Lonly Kyle and the fantastic threesome,

During class Kyles phone rang in on the professor giving his best impression of a mad scientist in the lab. Kyle frantically tried to turn it down, but the damage had already been don't and his Professor was already all over him like a moth to the light. The Professor "So somebody didn't get the memo ah dipshit"? Kyle gave the professor an apologetic smile and said"i'm sorry emergency". Answering the phone he could hear loud shouting in the background as his friend Ema was trying to tell him something but the call ended just as soon as she said "party"! Kyle turn off his phone and thought just ten more minutes of this class and i will see what party she was at and where? The next ten minutes dragged on for what seemed like for ever and Kyle soon felt himself almost fall asl**p this was one of those night class and this party must have just started for her to be that d***k. The class ended and Kyle found himself pulling out his phone and started talking to Ema. " so where are you at Em"? She calmly said "that she was at Dillon's house and that she just got there". Kyle knew where Dillon's house was and he hoped into his car and started on his way to the house. While on his way Kyle started to think about Ema, who had long brown hair and perky tits that were at least a B cup by his estimate. Also She was a tiny thing with a really lean build that made here ass pop out at ya. But it's Ema's face that really takes your breath away, With Blue eyes that hypnotize you into what ever she says and here nice full lips that are always red during big social gatherings. Kyle then realized that he had been friend zoned for the past 6 years of his life. Pulling up to Dillon's house he could see that there was a lot of cars lining the side walk out side of the place. Kyle then put on his game face for this party baby, while walking into the place the smell of hardcore weed filled the room. Kyle felt a little put back to a time earlier where he had smoked that much weed. Now walking in a bee line towards his direction was Ema and here freshly d***ken breath, that Kyle had gotten used to over time. She managed to say "Hello" but even that was a strain Kyle thought. "What's up" Kyle shouted at her over the now slow music coming from the stereo. Kyle knew she was going to fall, he asked he to a slow dance , but just as that happened the song changed to something different and Emma came to life. "This is my jam"!!! She said with all of her enthusiasm as she led Kyle to the living room, where everyone was dancing. Kyle thought to himself that there wasn't that many people till he stepped into the living. There were sluts (gulor) He thought as he smiled at Ema, She quickly started giving him a full on rub down with here ass, which made Kyles dick spring to life at that moment. At that moment Kyle simple couldn't help but notice that she was sporting a sexy red dress that clearly stood out and an even more sexier black thong,clearly now visible as the two of them continued to bump and grind all over each other. Now Ema's eyes were clear on what they wanted now as she continued to basically give Kyle a hand job on the outside of his pants. Kyle then whispered into her ear " You know all you have to do is just ask for what you want". Ema locked lips with Kyle right there on the dance for two of them locked in a lustful kiss that sent bl**d rushing from one of Kyle's heads to the other. Kyle picked her up right there and cared her off to the nearest bedroom in the place. They broke in to the nearest room with and Kyle laid her down on the bed right in front of him as even the other couple on the bed complained. Seconds latter their clothing were on the ground, while the other couple continued go at now on the bed that they were on. Ema whispered in to his ear "that this was such a turn on to her", as they watched the two couple go at it. The one girl bouncing up and down on top of him passionately moaning soon came from here mouth and speaking of mouths Kyle could now feel some soft lips rap around his cock. Kyle looked down to see the beautiful girl had at one time called friend was now such and licking his balls, while this couple were now having sex less than a foot away. Ema continued to suck his dick even though the girl that was be fucked less than a foot away was now fingering here soft, beautiful hairless pussy while being plowed by her lover. Kyle thought he was in heaven the sweet slurping sounds coming from the Ema made him almost go over the edge ,but Kyle had been around that block a couple of times . Picking up Ema and with that came a loud pop sound of her lip being removed from his dick. Then at that moment came a loud grunt of exhalation and the guy came in Ema right before Kyle's eyes. Ema stunned at what had happened noticed that a heart beat after the stranger had cum on her, that his girl friend had already began to lick the cum from her perfectly perky nipples. But that didn't stop Kyle from doing what he had come to this room to do and that was to fuck Ema soft,hairless and tight pussy till the end. While he slid his cock into her tight pussy ,she let out a pleased,but that one girl who Kyle would come to know as April had started to finger her self while whispering words of encouragement to Kyle. For example, " ya, fuck that tight wet beautiful pussy with your huge dick," and "Faster, make her moan,faster" with each word of encouragement she began to smack his ass with her hand, while Ema continued to coo with pleasure and delight. Kyle now couldn't help it as Ema pussy tightened for an orgasm she lifted her self off of the bed and hugged Kyle as an earth shattering orgasm hit her like a run away frate train. But while that was going on April was now sitting under Kyle and sucking his balls. When Ema released him from her grasp and that was the time April went straight to work on his cock. While gagging on his cock made her eyes water April did not relent on speed of which she was sucking his 8.5 inch cock. After a few minutes Kyle couldn't hold back any long the relenting speed of,which the girl had been sucking was amazing and Kyle thought that even porn stars would have a difficult time keeping pace with her. But by the time he had thought that it was too late, Kyle came harder than he ever has in his entire life. With an exhilaration of pleasure Kyle had sprayed April with all he had and "like a waterfall," of cum had landed with a plash all of April's face, "she was drenched in cum". Came a surprised voice from Ema's direction and the three of them looked at each other with satisfaction on their faces.
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i need to do better next time.