Mr Big & Brown suga !!! True!!!

I had decited to go downtown alone at 7:30 to go look at the stores i had a hot pink G string and matching bra to support my Dcups and over top red skinny jeans on and a low cut top with rainbow cheetah print shirt with my long red extentions i was nervos to be downtown considering i was dressed in the kind of way most guys approch a young lady such as myself for i met 2 black guys that had been drinking and smelled of booze named Ikeel and Dariell when i came out of the mall Dariell yelled come here beautifulll mmm you look good so i walked over automatically had sexual tention he started asking me stuff then we talked for 2 hours infront of the mall and they both hit on me and ask me to come back to Dairells appartment so i kindly accept the offer and when were finally there im sitting shy on their sofa and dariell starts to kiss me and i kiss back and he ask me to suck his 7 inch and he pulls it out and i bend over on the couch ass facing ikeel and he slaps my round ass and as im looking at him he wips out his dick it was bigger than 11 inches easly and he took off his watch and showed me how he could fit it around his choclate cock so at this point im horny as hell i take off my clothes as fast as i could told ikeel to get up and dairell to lay back i slob on his big black dick and then i begin to ride it as akeel watches and then grabs me by my long red hair and i start licking the tip and sucking up and down as i grind my sweet pink hairless pussy on dairells big juicy dick i feel so horny i just wanna fuck then ikeel says my turn im so nervous it will really hurt he trys pushing it in at 1st im still tight so i get ontop and slowly sit on it then i forse it in and i begin to scream and cry and dairell laughs at me as i ride dairell takes his dick and wipes my tears then puts it in my mouth then he says i got an idea as ikeel is still fucking my pink pussy dairell takes his dick and shoves it in my ass and i feel i cant take it any longer and i cum down ikeels dick thenn he blasts his cum in my tight pussy then dairell cums in my tight asshole and then i try to get up but im in bad pain so then dairell carries me to bed and i fall asl**p as their juices flow outa me

to be continued......
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3 years ago
3 years ago
read them all real freaky
3 years ago
nice x