gay pride

satuday , i went to the gay pride, but before I was fuck by an arabisch guy at his place, I fsucked him and het fucked me, but He came quick, so I needed more, . I went home, took my shower and went to the gay pride. I didn't find what I wanted so I decided to go to the sauna, but before I went to the night show, Where a guy looked At me, when I cam eout , he saked me what i did, I said I going home ( Didn't want o say where aI was going) He was hot and wanted to fuck me, but where? He took me in the neigbours of the gare du midi,we find a nice place, where he started to fuck me, but people came, so we had to find another place , so he shpow me antoher place, not realy clean and not in a to safe neigboor, I went in the house, but I get out, He came after me and he fucked me behind the house, was excited , but stressed, there was a parc next to with a lot of " beurs ' he feucked me again, my ass opened , was excited, but nervous. He came into me, put my pant on and left, and whento the sauna, where i was fucked by antoher guy , the came into my face, and went to the shower,, ather that i take some break, a anther guy came to me and wanted to sucke me, good sucker , he put 3 fingers in my ass, and suck me for almost 30 min . i was nude ,he was dressed. he wanted me to come and drink all my juice, which he did.
after that I went home ti join my boyfriend and slept

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2 years ago
bonne salope ;)
2 years ago
4 à la suite... pas mal
2 years ago
Reasonalbly good story