My first time with a girl - Part Three

We’d already arranged a sl**p-over for the upcoming weekend before the kiss in the park. I’d be over at her house with just her dad there too – Louise’s mum and s****r would be off somewhere.
As the day approached, I started to prepare myself for what I knew what would happen. It was more than a d***ken meaningless kiss between us. I knew we were going to sl**p together when we next saw each other.
I watched some lesbian porn on the internet late at night, to see how they did it. Yes, I knew that that was mainly a man’s view on what girls should do with each other, but it still gave me many ideas. I wanted to lick Louise like they did in the videos I saw. I wanted to put my hands inside her like that. And I knew that she would do those things to me too.
Louise’s dad got us a pizza and we crashed in the living room with him for a while. Then Louise wanted to go watch a dvd upstairs before bed and we went up there. We couldn’t drink (nor smoke) in Louise’s house, but I suppose that was better. I had a clear head.
We got in her bed, fully clothed, to watch the film. As usual we snuggled up to each other. There was nothing in that usually, though that time it meant a lot to me. Being wrapped up in Louise felt so good.
It got late and Louise’s dad came upstairs to tell us it as late and he was off to bed. He said we weren’t to be noisy (!) and if we were going to have a shower, we should do it soon. Sometimes we’d both do that before bed and that night I really wanted to.
The film soon ended and Louise got out of bed. The light was off, but I could see well enough as she took off her clothes right in front of me before getting a towel and a dressing gown. Her boobs were there, I saw the hair between her legs too.
While Louise was in the shower, I closed my eyes and thought about her standing there washing herself. Maybe she was touching herself too – I was. My hand was in my knickers while I was in Louise’s bed.
When Louise came back, she hung up her dressing gown, but stayed in her towel. She asked me if I was going to have a shower too. Once I said yes, I got out of bed and stood near her.
My top came off first, then my bra. Louise was right there standing in front of me in the half-dark room as I did so. I could feel the tension between us, I could feel her eyes on me.
My jeans came off next and then I took off my socks before my knickers came off. Louise had a towel for me in one hand, but the other hand came forward and took hold of my chin. She stepped forwards and Louise kissed me on the lips. Like the first kiss, I was in heaven! We held each other for a moment, me naked and her all damp in just a towel. She then whispered for me to hurry back.
I went to wash, moving fast too.
Coming back into the room after my shower I was a little bit nervous. I could feel the butterflies, but also an intense longing-feeling between my legs. I had dried myself off and was in the towel and dressing gown when I came into Louise’s bedroom.
There was no light in the room, but the curtains were open and I could make out Louise in her bed. Usually, I put on a nightie and knickers before a sl**p-over with Louise and I was a bit unsure whether too at that moment. I didn’t want to be rushing my best friend into anything despite the kiss and was confused.
Louise soon solved all that though. She whispered to me to get into bed with her. She said that I should get in right away.
I dropped the towel and slid naked under the quilt into bed with naked best friend.
We were in each other arms at once. I was a little bit cold, but soon warmed up as I held Louise tight. Her head was under my chin, my arms were around her and her’s around me. I could feel her boobs touching mine, her nipples were hard. I could feel the hair between her legs down on my thigh.
I was still very nervous and unsure where to start. I wanted to have sex with her, but I wanted her to begin things.
Louise’s head soon came up though and our lips found each other’s again.
Louise rolled on top of me and started kissing me with much passion. It felt so good to be kissing her again, but still very strange. I wanted sex not romance-kissing-thing.
She must have realised this because she soon slid down me and her lips were on my left boob. She licked and kissed and sucked on my nipple and cupped my boob too. My arms were still wrapped around her, though one of my own hands was holding her bum cheek. Then I started to feel one of Louise’s hands sliding down my side and past my hips. I mentally willed that hand onwards.
Boys stuff their fingers straight inside, but Louise knew how to please a girl. She went straight for my clit.
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4 years ago
would love this
4 years ago
well babe so nice sexy made me wet
4 years ago
i like to play with the whole sweet thing 1st