an adventure

Katie is the older s****r of some guy I know. He told me all about her before I met her. Mister-Small-Willy maintains a deviant sexual interest in his s****r and told me, whilst trying to get into my knickers, all about her kinks. Always interested in the sex lives of others, I made sure I listened rather than spoke when he would tell me all about her – what she liked sexually. He even showed me a secret video he had made of her, he did it by remotely turning on her webcam somehow and filming her.
Anyways, I wanted to meet-fuck her (I like girls better than boys) after seeing his few minutes worth of homemade secret porn.
Katie was clearly a filthy cow and I wanted some of that.

I friend-added her and sent her an attached message. That msg took me proper ages to frame right, and after I sent it I was a lil’ bit worried that she might take it the wrong way.
There was no need to worry though – she was glad of the msg.
Katie likes girls and is big time into her own, particular form of bdsm stuff. We exchanged msgs for days and soon did a video-call – the last one before our upcoming meet involved a loss of clothes on my part.

I got the train to go see her soon enough, spinning the lie that I was off to see another friend of mine who lives a bit far away. She always covers for me when I want to make a sex-visit somewhere, and I do the same for her.
Katie met me at the train station, straight off the train too, and then we drove to her flat. OMG I wanted her straight away, for Katie is a proper stunner. She put me right at ease too, and was sweet and attentive to me.
We chatted a bit in her car, not about much really. I was flirting proper with her too. When we stopped at some traffic lights for a minute, she reached across and put my hand on her knee too. Clearly, she was checking out my reaction.

Katie let us into her flat and led me into her living room. I put down my bag and she told me to have a seat. From that moment, as she instructed me to sit in a particular place, she started to show her authoritian streak. It was an order, but I knew that that would be coming – wanted it in fact. That was what I had come to her for.
She went into her tiny kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a couple of glasses and a cartoon of juice. She placed them on the table in front of me, sat down next to me on the sofa, and told me to pour us both a drink. I did so and Katie seemed pleased that I had done exactly as she said without any silly hesitation – another small test.

Under direct questioning, I told Katie everything about myself. She wanted to know everything it seemed, especially when it came to everything sexual that I had experienced and fantasied about. Katie wanted a straight answer to every question, and she also told me that I was to only call her by a particular name from that moment onwards. That name was “Miss Katie”.
I opened up to Miss Katie like never before with anyone else. Miss Katie was very happy with me and the answers that I gave her. She was very pleased when I told her how I wished for a woman to sexually dominate me. In our previous msg exchanges I had told her how I wasn’t a big fan of pain-infliction, but it didn’t scare me either and I’d do it to please – just as long as it didn’t go too far.
Miss Katie now set to test out how far I would go with that.

Miss Katie told me to lift up my top and take my left boob out of my bra. I did so at once without any fear, but I soon let out a cry of pain when Miss Katie pinched my nipple very hard indeed. Miss Katie told me at once to shut up and I did so, even though that had really hurt.
Miss Katie told me after I had let her do that that I would be getting more pain than that, but it would all be sexually-related. She did not want to hear me complain again, and if I was going to, I should leave now. If I wasn’t prepared to let her do anything she wanted to me, I could go now and walk in the rain back to the train station.
I said sorry at once to Miss Katie.

I was next told to stand up and then Miss Katie instructed me to undress right there in the middle of her living room.
My top came off first, over my head, and then I took my boots off. Next, my jeans were removed, before I lost my bra and finally my knickers. Miss Katie had me neatly fold them all and place them on the table whilst doing so, while my boots went under that table.
I stood there naked in front of Miss Katie, while she sat examining me for a moment. I could see lust in her eyes, but she also had another look – like she was annoyed with me. I would have asked what I had done to upset her, but I was already beginning to realise that she only wanted me to talk when she wanted me too.

Miss Katie told me that I was dirty. I had bathed and shaved before I had set off that morning, but Miss Katie said I was in need of a wash. She told me that she didn’t want to be around me when I was dirty.
I was told to go into the bathroom – she pointed at the corridor leading back to the door and said the bathroom was there.
I went off at once.
There was a wire-brush inside the empty bath-tub.

Miss Katie came into the bathroom behind me and put her hands on my shoulders before I could turn around. She then whispered in my ear; she told me that I needed a thorough wash because I was dirtied by all the sex I had had inside of me.
I was instructed to get into the tub and remain standing whilst facing away from her.
Once I was inside the tub, Miss Katie reached down and picked up the wire-brush. Thankfully, she also took hold of some soap.
I could hear her squeezing the pump-soap-dispenser-thingy over the wire-brush and for a second my legs shook – fear.
Miss Katie told me to stop shaking, and that I was to bend over with my head between my knees. Taking care not to crash my head against the wall, I did so.

It really hurt what Miss Katie did. She scrubbed my pussy and around my bum with the wire-brush. The soap lubed away some of the pain, but I had to hold onto my knees and clench my teeth too. I had never felt such pain before that.
When she was done, Miss Katie inspected my scrubbed crouch. The touch of her fingers around my red-raw pussy was fantastic. I had never felt such an intense feeling like that. Clearly she had done that before or had than done to herself, for she knew just what a rush that would give someone.
Miss Katie then gave me more instructions. I was to run a bath, wash myself all over, use the loo too (for she said I would not be getting another chance all night) and then put on the slippers in the corner of the room. I was to clean up too. Afterwards, I was to come into her bedroom across the corridor. Miss Katie did not want me to dry myself, I was to remain wet. However, I was not to get the floor wet in the corridor or in her bedroom. I had twenty-three minutes she told me, if I was to be late I would be in trouble.

