Late night landing crossing – Part Four

I did want it and I wanted it in my mouth straight away. My hand came out of my knickers and I stood up before climbing onto the bed beside Jane. Chris’ dick smelt of pussy and I went towards it. Jane guided towards my mouth as I wet my lips.

My mouth filled with the tip of Chris’ dick and I begun to give it treatment. My tongue swirled around the head of it and my teeth clenched it. Jane had her mouth on the base of it and then went down towards his balls – licking them too. Chris was grunting and I knew that he was just loving having two mouths on his bit. It was a nice dick to have in my mouth too and I felt real dirty doing this.

Jane soon slid away and I felt her hands on me from the size as she touched me. She caressed me gently through my nightie at first, touching my boobs and belly, before sliding hands inside it. She asked if she could take it off me?

It let Chris’ dick fall out of my mouth for a moment and told her that she could before I sat upwards. Jane then lifted up and off my nightie and tossed it away. I went back to sucking Chris’ dick, while Jane slid underneath me from the side. She went straight for one of my boobs and soon had it in her mouth. Her other hand went downwards and rubbed my pussy through my soaking knickers.

Chris soon wanted to stop having me suck his dick and so sat upwards, taking it away from me. He said that he was soon to cum if I had carried on – and he didn’t want to do that yet. As he did so, Jane rolled me over onto my back. She started kissing me now, shoving her tongue into my mouth where her husbands’ dick had just been. Jane was still rubbing my pussy now.

My own hands now went to get my knickers off and I slid them down before using my legs to kick them off. I was under Jane’s control though, for she had me there on my back on her bed. With her husband still watching, she now stopped kissing my mouth and licked my boobs, then my belly, before going further downwards.
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4 years ago
you tease with your story like jane does whith her lips
4 years ago
such a naughty tease I love it :)
4 years ago
could be made one story