Fucking my teacher at school

We got a new maths teacher and he was about 30ish and fucking hot. I kept making eyes at him and sucking my pen like i was interested in him. He kept me after class and told me to stop doing it and behave like a lady and said if i didn't stop he would have to report me. I stopped for a week but i noticed he was still looking my way a lot. I thought fuck it I'm going to try again so i sucked my pen, and mouthed without making noise "I want to suck your cock" and "fuck me hard" etc. He seemed to be getting angry so i thought id lift my skirt under the desk and show him my smooth shaved cunt. He seemed to like it so i started to rub my clit and finger myself a little, licking my fingers as i went. The bell soon went and he told me to stay behind again. I thought i was in heaps of trouble and then he said that he was video recording me the whole time. He then said that if i dont let him fuck me he is going to report me with video evidence and ill be expelled. I said i wanted to fuck him anyway and put my hand on his cock. He took me to a small broom closet in the next room and undressed himself and then me. I grabbed his cock and went down and sucked him. I couldnt believe the size of it....fucking huge. After about a minute he bent me over a box and slid his cock inside me. It hurt a bit at first but when he got going omfg was it good. I had my first multiple orgasm ever and finally i had been fucked properly. I fucked him almost every day at school for about 8 months until he got transfered. He said he still had the video of me so no one would believe me if i said anything and he would report me. Little does he know i have video of him fucking my 13yo cunt too.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow , very naughty...I like it. Do some more.Do one about me if you want.
2 years ago
Love it, so fucking horny..xx