How Sheela became a slave

I am Sheela and I had recently written about how I became a slave to an older neighbour. I was looking through the comments section and some one had wanted me to write about my earlier experiences. So I thought I would write about how I lost my virginity.

I was in school at that time in 11th standard. We lived in a small street, and knew everyone for a while. Both my parents used to work, and I had a lot of tuitions and so was home usually late. One day an evening tuition class got cancelled and I had to come home early. Since I didnt have my house keys, I decided to wait at my neighbours place.

They were a f****y of 3 - a husband (in his late thrities), a wife (in her early thirties) and a son (8 yr old). He worked in a bank and she was a housewife and I used to call them uncle and aunty. The k** was very cute and I used to play with him when all the k**s in the colony got together over weekends and get-togethers. Aunty welcomed me in their house and made me some coffee.

The k** had already done his homework and had gone out to play. I sat down and chatted with aunty for a while. Then I decided to start doing my homework as I had a lot of work that day. So aunty told me that she will go to another neighbours place for a chat (she usually did that in the evenings) and requested me to either call her or make some coffee for uncle once he was home.

I used to help my mom cook at home and was fairly comfortable in aunty's kitchen as well as I had spent many Sat afternoons at her place. So I told her not to worry and that I will be glad to make some coffee for uncle when he got home. Inside 15 mins of aunty going out, I heard the door bell ring. It was Arun uncle back from his office.

When I opened the door, he was a little suprised to see me, but pleased. I told him that I had come home early to a locked house, and was waiting for my folks to come back home and also that aunty was away at a neighbours and I will make him some coffee. Arun uncle is a great guy to hang out with - he was always the center of attraction in all the colony get-togethers.

He knew tonnes of games and he would keep all the k**s entertained. He was very friendly with youngsters and I loved being around him. To girls in the colony he was the perfect guy and every one dreamt of having a husband like him. After I finished rattling off my story he teased me that he was too scared to drink my coffee and he will make some himself.

I pinched him for that and told him even if it killed him, he had to drink my coffee. I told him to go and frsehen up and I went into the kitchen to make some coffee for him. As I started making coffee, a weird feeling came over me. Here I was, making coffee to Arun uncle - almost like a wife.

My thoughts drifted off to how it would be if he was my husband and how we would have interacted when he came back from work. I knew I would have kissed him as soon as he got home and hugged him tightly. How he would hug me from behind as I made coffee for him and we would share a cup of coffee. I had totally drifted off when I heard him enter the kitchen.

I was feeling a little embarassed and shy after thinking stuff like that and so didnt say anything and continued making the coffee. I asked him how much sugar he needed and if he wanted his coffee strong or light. He liked his coffee strong and without any sugar and so I made it that way. When I handed him the cup, my hands were trembling.

He noticed that and asked me if I was ok. I muttered that I was, looking down into the floor, still a little embarassed by my thoughts to even look into his eyes. I told him I had to do my homework and so went to the living room. He followed me into the living room and sat down on the sofa with his coffee and a newspaper.

I was sitting on the floor with my books on the coffee table and doing my homework. He looked down at me and asked me if I needed any help. I told him I was ok, and should be able to manage it myself. He said ok and went back to his paper. I sneeked a few glances at him, but he looked engrossed in his paper. I was a little disappointed, because I was hoping he would notice me.

I went back to my homework, when I heard him say that the coffee was very good and he liked it very much. I looked up and smiled brightly and said thanks. And our eyes met and I was able to hold it for a few mins of awkward silence. I think he noticed that too and he broke off the eye contact a little sheepishly and went back to his paper.

I felt my heartbeat go really fast and felt a sudden urge to hug him and kiss him. But I knew it was not possible, so I just shook it off. As I went back to my homework, I couldnt concentrate and kept stealing glances at him. For a second, I caught him looking at me or was I imagining things. I thought maybe I should make him notice me. I got up and wnt to the bathroom.

Inside, I rolled up my skirt a little bit to bring it above my knee. Then I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt. I parted it a little as well and made sure that my cleavage was visible. I took off the hair band holding my pony tail and let me hair down. I raised me skirt a little bit more almost up to my thighs. I checked myself once in the mirror and then went back out.

As I walked back, I looked through the corner of my eye to see if he was looking at me and he was. I was really excited as I sat down casually. Since he was sitting on the sofa, I was sure he could see a lot of my cleavage, especially because I was leaning forward. Also, as I sat down, my skirt had risen up further, and even my thighs were visible now.

