Late night landing crossing - Part Three

The landing made so much noise as I walked across it. I tried to walk softly, but that just made it worse. Chris and Jane’s room was only next door but it was far enough that I made enough noise to make them stop fcuking. Then I came to stop outside their bedroom door.

Jane called out to me, telling me to come in – before I had even considered knocking. So I went and pushed the door open and took a step inside onto the carpet. The light was on in the room and Chris and Jane lay there under the quilt. They must have just stopped fcuking, I had interrupted them.

There was a chair placed beside the bed and Jane said that I should sit on it and get comfortable. I closed the door behind me and walked towards it, before sitting down on it. I was in my nightie and my knickers, but didn’t feel self-conscious or anything. They had wanted me to come in there with them and I had nothing to be ashamed of.

Once I was seated, Jane rolled on top of Chris, pulling the quilt off them both, and mounted him. I saw his hard cock resting on his stomach. Neither of the two of them were very attractive naked. Jane’s boobs weren’t pert like someone younger and Chris just had an average-sized dick. They were just two normal people in their thirties.

Jane grabbed hold of Chris’ dick once she had mounted him and pulled it towards her pussy. I was seated beside them and saw her put it inside herself. Then she started to ride it as Chris lay there. Her boobs bounced up and down and I watched her face as she got what she wanted from Chris’ dick.

All shame or nervousness was now gone and so at once I slid one of my hands into my knickers. Chris watched me do this, and I wasn’t freaked out by it, while Jane paid attention to riding his dick. She was putting all the effort into it while Chris watched me touching myself.

Jane had one hand on her clit and the other rubbing her nipple as she fcuked Chris. She worked herself up, getting faster and faster until she arched her back and head before moaning and panting as she came. I was furiously touching and fingering myself as she did this, imagining that I was getting some too.

Done, Jane lifted herself up off Chris’ dick and sat back down between his legs. She held onto it and turned to me. Would I like to help her suck it? Did I want my mouth round it with her?
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4 years ago
mmm i wish i was chris right now
4 years ago
Just love the build up so hot :)
4 years ago
part 2 & 3 could be one