Double black.

I don't have regular 'sex partners' normally. I like boys and gurls, men and women, and have no intention of being in a 'regular thing'. I usually stay away from black guys too - most of them are not very nice to young girls. However, I known this black guy in his thirties and we've recently started seeing each other every couple of weeks. Mike's a friend of my Dad and I have something over him with that, thus making sure he'll behave some. A couple of nights ago, I went round to his house and met a friend of his there too. We had ourselves some very good fun.
Mike is a big guy. He's tall with ripping muscles. He also has a fat and long dick. He loves sex - what guy doesn't!? -, but knows what he's doing too. So, I always cum many times when I'm fcuking him. He makes me feel damn good and I'm sure he likes what I give him too.
When I got there the other night, he let me in and I marched straight towards the stairs and his bedroom up them. Mike pulled me back though, he said he had someone there he wanted me to met. I wasn't that impressed - I'd come here to get fcuked, not meet a friend of his. Yet, once he introduced me to Tom I cheered up a bit. Tim was a nice guy, even though he was another black man, and it was clear he wanted to fcuk me too. The idea appealed to me of fcuking them both - even though they hadn't brought that up yet.
Mike soon beckoned me into the kitchen to do they whole trying to convince me to fcuk his lonely friend shit. I was going to play along with they whole I'm not sure thing, but decided against that. I said, yeah sure. I'd fcuk them both - not just this guy Tom on his own. Mike's face lit up!
We were soon upstairs in the bedroom. Mike and Tom went in first and sat on the edge of the big bed there - staring at me as I came in afterwards. I stood where I was and waited for Mike. He is in charge sexually with us and I like him telling me what to do and how. This is what we have.
He wanted me to strip for them both, and I did so at once. Off came my top, then my shoes and jeans, followed by my bra, and lastly my knickers. Mike had seen it all before, but this was all new for Tom. I'm short and slim, and must have looked a treat to these two huge black guys. I gave them a twirl and bent over to touch my toes, showing them all that I had from behind.
I slid down in front of Mike and took his dick out of his jeans and pants. I was on my knees and looked up at his face as I did so. Tom kept watching as I then took Mike's limp dick in my hands and led it to my mouth. I ran my tongue around it and it grew at once - filling my mouth and seeking to get down into my throat. I never gag with a big dick - I know just how to do what all men want with my mouth.
I sucked Mike off for a few minutes while Tom watched, and then started to reach across to get at Tom's dick. Mike was face-fcuking me by now, it was no longer a blow-job. I now had Tom's dick in my hand and found it hard and big. It wasn't as huge as Mike's, but it was still of a good length and girth. I knew that it would fill me up proper.
Mike withdrew from my mouth and I went straight for Tom's dick, letting that get in my mouth too and giving him head. I soon started swapping backwards and forwards, taking both dicks one after the other. I stayed on my knees doing so and looking up at them both with my eyes wide open.
Soon enough, Mike reached down and pulled me up onto the bed. He laid back and I fell on top of him. I was kissing him while his hands were on my boobs. tom had stayed where he was, looking all confused, until Mike told him to come over with us. Tom was then behind me, his hands reaching underneath my bum to get at my pussy. Mike wanted a bit of me by now and took hold of his dick while I was on top of him. He placed it underneath my pussy and I sat down on it.
The whole thing slid into my wet pussy at once and I gasped as usual as he filled me up. My pussy lips stretched around it but I could take it all. I soon started bounching on it, looking downwards at times as the black monster invaded my pale white skin. This made me a black man's slut, but I didn't care.
Tom still hadn't done anything much and I was wondering what the fcuk was wrong with him!? Mike must have too for he soon slid us backwards towards the end of the bed, with his legs overhanging. He told Tom now to get the lube from the bed-side table and to come have a go too.
The lube soon found its way all around my bum from Tom's fingers as I kept on bouncing up and down. I turned round and smiled at him, to let him know i was all okay, even though I knew that I didn't have much choice at the moment.
Though I love it, I'll never get used to a dick going into my bum. Once its in, its all good, but the entry is never too much fun. Tom had his hands on my hips and then was inside. Double black penetration!
I rode both of those big dicks for as long as they both wanted me. I knew that I would be all fcuked up afterwards, but I didnt care. Big dick in me alwys feels good, and two is a treat.
Mike must have been very turned on too for he soon cummed up inside me as I rode him. He twisted my nipples as he did so and cupped my little boobs. He kept it inside me, though pulled me down towards him. Now Tom started fcuking me harder too, pounding into my bum-hole before cumming up me.
I got off them both and went to the toilet, while telling them I'd soon be back. I had nearly wet myself with all that fcuking and both dicks in me like that. Once doing peeing and letting some of the cum drain out of me, and then having a wipe, I went back.
Mike and Tom both got me on the bed between them as. They wanted me to touch myself for them and so I did. I gave them a naked dance too and played with their dicks to get them both hard again as soon as they could.
Mike climbed onto the bed and knelt infront of my face. His balls went to my mouth first and I started licking them before taking his dick back down my throat. Tom was licking me out first, telling me he loved white girls etc, before he started rubbing his dick across my pussy. Then he put it in me again - split-roasting me like the dirty slut for black dick like I am.
Both had only recently cum first, so they look plenty of time this time. Tom fcuked me as hard as he could before finally pulling out and cumming on my flat belly. I hadn't asked him too, he just did it. Mike meanwhile shot a load down my throat. He did his usual thing of tightly grabbing my throat and nose while he did so, but I didn't care. I'd just had a proper fcuking.
Then it was time to get up from underneath them. I could walk better this time and I got my knickers. I wiped the cum off my belly with them and gave them to Tom as a reminder of me. I soon put the rest of my clothes while they watched from the bed, neither moved - they were too fcuked out. My dad was waiting for me at home, after I'd been fcuking his work-buddy, and I soon let myself out of the house with the two black dicks within.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Dirty girl. I'd love to explore your body with my tongue - inside and out xx
3 years ago
wow wish it was me pounding you
4 years ago
Fantastic story, gives an exquisite vision :)
4 years ago
really horny story
4 years ago
This is a hot story. I can imagine you pinned on those hard cocks.
4 years ago
Loved it! Wish we could meet up sometime! x
4 years ago
4 years ago
verry nice story