Late night landing crossing - Part Two

Jane stood there in the doorway. She had a red face and her dressing gown on. The lamp was on beside my bed so I could see her and, as she crossed the room to me, she asked if we could talk for a minute. She was on my bed before I could say anything, sitting there cross-legged below me.

I could see a little bit of her pussy hair as she sat down and her boobs showed through the not-fully-closed dressing gown. I could smell her sex too. She had come here straight from a fcuking and hadn’t tried to hide it. With this, I would feel a desire, one which I hadn’t felt in a while (that for a woman again), inside me.

Jane came straight out with it – would I like to come with her into her bedroom? Rather than just listen, I could watch if I wanted too. Nothing had to happen if I didn’t want it to, I could watch, or maybe even… Would I like to? It might be fun, she said, and I might like it.

I was lost for words though - I didn’t know what to say. Jane smiled at me and then said that she would leave it up to me. With that, she got up and left, closing my door behind her.

Straight away, Chris and Jane were fcuking again. I could hear them as I lay there thinking about what had just been said to me. I wanted t go, but I didn’t want to go. It was clear that I wouldn’t be going in there to just watch. I would end up fcuking myself if I did. Which I did feel like – having sex that was. But with Chris and Jane, both of them?

I’d had sex with boys and girls before. Fcuking is fun and I love it, but never with two people. Two older people at that too. I’d nearly done a threesome with two guys, but never before considered having sex with a man and his wife – who I KNEW too. Oh, I knew that it would be fun, great for my personal growth etc., but it could be awkward afterwards. Still, it would be something new to try – and I like new things.

I got out of bed and stood up, then I sat back down on the bed. Then I was up and walking to the door, before stopping. Next, I opened the door and walked out onto the landing. Go forwards or return to my bed? Get fcuked by them both or finger-fcuk myself? Damn it, I thought, I’ll go.
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4 years ago
my god im aroused i wish i could see this play out too x
4 years ago
this is just so hot :)
4 years ago
Loving where this is going.
4 years ago
very good continuation