I had a whole bunch of guys run a train on me when I was in a drink and cannabis induced state. I don’t remember much about it all, though I can piece much of it together. At the time I didn’t enjoy it… well not much. Now, the thought of being used as I was just turns me right on.
I was dating this guy, a real bad boy. I hadn’t let him get in my knickers, I was making him wait a bit. I’d sucked him off though, just to keep his attention.
So we end up going to his cousins house one Saturday afternoon. We went for a drink and a smoke and maybe some messing around - at least that was what I thought the afternoon would be about.

There were quite a few people there that day, five or six guys, plus my guy’s cousin, and some girl. They were all in the living room smoking weed and drinking. We went off to a bedroom to have some privacy.
I had far too much to drink and was smoking too much too. Things started to slow down and I was a little bit confused by things and the world etc.
I remember laying down and my boy kissing me, then he had his hands up my skirt. I decided then to just let it happen.
My guy pulled my knickers off and stuffed his dick in me. I didn’t feel much, and he wasn’t out to make it good for me either. He was soon done too - pulling out and spreading sticky wetness all over my crouch and the tops of my legs.
Once he was finished, he got off me and put my knickers in one of my hands. I rolled over with the intention of getting my head straight and then getting up.

I must have passed out some, for I woke up at the sound of voices and the room being much darker than it had been earlier. My eyes wouldn’t open properly, tough my ears were working.
There were a couple of guys in the room, and they were standing near and over me. I got frightened, but couldn’t really move.
Hands were then on me, turning me over and they were laughing. I was on the bed on my belly. One of them called out to anyone listening that there was ‘some girl in here doing sex’.

The first guy was a lot more gentle than the others. He opened my legs, which I was trying to shut, with not much f***e and then I heard his zip opening. Then he was between my legs and his dick was trying to get inside me.
Once he was in, he pushed it as far as he could and started fucking me.
The other guy there was talking at me, though I couldn’t reply. He thanked me, in advance he said, for the fucking that I was going to give him and his mates. He then started pulling at my top, wrenching that off before tearing at my bra.
He pinched my nipples really hard as his mate was still having sex with me.

I passed out again soon enough. When I awoke that next time there was lots of light. I was on the floor, still in that bedroom. Naked and with my ankles being held. Two guys must have had hold of me like that. I could feel cum in my pussy at first and then there was a dick going in again. I still couldn’t proper open my eyes and my head was spinning.
Someone else tried fucking my mouth as I was being fucked. He opened my mouth and I couldn’t close it because it was all numb. I felt a dick go past my tongue and then some guy demanding that I suck him. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t though and he got annoyed. I was slapped with his dick then his hand.
Next thing I knew I no longer had a dick in my pussy, but that someone was cumming on my chest. There was more laughter.

Someone else fucked me, then another guy. They were all there, all over me. Laughing at me and poking at me.
Movement couldn’t come to me, just dicks.
They all then decided to take me in the other room and I was being carried.
They must have had the other girl there naked and in a state too because I was dumped on the floor and halfway across her. I could feel her boobs for a second as I was being positioned ontop of her. There was more laughter.

The guy who was my guys cousin, the one who had taken off my clothes at first, was then behind me. He was telling me to grind against this other girl, to put on a show for him. Even if I had wanted too, I couldn’t.
Someone said they would get a camera to take some pictures, but this mean older guy was very unhappy with me.
He tried to grind me into the other girl, but that wasn’t easily done. I think I was too limp to move for him. He was angry at me and told me I was going to suffer.

I’d done anal sex before that, with lube and a guy taking his time. Not this guy though.
He put me over the back of the sofa, head down and bum up in the air. He scooped some cum from around my pussy, rubbed it around my bum-hole, called me a few names, and then I felt like I was being stabbed!
He f***ed his dick in, tearing me apart. And that really hurt.
There were flashes from a camera, I guess, too, but all I could feel was this dick tearing me apart.
After what seemed like ages of pure torture, he grunted and then I felt the impact of cum inside of me.

They dropped me on the sofa afterwards. All of them had clearly had a go and wanted no more of me. I was freezing cold, but still could barely move.
When I woke up again, my guy was back. I could hear him arguing with his cousin, about me, and his cousin laughing. I could move now and was aware of being naked in that room with the two of them - the other girl and the other guys were gone.
I had to walk across that room, naked to the bedroom where I hoped my clothes were. Walking was hard though, my bum was in screaming pain. There was all cum and bl**d over my crouch too, but I needed my clothes.
That was the worst bit, that walk. Getting home was an effort too, but that walk in front of the two of them was just terrible. I was a fucked-out whore under their gaze.
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3 years ago
naughty girl, more please
3 years ago
Definitely sounds like u were drugged lol good story
4 years ago
4 years ago
very naughty ;)