keeps as a conservative wife and she too is happy because I am not suggesting a group sex idea to her. After five years we first met, Sree was hospitalised because of a heart attack. As a result his physician asked him to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least few months and do only mild sex.

After two months of his hospitalization Sree called me to his home and asked me whether I could develop our sucking session to a fucking session because he doesn’t want Rani to keep away from sex for his inability. I was sure that he was asking me just because he loves Rani very much. I told him that I would say Yes only after discussing it with Rani. I will be very sad if she rejects to do sex with me and I don’t want to lose her friendship. He said to me that it is not needed to ask before we begin, and the only thing I should do for him is, not to reject her when he make her ready for a fuck with me. He asked me to leave the task to him and he will make it happen naturally during our usual session .My story is too long now and I should conclude it now. The story of our real threesome sessions and how I made them confident to restart their sex life is another episode of the story. One thing I admit now is that they love me very much because I never exploited the relation nor I disclosed this to any of my friends even in the effect of my drinks. They also did the same to me till date. Now after 15 years of our friendship I am at the age of 40 Sree in 41. Sometimes I remember that I am having the age of 40 they liked when they were young. I am a little worried for the financial instability, which occurred due to a loss in the stock market few years before. I have girl k**s and I have to earn a little more than that I get from my present employment here.

So I am planning to leave to Dubai during this year as I got a better employment there. I am very sad that I have to leave my wife and k**s and also Sree and Rani. My moments with Sree and Rani were very much enjoyable. They love me too for the pleasure I gave them. I don’t know what could I do for my sex life in Dubai. I know one thing that with a flourished sex life I have kept my vigor all these years.

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