My Vacation

This is my first story so please comment!

My f****y and I were going to Cuba, When we got there we checked into our hotel. My b*****r and I had to share a room, my b*****r's name was Jeff. I am 18 He is 19, we always got along. I was wearing a skirt that was small for me and a see through shirt. It was hot so when we got to out hotel room i striped down and got into a bikini. My b*****r was in the bathroom and was changing to. Our parents said that we could do what ever we wanted, but we had to stay on the resort. Hey Sarah you are going to ware that, Jeff said. Ya I need to get my tan on. He said that he was going to stay at the room, Okay I said and walked out of the room and headed towards the nude beach were i could get my tan. I got to a spot were not many people were I slipped out of my Bikini and layed down. I fell asl**p I must of slept there for an hour or more. I got up and put back my bikini back on, I was heading back to the hotel. I slipped in to the Hotel room and saw my b*****r Jacking off to his computer , I rolled my eyes I was taking a step forward but then i noticed it was not porn on the computer it was me naked asl**p. He must of followed me. I got a glimpse of his cock, OH MY GOD THAT IS A NICE COCK i thought. I started getting a warm feeling near my pussy, no i can't do this its my b*****r! My bikini bottom was getting wetter and wetter I need his cock badly. I was so horny, Jeff was muttering to himself, "Oh Sarah suck my balls" I was in shock. He really wanted me, He got up I quickly got into the closet, he walked into the shower and stared to wash himself of his cum. I walked in slowly he was surprised to see his younger s****r walk in to the shower, pretty much naked. His dick suddenly got hard, he tried to hide it i smiled. I took off my bikini top he stared at them, so looking at my naked body i see. uhh..uh..Sarah you look amazing. was all he could say. Then he saw the wet spot on my bikini bottom he looked back up, I walked over to him. Jeff fuck me do what ever you want just fuck me i whispered to him. He nodded. I got down on my knees and started to suck his 7 incher cock I tried to take it all in but i choked. are you okay Jeff said with fear that he had hurt his little s****r. No I'm fine i say rips my bikini bottom in two. They were 40 bucks i didn't care, He layed me down and spread my legs He starts to lap at my pussy that is already wet. I started to moan as he stuck two fingers in and out. Yes ohhhh yes faster baby, he started to suck my labia. I put my hands on his head and pushed him. FUCK ME YES OHHHHHHH I'M CUMMING JEFF, I'M CUMMING. My body tensed and all my vaginal fluids came out, Jeff licked it all up I got up breathing hard. Fuck Jeff your good at that jeff, He responded by kissing him his tung penetrated my defenses and started to swirl in my mouth are tungs clashed in a battle. I could taste myself in his mouth. He picked me up and pinned me against the wall of the shower he put his cock at the entrance of my pussy. as soon as i moaned he pulled it out teasing me I said o=in an angry voice. Just fuck me Jeff Fuck me, He smiled okay. As soon as he did he pulled back and thrusted in. he repeated this process getting faster and faster. FUCK YES, HOLY SHIT FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEE! Jeff screamed SHIT SARAH YOUR FUCKING TIGHT OHHH YES BE A GOOD LITTLE s****r OHH YES FUCKK! My body tensed up as It was going to come. Our bodies convulsed as we both cummed. Our body fluids mixed. Jeff pulled his cock out and we got into 69 postion we layed there thrusting are hips and licking up our fluids screaming. as we both cummed about 7 times we got up and cleaned up out mess I got out of the shower and dried my self JEff did the same. That night we slept together :)
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1 year ago
Great story. I really enjoy reading your story.
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
AWESOME I loved it
1 year ago
Pretty hot first story. I wonder what cums next