I MISSED U DARNELL -100% truee!

** incase u didnt read my other story Darnell is my fuck buddy **
Its been 2 weeks since I last fucked Darnell he is 6 foot 5 and totally muscular. Today he came to my door looking so good asking me to go for a walk with him i was wearing my short shorts and ramones shirt lookin good. i said sure & adventured out fallowing him into the forest once no one could see he picked me up grabbing my ass with his left hand and feeling me up with the other we passionatly french kiss till he puts me down and i pull out his cock and gentally lick the tip,suck it, deep throat and suck his big black balls untill he sits and i pull down my shorts and thong and ride him as he thrusts into my tight pussy and bites my neck and slaps my ass. then i fly up hop on all fours and let him violently thrust into my tight pink cunt as he pulls my long red hair and breaths heavy, im compleatly soaked as can be and he keeps going till his black dick is glazed and his pants are soaked in my juices. then he slams me on my back and licks me out then he flips me on all 4s and goes back to drillin until he busts a nut in me calming my ripped sore over worked cunt and we go home and snuggle as i fall asl**p on his sholder he looks at my arms and legs and his hands relizing we got poison ivy D:
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