5' 11", 180# nice looking, intelligent (very, VERY), submissive white male. I am starting to think I will never find the woman of my dreams. I want a woman that I can treat like a princess and spoil. One that would love to be totally submissive to BLACK MEN. We would be best friends, but her sexual needs would be fulfilled by well endowed, dominant BLACK BULLS. I love performing oral sex more than anything and would ask for just a few things from my princess. First, as previously stated, I would love licking my woman before, during and (ESPECIALLY), after she serviced BBC(s), actually anytime she asked or would let me myhead would be between her legs. The next wish, is embarrassing but I want to be honest, I would want to wear panties (for many reasons please just ask...), Pretty much everything else is something we can agree on before proceding. We would understand each other's needs and desires. I would encourage and support her in her need for BBC. I would be proud of her total submission and service to BLACK MEN. I am aware that my little boy clit is not nearly enough for her and being the ever loving, devoted man who adores her would want her to be free to have as many BBCs as she likes (the more of them and the bigger the better). I would do ANYTHING for a woman, even better WIFE like that!!! The most important thing to me is proving that there is nothing she could do for BBC that would diminish my affection, love and respect for her. My primary goal in life would be to prove it to her ANYWAY and EVERY DAY. There are so many details to explain and things to say about how much I want a woman like this that I can't adequately express the depth of my desire. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I know that the only way this can/will happen is through open and honest communication.

70% (3/1)
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2 years ago
Hello, fellow cuckold ! (Or, rather, cuckold "wannbe")! My wife and I are in a on-going cuckold lifestyle experiment, and so far, it's been the exciting (and scary!) roller-coaster ride that I had hoped it would be! I am a very willing, and eager "chaste" cuckold, too. The "sluttier" SHE is, the stronger my chastity becomes! Most men would want to fuck around, too, but for me, it's the exact opposite! I'm not interested in other women. I have a wife, and I'm very much enamoured of her. Besides, I love the power reversal that being a "chaste" cuckold demands! If you want to compare notes, or ask questions about this, please feel free to do so! There are definite "risks" in being a wife's cuckold husband, but, there are also rewards!
2 years ago
i wear female panties and am a very submissive cuckold. I enjoy the things you desire. Good lick on find a cuckoldress, they are rare.
3 years ago
Enjoy black...nothing better!