Auntie Helen

During the summer just gone, me, the dirty slut, fucked my Auntie Helen and her husband many times!
Long boring story of how I ended up spending the summer with my Auntie Helen and her husband. Colin is buff too, and I've like always fancied him. Two weeks into staying there, roughly, I got to fuck him. I did the whole seduction thing one morning in the kitchen. I came up behind him, grabbed his cock, and ended up getting fucked on the kitchen floor. To me, it was all cool. He's like only ten years older than me and cute as. We fucked again the next day too, and that time it was better because we did it in his and my Auntie Helen's bed and we took our time and stuff.
I had no idea how long fucking him was gonna last, but it was a good distraction for me.

So, anyways, like a few nights later we're all in the living room at night and I can feel Auntie Helen looking at me funny. I knew that I wasn’t imagining it, she knew that something had been going on with me and her husband. And so I was as scared as!
I made an excuse to go to bed early, keen to get out of there. But I didn’t get far because I was in the corridor before the stairs when Auntie Helen called out to me and I stopped walking. In an instant, she was like grabbing me and turning me so I was facing the wall!

I panicked because I like didn’t know what to say. She had one of my arms behind my back and then I could feel her breath on my neck. I was so scared!
Then things got messed up! For Auntie Helen suddenly shoved her other hand up my skirt and into my knickers. Her hand was like on my pussy and she called me a slut and asked me what i was doing fucking her husband. Then she said that that just wasn’t nice of me to do!
My legs were shaking, I was scared. But I also got a rush because she was touching me. Her fingers went inside me, forcifully, and she called me more nasty names.
Auntie Helen asked me if I'd ever done it with a woman before. I said that I'd messed around with a girl-friend. She said that she wasn't surprised and then told me to come upstairs with her. After she let go, I panicked again. Cos she is like my aunt! But Auntie Helen got mad again and slapped me before taking me upstairs to her room by the arm.
I went in there with her and she started to take my clothes off. I did want Auntie Helen to stop, but I didn’t either for I was so turned on! Soon I was naked, and cold.

Auntie Helen laughed at me as I shivered and then took off her own clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her bits. She had really nice boobs and a shaven snatch.
The next thing I knew I was naked on her bed (again), but this time it was Auntie Helen all over me - not her husband. She was sucking my nipples and biting my boobs. Auntie Helen was rubbing her pussy against mine too.
I soon heard the bedroom door open and saw Colin there too. The idea of a threesome, rather than just Auntie Helen fucking me, then entered my head - especially as I saw Colin getting naked too.
It soon turned out that Auntie Helen was laying down with her legs spread and she pushed my between them. She called me a slut again and told me to lick her pussy. I was also to get on my knees with my bum up in the air. I did as I was told and tried to make it up to Auntie Helen for fucking her husband by giving her head. She wasn't happy though and kept telling me what I was doing wrong and pulling me by my hair in closer and up and around more. I was hard work trying to please her!
Then Auntie Helen asked me if I'd ever done anal sex with a guy before? And I was like 'yes, a couple of times' and she laughed. I realised that I was about to do it again.

Colin soon pushed lube-covered fingers into my bum. He left my wet pussy alone, he just focused on my bum. I braced myself for his dick, but Auntie Helen told me off and said that I had to pay attention to licking her pussy.
Colin fucked me really hard! He was like trying to get as much of it in as possible. His balls slapped against my inner thighs, while his hands grabbed harshly on my hips. Auntie Helen kept telling me off for not paying enough attention too.
Soon enough I felt a whole load of cum going right up my bum. Then it was Colin's turn to get told off. Auntie Helen was mad at him!
Auntie Helen moved me around and told Colin to go sit on the chair in the corner. I was laid down on my back and soon found Auntie Helen lowering herself onto me. She put her legs either side of my head, trapping my shoulders and arms, and pushed her pussy into my face again.
She ground herself into me and told me to lick her everywhere, to suck on her. I did as I was told. Meanwhile, I could feel Colin's cum running out of my sore bum. I felt like a dirty slut! Auntie Helen was rubbing her pussy into my face while her husband watched as his cum dribbled out of my sore bum.
Finally, Auntie Helen came in my face. I couldn’t like breath at one point for all the rubbing that she did.
Auntie Helen didn’t want me there after that. She told me to go back to my room in the loft, I wasn’t allowed to get off too. I staggered out of their room. Turned on, in pain, and confused.

The next day it was like nothing happened. Colin couldn’t meet my gaze, but neither he nor Auntie Helen said nothing! It was confusing.
Until later that night.
I'd only just gone to bed, when Auntie Helen came into my room. She told me that she wanted me for herself and to get out of bed. I wanted too, for I'd already been getting myself off thinking about the night before.
Auntie Helen took off my nightdress when I stood up and then pulled down my knickers. She then marched me naked into her room.
Colin was already naked in there, laying on the bed. Auntie Helen told me to 'go suck him off, but don’t make him cum'. I did as I was told and got onto the bed. Colin's dick was soon in my mouth and I started to give him head as Auntie Helen watched.
Though she soon stopped watching and got out some box from inside the wardrobe.
I heard things come out of the box and although Auntie Helen shouted at me to pay attention to sucking her husbands dick, I saw things come out. Things like dildos and vibrators and lube. And also a huge strap-on.
I knew at once that I was in for one hell of a night. I correctly guessed that Auntie Helen would fuck me in one of my little holes with the strap-on while Colin put his dick in the other. The thought of that made me so wet and I continued doing what Auntie Helen said I should do until she was ready for me to do other stuff.

Twice, sometimes three times a week for the two months that I stayed with Auntie Helen she came and got me at night to take her into her room so she and her husband could fuck me.
Oh My God I did everything with them!
I like was deep-throated and then had Auntie Helen's pussy in my mouth. Auntie Helen wanted me to ‘rim’ her, my tongue in her bum. We had a three-way 69 thing. Colin would cum over Auntie Helen and I had to lick it off. Or he would cum in my mouth and Auntie Helen made me swallow it. Auntie Helen pushed dildos into me while I was sucking her husband. I was in a sandwich with them, when Auntie Helen wore her strap-on. I'd have to lick Auntie Helen as she stood over me as I was riding Colin. Auntie Helen wanted my legs spread, my mouth opened on demand for either her and/or Colin whenever she said that I should.
When I was on reds, or Auntie Helen was, that still didn’t matter to Auntie Helen. I still had to use my mouth and bum then if my pussy wasn’t available. I was always told off by Auntie Helen if I came, she didn’t like that.
They have many pictures of me too, though none with my face in it!
When we weren't fucking at night, we were like a little f****y there. Things were different at night though when I was a sex toy.
Alas, all things must end and I left Auntie Helen and her husband at the end of the summer.
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4 years ago
very nice story .i like
4 years ago
4 years ago
very hot and naughty, a real turn on
4 years ago
I wished that was my aunt!
4 years ago
Great sexy story- got me hot 'n' horny.
4 years ago
hot story