I did as I was told – I ran the bath while using the loo then got in it and washed myself all over. Just placing my hand on my pussy really stung, while my bum had hurt too when I had had a super-quick p*o (I had expected my bum-hole to be abused and so had made sure it was ready).
I liked Miss Katie and wanted to do as she told me – to please her.
Once done with the bath, I let the water out and quickly cleaned it. I was rushing all about so much because I knew I had to hurry and had no idea as to how far time had ticked away. I forgot the slippers in my haste, but wrapped the towel around myself and crossed into Miss Katie’s bedroom.

The light was on in her bedroom and the curtains were closed. Miss Katie sat at the foot of the big bed in the middle of the room. She had changed her clothes; into a smart business suit thingy, wore heels now, and had her hair pinned up. She looked up at me, almost with a disinterested gaze, but then her eyes went to the floor at my feet. I could see her face go red with anger and my own eyes went down.
She told me at once to get over to her. I stepped forwards, ready to say sorry, but Miss Katie pushed me down. I collapsed on the floor in front of her.
She pulled at me and then pulled me up on her lap. My towel fell away too. My bum was soon in her lap, while I had scratch marks across my sides from her nails.
I really am not a fan of spanking.

Miss Katie hit me on the bum, again and again. She told me that her instructions were very simple, but that I had failed to follow them. Where were the slippers!? I kept silent, even though she kept spanking me – really really hard too.
Had she found the wrong girl she asked? Why could I not follow simple instructions? Her carpets were wet now. I was even making her trousers wet.
Miss Katie pushed me off her lap and back onto the floor. I was to stay there and reflect upon how I had failed her, she said.
I did as I was told, telling myself how stupid I was for not doing everything I had been told to. I knew I had messed up and wanted to offer to make it up, but I knew enough to shut up.

Miss Katie soon spoke to me again. She told me to crawl up onto the edge of the bed. She was standing over me at the time, and said that I was to rest my head, arms and chest up on the bed, but to keep my knees on the floor with my bum pushed up as high as I could.
I quickly followed this order.
Miss Katie knelt down behind me and then spread my legs apart. One hand went straight to my labia and Miss Katie started to rub what she could grab between her fingers. My clit was throbbing, aching for a touch too.
I had failed to shave every single one of my pubic hairs, Miss Katie told me. In a msg before I had come to see her, I had said I would. Miss Katie told me that I had missed a few and so I had further let her down.
Did I know what happened to those who let her down? They were punished.

To be honest, as far as I was concerned, when Miss Katie stuffed that dildo inside me, that was not punishment. Yes, she was rough with it and my pussy did hurt, but only on the outside. I was well wet inside already and that huge thing was something that I liked.
Miss Katie had hold of my hair as she fucked me with it, and that did hurt as she pulled it, but I still got right off being fucked like that from her. That was really what I wanted.
Soon enough, I felt a sharp pain elsewhere. Miss Katie had quickly pulled the dildo out of my pussy and was putting inside my bum. She didn’t push too hard, but she was not gentle either. OMG that did hurt.
Miss Katie fucked me like that for some time, then she pushed me off back to the floor again.

She stood over me and told me to look up at her. Who was she she asked? Miss Katie I told her. Who was in charge her? She was. Who was here to get off, for it was not meant to be me? I told her that she was to made to cum, my needs were unnecessary.
Miss Katie nodded at my understanding and told me to undress her. I wasn’t to get up, I was to do so whilst on my knees.
I took off Miss Katie’s shoes first and she kept placing her feet in my face momentarily as I tried to reach up towards the top of her trousers. She used her bare feet to push me back and away each time. I knew not to fight, when she was done with that she would let me undress her further.
I finally managed to get her trousers undone and I took them off too. As I folded them I kept glancing at Miss Katie in her thong. I could see her pussy and longed to get my tongue into that to please her.
I soon got up on my knees and undid Miss Katie’s blouse from the bottom up. Once that was off and folded neatly, I reached round and unpinned her hair, before then taking off her bra. Both of her nipples were pierced and I so wished that mine were too.
Finally, I took down her thong.

Miss Katie told me not to add that thong to the pile of her clothes, I was to put it in my mouth – right now too! I did so. That was strange, but not too weird. They were damp.
She took a step back and looked at me with her thong in my mouth. Miss Katie found that pleasing. She soon wanted her thong out of my mouth and told me to put it in my pussy. I did so, pushing almost all of it inside me.
Whilst all of this was happening, and as I waited to be told what to do next, I glanced for a second at her computer in the corner of the room. I quickly wondered whether her b*****r had somehow got the webcam working again. What a show he would be getting!

Miss Katie soon took hold of my hair and took my across to and up on her bed.
It wasn’t sex what came next, in the usual sense, but something different. For hours and hours she used me as her sex toy.
She wanted me to lick her pussy and bum.
Miss Katie sat on my face.
Miss Katie twisted my nipples as I pleased her.
Miss Katie got off again and again.
Miss Katie kept telling me I was doing things wrong, and then correcting me.
My pussy soaked her thong as I did all of this to her.
And once she had finished with me – she had cum f******n times – she told me to get out of bed and go quietly asl**p on the floor.
And that was just that night. OMG, the next morning before I went home!
72% (7/3)
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4 years ago
A good read, but a little rushed and lacking in details toward the end.
4 years ago
very nice story
4 years ago
yes what did happen the next morning
4 years ago
what happened he next morning?