Now I noticed that uncle was looking at me a lot more often. I got the effect I wanted. I had no idea what to do next, when I heard uncle say, "Sheela, do you mind doing me a favour? I left my briefcase upstairs, would you please get it for me?" I said sure, and I got up and went to get his briefcase. I looked for the briefcase in his room, but I couldnt find it.

So, I came to the top of the stairs and I told him I couldnt find it. He said not to worry and he will come up and look for it himself. So I waited for him and he looked around a bit but it wasnt there. "I must have left it in the car." he said.

As I was about to turn around and leave the room, I suddenly felt him hug me from behind. I was completely shocked and excited at the same time. He turned me around and looking straight into my eyes, kissed me hard on my lips. I did not resist at all, and opened my mouth out for him and kissed him back. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and his saliva on my tongue.

His lips pressed harder on mine and he hugged me more tightly. He suddenly lifted me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. I had only imagined hugging and kissing him and nothing beyond that. But I already knew where this was going. I wasnt sure if I wanted to continue, but I couldnt stop him either.

He climbed on top of me and kissed me again. I felt his entire body on me, and felt his hardness press against my skirt. I felt myself responding to him, as I raised myself to press harded against his cock. I felt his hands grip my breasts squeezing them hard. I heard myself moaning loudly. He had already unbuttoned my short and was sucking on my breasts.

I felt his tongue wrap around my nipple and had never felt anything like that before. I was getting really wet, and was pushing his face harded on to my breasts. I felt pain seer through my body as he sunk his teeth into my breasts. I was gasping and moaning at the same time, as I felt a hand on my panties.

He was rubbing my pussy over my panties and I found myself moving up and down to feel his fingers harder on my clit. His hand was soon inside my panty and his finger inside me. I felt myself grinding my pussy around his finger trying to take him in deeper. His mouth was down on to my navel and to my waist. The skirt was lifted up and my legs parted.

The panties were pushed aside, as I felt his tongue run right over my clit. My body was throbbing in ecstacy and as I heard him slurp over my juices and over my entrance and felt his tongue encircle me and then go inside me, I just exploded completely, pressing his face harder onto my pussy. I held him there for a couple of mins as my body shuddered through my first orgasm.

I let go of him and just lay there helpless, as I felt him raising me from the bed. He pushed me on me knees on to the floor, and stood in front of me. Thats when I realized it was not just about me. He pushed his bulge toward my face, as I kissed it.

I wasnt sure what I was supposed to do, as I had never seen a penis other than in school text books and one XXX magazine that I had looked at with my friends. I had heard my friends talk about taking their boyfriends cock in their mouth, but this was the first time I had been this close to a real cock.

I think he notice my hesitency and he pulled his cock out of his pants, and thrust it into my mouth. I felt him grab me by my hair and pushed his cock deep inside my mouth. I started gagging, and tried to pull myself away. He had a hard grip on me and I felt as if I would almost die before he let me go.

I caughed out saliva as I tried to regain consciousness, but before I knew, he had thrust his cock inside my mouth again, and I felt myself tasting my own saliva again, as he thrust himself into my throat. He kept doing this a few times, and I slowly started accepting it. If I didnt struggle too hard, I was actually able to take him into my mouth properly.

It was just the suddenness of the whole thing that had unsettled me. As I started to suck on his cock myself, I felt his grip on my hair loosen. If I wouldnt take all of his cock in, then he would grab my head and push it in himself. Otherwise he let me take his cock in and out myself.

I started feeling his cock move into my mouth and on to my throat and back out and we started doing this faster and faster. He suddenly pushed me down and took his cock out, and started stroking it hard. After a few strokes, I felt his hot cum splatter all over my face, and some of it into my mouth. I was totally taken by suprise and almost puked, spitting out the cum from my mouth.

But he was still coming and he had sprayed it on all my face and my hair. We hadnt talked through the entire episode. Both of us were heaving on the floor at the end of it. He then got up and helped me onto my feet. He took me into the bathroom and started helping me clean up. Thats when it struck me about what had just happened.

I started panicking a little bit and as he noticed that, he took me into his arms and hugged me tightly. He kissed me softly on my lips and told me that everything was going to be ok. We helped clean up each other and then we dressed up. It had almost been an hour since his wife left and she could be back any time.

He told me to bunk school tomorrow and stay at home. He told me he will come by and we can talk about what happened. And that was the start of my very first affair. The next day he came home, we had sex and my affair with him continued for more than a year before I had to move to a different city to go to college.
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3 years ago
damn that was a sexy story
3 years ago
Gud story
3 years ago
good story
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very good
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4 years ago
is the story true.. or is it imagination
4 years ago
That got me so hard! Thanks.
4 years ago
Excellent read. Makes me curious for your description of events next day. Please write more!