My first time with a girl - Part One

Louise and I had been best friends since forever. Our mum’s were good pals, and we had spent most of our c***dhood together. We were only six months apart in age and as close as could be.
When I got an understanding of sex, Louise did too. When I started my period, Louise did soon afterwards. We both fancied the same boys and told each other all our sexual desires with such.
We lost our virginity at the same time too. I was in one bedroom with one guy (bad time) and Louise was with his friend in the next. We were thirteen then, very sure of ourselves and everything too.
I had always known that Louise liked girls too. She never openly said so much, she wasn’t brave enough, but I knew. Louise was like that though, she was the most cooler of us and would do all the best things, many of which I copied.
Louise let some guy do her in the bum and so I had bum-sex with a guy too. Louise let another guy cum in her mouth and I soon gave that a go too. Not everything she did I did too, especially one thing. But that thing started something between us.
When we were 14 and she had a two’s-up with a pair of guys. I didn’t want to do it, but Louise did and had sex with them both while I was in the same room and sitting on the floor. If it was sex, then Louise would do it.
Anyways, the lesbian thing with Louise started to get more serious with regards to me once she’d done that threesome with those two guys. I guess it was because I watched her. We’d seen each other naked a million times, but of course never the either one getting a fucking.
When we were at her house the next day and she was getting changed, she didn’t even turn her back or nothing. I could feel her wanting to show me all her bits, I started to understand that she had a thing for me and was trying some sort of seduction thing with me.
I liked Louise and wanted to stay best friends with her, but I was very unsure about the whole lesbian thing. Boys were what I liked and girls weren’t something I thought about sexually. But I soon started too.
I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about what it would be like with a girl, with Louise. When I’d touch myself I’d think about Louise. Not in a romantic way, but in a sex way. I wondered what it would be like to touch a girl down there, what it would be like to kiss a girl between her legs. Kissing on the lips or boobs didn’t enter my head much, I started to become obsessed with what Louise had between her legs. I soon wanted to want to see her naked again.
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good start