CD dream too cum true?making plans True storie

This has always been a dream of mine to do bare back with a few guys same night. Plans are in progress for this fall to make it happen. Have list of contacts from craigs list that i've been posting to contact when I come up with a date and place at a motel close to my home town. September is usualy when I start shaving my body hair again thru spring being all my summer activities are over.

MY PLANS IN PROGRESS-will post movie and story after event.
I have around 30 guys on list and still adding letting them know ALMOST exactly what I'm looking for if we meet, I know only a few guys would ever show being 90% are fakes or not avail those times, I email them all a few days before getting room to get contact number, see who would be avail, I know very little about them, I will be all done up, makeup, shaved smooth, white nylons, bright red high heels, white short skirt, blond wig, bright red nails,(looks hot me reaching back spreading my cheeks) skimpy black top, bra with falsies, freshly doushed back side and very well lubed with babie oil and lite vaseline(this is very oil based and as you know causes condomes to break). I will have my cam all set up in motel room pionting from the side.(all guys know almost exactly what I'm looking for) I will leave the door unlocked, be on my phone bent over the edge of the bed with both feet on the floor getting guys lines up. They walk in when I text them it's clear,They know what I'm looking for-lift my skirt and pull panties to the side, I have lube on night stand for them help them work their self up if needed, I have it pre arranged for them to use condomes that I will have on the night stand but tell them to use my crack to rub there bare cock up and down if they realy want me turned on while I shift my back side side to side inviting them to help get them in the mood. My hope (WHAT I NEVER TOLD ANY OF THEM) is that they get so turned on by the feeling of skin on skin that they slip it in bare while I reach between my legs to massage there balls, feel there cock for no condome(maybe try to slip off) Hopeing they choose to finish in me that way, I know it's risky, but most are married men. I Let them do as they please with my back side, some may choose wear condomes, some may choose not to. I let them do as they please while i'm in this position, when done they use the handy wipes to clean up and they leave. I let the next one know I'm ready for them knowing some will be useing what they guy left in me for lube. I know nothing about what they look like or who they are. After the nights over I can view how my night went and post on here makeing my dream come true!!!!
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2 years ago
Just one question did this ever happaned it was so hot a came in may panties again
2 years ago
Would luv to help your dreams cum true Sarah!
2 years ago
Wow this sounds so hot! I only hope you succeed with this idea, as the video would be amazing ;)
2 years ago
would be very nice to be the last man to go bb inside u.
2 years ago
great plan shame I'm in the wrong country
2 years ago
If anyone in the Saginaw bay City are that are top men please let me know to help make this happen